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Social Media Crisis Training (english)


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Nobody likes crises.
Neither in Facebook nor in the New York Times.
However: The Social Web has its own rules.
Realistic training in a safe environment keeps your business one step ahead.

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Social Media Crisis Training (english)

  1. 1. Klenk & Hoursch 1 Social Media Crisis Training … interactive, realistic, safe Executives in. D. Edelman, McKinsey
  2. 2. Klenk & Hoursch 2 Uwe Wache, Managing Board Nobody likes crises. Neither in Facebook nor in the New York Times. However: The Social Web has its own rules. Realistic training in a safe environment keeps your business one step ahead.
  3. 3. Klenk & Hoursch 3 – Analyze and assess critical situations (crisis) in the social web, identify and take appropriate courses of action – Train channel-specific communication in realtime (e.g. Social Networks, Video, Blogs) – Optimize processes, procedures and decision-making within crisis situations (under pressure) – Reduce the fear of contact and foster a better understanding for the characteristics of the social web Training Objectives What you will learn…
  4. 4. Klenk & Hoursch 4 Our Trainings Prepare your team for the “real thing” 1: Crisis90: Crisis exercise for small teams, new team members or specific issues or channels, on-site or remote training – 90 Minutes training; along pre-defined escalation steps; no real- time training; decelerated 2: (Social Media) Crisis Training*: Stress test for crisis management teams, with on-site support by an experienced trainer, supported by a back-office team – Social Media Crisis Training: Two- to four-hour training with the Social Media Team based on the secure online platform “Social Simulator” – General Crisis Training: Four- to six-hour training session involving all responsible functions within the organization, Social Media is one part (Social Simulator) *Both Crisis Trainings can be realized in two training modes: – Basic: Discuss escalation levels during the exercise, feedback from the trainer during the training (breaks) / decelerated – Advanced: no breaks, escalation levels within the training, feedback after training); stress test in real-time
  5. 5. Klenk & Hoursch 5 – Crisis90 allows teams to train in a very compact training format and without the intensity and pressure of a full scale simulation – Participating teams are taken through a crisis scenario step-by- step; the content and format is pre- defined in advance of the session – At each stage, participants can review and compare their responses on-screen with other teams; receiving instant reaction and feedback Crisis90 Crisis exercise
  6. 6. Klenk & Hoursch 6 (Social Media) Crisis Training Stress test Stress test for the social media team or the whole crisis management team with escalation levels – Social Media Crisis Training: Involving the Social Media team – General Crisis Training: Involving external communications (simulation of classic media f.e. journalists calls and mails, simulation of Social Media on Social Simulator), internal communications, investor relations All Social Media Communication is based on a secure online platform – Dashboard including a newsfeed (simulate relevant News Channels in real-time during the training) gives an overview of all Platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Realistic (look- alike) pages, pre-filled with content and used for interaction during the training – Website: Can be used for corporate news during the training
  7. 7. Klenk & Hoursch 7 (Social Media) Crisis Training This is how it works (typically) Feedback session with all participants Crisis trainings with escalation levelsPreperation Select and prepare crisis scenario Brief participants Setup plattform Follow-up Written feedback on learnings / recommendations regarding potentials to further optimize the crisis perparedness level 2 to 6 hours
  8. 8. Klenk & Hoursch 8 – Select and develop a customized and realistic crisis scenario – Define learning objectives and training focus for the crisis team – Brief training participants: agenda, short introduction to the training and on the technical setup – Prepare content for the training platform and perform technical setup Preperation 4 to 6 weeks before the training
  9. 9. Klenk & Hoursch 9 Execution Half-day (Social Media) Crisis Training – Introduction to the training platform 30 minutes – Crisis simulation with separate alert levels up to 240 minutes – On-side Feedback by the trainer 30 minutes – Conference Call with all participants regarding the essential learnings and To-Do‘s 30 minutes *exemplary
  10. 10. Klenk & Hoursch 10 Follow-up Further Optimizing the Crisis Readiness Following the training, you will receive a written assessment: – (Photo)Documentation of the created content (social media channels), including the respective reaction / interactions – Feedback on the procedure and the performance of the involved team(s) – Optimization potential in terms of processes, tools and responsibilities – Recommendation on the most important To- Do’s (e.g. documents, decision-making, role allocation)
  11. 11. Klenk & Hoursch 11 PROI Worldwide Klenk & Hoursch is an exclusive partner of PROI Worldwide, the largest global network of leading, independently owned PR and marketing agencies, With more than 100 offices in 50 countries on six continents, PROI agencies are the leading independents in their markets with more than 4,400 customers and an annual net fee income exceeding US$525 million. Together, PROI Partners cover all major economic regions and combine their local knowledge to deliver global results by understanding the demands facing clients and the importance of return on investment. Our global network
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