Ethnic groups


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Ethnic groups

  1. 1. StandardsSS7G12: The student will analyze the diverse cultures ofthe people who live in Southern and Eastern Asia.a. Explain the differences between an ethnic group anda religious group.c. Evaluate how the literacy rate affects the standardof living.
  2. 2. Essential Questions• What are the differences between an ethnic group and a religious group?• How does literacy rate affect the standard of living in East and South Asia?
  3. 3. Today I will learn thedifferences between ethnicgroups and religious groupsand literacy ratesbecauseboth have an enormousimpact on the culture of asociety.
  4. 4. Ethnic Group or Religious Group?You will view various pictures thatrepresent either an ethnic group or areligious group. If you think the picture isan ethnic group you will hold up the “E”card. If you think the picture represents areligious group you will hold up the “R”card.
  5. 5. Ethnic Groups and Religious GroupsReligious Group: made up of people who are similarbecause of their common belief in a religious claim.Ethnic group: made up of people who have a similarlanguage and culture who often share commonvalues and religion. In many cases, a group is madeof of members of the same race or people who sharethe same lanugage and culture.
  6. 6. Lets stop to check for understanding! Your teacher will read the following statements. If the statement relates to an Ethnic Group, hold up the “E” card, if it refers to a Religious Group, hold up the “R” card.1. Mao speaks Chinese.2. Jamal follows the Quran.3. Karl celebrates always attends church on Easter Sunday.4. Khalil is Arabic.5. Xang is Muslim.
  7. 7. Literacy and Poverty Rates100 What conclusions9080 can we draw from70 this chart?6050 Literacy Rate40 Poverty Rate302010 0 China India Indonesia S. Korea
  8. 8. Country Total Literacy Literacy What does this trend in literacy rates mean Literacy Rate for Rate for about how As ia n countries have invested in Rate for Men Women their human resources? a CountryCHI NA 91% 95% 86.5% Which country has the largest discrepancyI ANDI 61% 73.4% 47.8% (difference) between men’s and women’sJAPAN 99% 99% 99% literacy rate?N. 99% 99% 99%KOREAS KOREA 97.9% . 99.2% 96.6% What kind ofjobs can someone with who is illiterate be hired for?VI ETNAM 90.3% 93.9% 86.9%Which country(s) have the highest literacyrate? How do you think a high literacy rate affects a country’s economic development?Which country(s) have the lowest literacyrate? How do you think a low literacy rate affects a country’s standard ofliving?How do you think a high literacy rateaffects a country’s standard ofliving?