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Lens academy - workshop 2016


Through the workshop, every company can create their own learning path. Pick the best topic for your company and get more insights about the data driven advertising industry.

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Lens academy - workshop 2016

  1. 1. Learn digital, advertising and data WORKSHOP
  2. 2. Learn digital, advertising and data WORKSHOP RATE CARD € 80* 2h € 1.200 *Price for each additional participant 1-15 participants € 127* 4h € 1.900 *Price for each additional participant € 254* 8h € 3.800 *Price for each additional participant VAT excluded
  3. 3. BEST TOPICS / MOST REQUESTED PICK THE BEST TOPIC FOR YOUR COMPANY 1. Data Driven advertising and intro to programmatic. • What is data driven advertising and why is so important today? • What is data and how do you use it and what do you track? • What are the existing methods and what are the best strategies for Data Driven Advertising? • What is Display advertising and how to approach programmatic? • Programmatic trading, what are the technologies? • What is RTB and what does targeted ads mean today? 2. Programmatic Buying • Performance Vs Branding campaign • A/B testing and measurement tools • Data management tools • DSP: practice • What is Data Management Platform? Why do you need a DMP? • Mobile advertising: formats, measurement, methods and monetization • Second screen and Video formats 3. Programmatic Selling • Programmatic for sellers • Sell side: ad-server, SSP, ad exchange • Ad Server and yield management • SSP: practise • Mobile and Video advertising: formats, measurement, methods and monetization • Programmatic selling: holistic and waterfall strategy 4. Programmatic, automation and creativity • DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) • Programmatic Creative • Creativity driven by data • Email marketing for programmatic adv • Native Advertising • Video Advertising Vs TV advertising 5. Data, Data Management Platform • What is a DMP? How to select and choose the DMP? • DMP vs Data Provider vs Data Exchange • 1°, 2°, 3° party data, how to gather the data • Inference and Lookalike, Sampling, Container Tag & SDK • Profiling, Pixel VS Matching pixel • S2S integration • Segment and taxonomy, TTL, Recency, Frequency • How to integrate the containerTag on page • Matching / Swapping pixel, Swapping CRM • Switching between DSP and DMP 6. Other topics • Native, video, mobile advertising • Social advertising, Search engine marketing • Digital media planning • On request CONTACT US INFO@LENS.ACADEMY
  4. 4. Learn digital, advertising and data CONTACT US Lens Academy