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Devops - Agile on Steroids


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Many of us are now using agile. We work more closely with our clients, develop our products iteratively, and are self-organising. However many times we still find ourselves struggling with issues such as getting to market on time. Where did we go wrong? In this talk, we point out that simply adopting agile practices such as iterative development, regular showcases, retrospectives, and the use of story walls - without a cultural shift does not resolve most of the challenges previously encountered while developing software.

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Devops - Agile on Steroids

  1. 1. Body Level One Body Level Two Body Level Three Body Level Four A g i l e A f r i c a 2 0 1 5 DEVOPS - AGILE ON STEROIDS Augustine Kisitu Tom Clement Oketch
  2. 2. So you think you’re Agile?
  3. 3. Stand-ups
  4. 4. Sprints/Iterations
  5. 5. User Stories and Story Walls
  6. 6. Retrospectives
  7. 7. Showcase
  8. 8. SCRUM
  9. 9. BUT…
  10. 10. When it’s time to deploy…
  11. 11. DEPLOYMENT IS A PAIN… ▫︎Deployment is manual. Requires context ▫︎Snowflake servers ▫︎Does the code actually work? Is it not going to introduce bugs ▫︎Versioning and rollback?
  12. 12. Don’t deliver on time
  13. 13. DON’T DELIVER ON TIME ▫︎Process bottlenecks ▫︎Organisational ▫︎Tech
  14. 14. Fail to adapt to changing requirements
  15. 15. CHANGING REQUIREMENTS ▫︎Big Design Up Front (BDUF) ▫︎Specific implementation details ▫︎No process to manage changes
  16. 16. Not disruptive in the market
  17. 17. NOT DISRUPTIVE ▫︎No information! ▫︎No insights into customer trends ▫︎No opportunity to iterate over ideas
  18. 18. Dissatisfied clients
  19. 19. DISSATISFIED CLIENTS ▫︎Missed deadlines ▫︎First-mover advantage ▫︎Software doesn’t meet the requirements
  20. 20. Where did we go wrong?
  22. 22. What are the actual problems? ▫︎Culture? ▫︎Processes? ▫︎Good decisions informed by actual user data? ▫︎Knowledge Silos?
  24. 24. Now What?
  25. 25. Agile is DEAD! Let’s look for another buzzword
  26. 26. Agile is DEAD! Let’s look for another buzzword
  27. 27. Culture
  28. 28. CULTURE ▫︎Teamwork ▫︎Different stakeholders and skill-sets, but the SAME team ▫︎We have the same GOAL ▫︎There has to be TRUST (Autonomous Teams) ▫︎Collaboration
  29. 29. CULTURE ▫︎Communication ▫︎Break the SILOS. ▫︎How do we optimise communication within the organisation processes?
  30. 30. Automation
  31. 31. AUTOMATE EVERYTHING! ▫︎Automated Deployment ▫︎Continuous Integration ▫︎Every change/commit should be production ready. ▫︎Automated testing Deployments should be boring.
  32. 32. AUTOMATE EVERYTHING! ▫︎Automated Infrastructure ▫︎Infrastructure as code ▫︎Treat your infrastructure as cattle and not horses (phoenix servers) If it’s painful do it often
  33. 33. Measurement
  34. 34. MEASUREMENT ▫︎Metrics ▫︎Performance metrics ▫︎Page load-times ▫︎Time to deploy ▫︎Process metrics ▫︎How long does it take to release a feature? ▫︎People metrics ▫︎User trends (time of greatest activity)
  35. 35. Sharing
  36. 36. SHARING ▫︎Eliminate the SPECIALIST ▫︎Share data that makes sense to each stakeholder ▫︎Make information visible ▫︎Build monitors ▫︎Monitoring dashboards ▫︎Graphs of usage trends etc
  37. 37.
  38. 38. The DevOps Manifesto
  39. 39. DEVOPS IS NOT… ▫︎* A certification ▫︎* A role ▫︎* A set of tools ▫︎* A prescriptive process
  40. 40. DEVOPS IS … ▫︎* About the relationship between dev and ops ▫︎* Cross-functional teams over organisational silos ▫︎* Automation over documentation (and more automation... and more…) ▫︎* Products not projects
  41. 41. Questions? ——————————————————— @austiine04 @tc_oketch THANK YOU