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Prince henry the navigator


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Published in: Education
  • I'm laughting, because the P.H. have a real sea-storm, not 1 computer with into the w.w.w., like (for example) me: Prince, don't worry: The Yunnan, Nanchino ecc... It will continue to produces Tea , Boxers ecc... (I think that nothing is changed, in the last 3 years(after my Asian-Stress-Test: and the Asia will continue to be the "Classic-Asia" of the History-books)
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  • Boxers (sport-preachers=Shaolin) and Tea (=Yunnan)
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Prince henry the navigator

  1. 1. Prince Henry the Navigator
  2. 2. Even though the English called Prince Henry the Navigator, Prince Henry never actually sailed on any of the voyages of discovery he sponsored.
  3. 3. Instead, Prince Henry established a school for the study of the arts of navigation, mapmaking, and shipbuilding.
  4. 4. This would allow sailors to better guide their ships and to come up with new ship designs
  5. 5. His goal was to find a route to the rich spice trade of the Indies and to explore the west coast of Africa.
  6. 6. The passage to India by land was long, slow, and dangerous. A ship could carry more goods to and from India.
  7. 7. In Henry’s time, the ocean was very dangerous and Africa was a mysterious land that seemed to contain endless miles of sand.
  8. 8. Check Point!!
  9. 9. What was Prince Henry’s goal in exploration?
  10. 10. The ships that sailed the Mediterranean were too slow and too heavy to make these voyages.
  11. 11. Under his direction, a new and lighter ship was developed, the caravel, which would allow sea captains to sail further and faster.
  12. 12. Prince Henry had a great deal of difficulty persuading his captains to sail beyond Cape Bojodor off the west coast of Africa.
  13. 13. Check Point!!
  14. 14. What was Prince Henry's first contributions??
  15. 15. According to legend, beyond this point in an area known as the "Green Sea of Darkness," the sun was so close to the Earth that a person’s skin would burn black, the sea boiled, ships caught on fire, and monsters hid waiting to smash the ships and eat the sailors.
  16. 16. It took fourteen voyages over a period of 12 years until a ship finally reached the equator.
  17. 17. During the two-year period from 1444 to 1446, Prince Henry intensified the exploration of Africa, sending between 30 and 40 of his ships on missions.
  18. 18. Check point!!!
  19. 19. What technology made the voyages easier??
  20. 20. The last voyage sponsored by Prince Henry sailed over 1,500 miles down the African coast.
  21. 21. Although he never sailed on the expeditions, the voyages that he paid for in the mid-1400s helped launch Portugal into the front of the race to find a sea route to the Indies.
  22. 22. Contribution of Prince Henry
  23. 23. Final Checkpoint!!
  24. 24. He paid for many sailing expeditions
  25. 25. He employed cartographers who created newer maps
  26. 26. Map of African coast discovered by expeditions sponsored by Prince Henry