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The pdf describes the offers of Heartsome in the area of translation technology.

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Heartsome Portfolio

  1. 1. THE ARAYA TRANSLATION OFTEN COMMODITY Araya The Araya TMX editor ARAYA is a sophisticated translation man- The Araya TMX editor is a highly CONTACT: agement software (CAT) based on XML sophisticated tool for creating with many translation functions. Araya is and maintaining TM data bases and files Heartsome Europe GmbH operating system independent through based on the TMX standard. It facilitates Friedrichstr. 17 Java. Araya is available for Linux, So- the maintenance of TM data bases for D-90574 Rosstal laris™, Unix and obviously Windows™. It linguists, localization and documentation T: +49 (0) 9127 579001 is available both as a single and multi- managers, communication enterprise F: +49 (0) 9127/951178 user and server version. specialists and for everyone, who partici- info@heartsome.de pates in the maintenance of global infor- www.heartsome.de mation. FN 9098 Amtsgericht Fürth Araya XLIFF editor Highlights UID: DE225881142 The Araya XLIFF editor is a sim- The alignment tool offers support of the ply to use translation editor. It Management following file formats: HTML, XML, contains all important features of a pro- SGML, RTF, plain text, OpenOffice, docx Dr. Klemens Waldhör fessional translation tool and exhibits two and doc format. Thus the translator can Managing director outstanding characteristics which differ- convert already translated documents klemens.waldhoer@heartsome.de entiates it from other translation tools: in different languages into re-usable It supports all languages without re- TM data bases and TMX files. striction in combination or in the direc- The editor supports the regular mainte- About Heartsome Europe tion of translation including all double- nance of TMX conformant TM data Heartsome Europe GmbH was founded byte and bi-directional languages. bases, e.g. correction of translation in 2002. Founder and director, Dr. It is compatible with the OASIS XLIFF errors, maintaining enterprise wide Klemens Waldhör, is familiar with standard. This means 100% support of glossaries or performing stylistic translation technology and CAT tools all processes within localization. changes. since a long time. His experiences stem Highlights The TMX editor supports all languages from his time in the research labs of TA in all combinations. Triumph Adler and as founder and di- The TMX conform translation memory rector of EP Electronic Publish Partners data base permits the re-use of transla- The user can add new languages to GmbH. Under his guidance the transla- tions done in previous translation cy- TMX files without having to go through tion support system EURAMIS was de- cles. Simultaneous use of translation the whole translation cycle. veloped for the translation service of data bases makes it possible for trans- the European Commission. Later this Araya XML-RPC server lators to co-operate in groups and to development was used by Sun Micro- Araya can be integrated through share translations with others immedi- system as SunTrans. Based on this XML-RPC support without heavy ately. experiences he developed the transla- efforts into existing processes. Araya is Integrated editor supports direct edit- started as server and makes its services tion support system Araya ing of entries in the TM data base. available to other applications - e.g. docu- The core competence of Heartsome is ment management systems such as Sir- the customized adoption of Araya ac- Conversion of document for different ius of Acolada™. Command files are cording to customer needs. In an inten- formats such as HTML, RTF, XML, supported too. By the use of XML, XLIFF sive consulting phase the customer SGML, OpenOffice, doc, docx and plain- and TMX the Araya server is optimally requirements are determined and opti- text through configuration files. prepared to integrate and co-operate with mized, Araya configured and integrated It supports all databases with a JDBC other systems. into the processes of the customer . interface. It comes with an internal In addition there is Tomcat based web database, thus no need to buy a data- server version available. base license. Translation MEMORY (TM): translation technology, which re- TMX stands for translation memory exchange and is a provider uses existing translations of segments (sentences, paragraphs independent, open standard for storing and exchanging of or phrases) of previously translated documents using fuzzy translation memories in XML, provided by CAT tools (computer search to find matching segments. aided translation). TMX supports the exchange of translation memory data between programs and/or translators without XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange file format) is an open losing data in this process. TMX was developed on initiative of XML based standard, which was developed to support the ex- the OSCAR (Open Standard for Container/Content Allowing re- change of localization information, in particular for document use) committee - an interest group of in LISA (Localization In- formats of different manufacturers. XLIFF is based on XML. dustry Standard Association).
  2. 2. Araya XLIFF Editor Araya TMX Editor • Localization model: XLIFF • Translation Memory (TM) model: TMX • Translation Memory (TM) model: TMX • Languages: all languages and language combinations. • Language and character set: any lan- guage and language combination; no • Alignment: Automatic alignment of restrictions with regard to character set existing translation. • Editor user interface: four main win- • Editor user interface: one main window dows: source window, target window for the display of selected languages; Araya XLIFF Editor — simple, fast and powerful — editing of entries; splitting, joining, with all tools you need for your daily work. with translation, two windows for matches from TM and phrase transla- deletion of entries; adding new lan- tion (PT). guages; creation of new TMX entries. • Editing of segments: accept and ap- • TMX Checker: Checking if standards prove translations, copy source seg- are met. ment to target window, colored back- Araya and databases ground for TM and PT translations, • Supported databases: HSQL | FireBird Switch o/off format information. | Oracle™ | MySQL™ | MS SQL Terminology extraction — simple and efficient. • Adding notes to translations: Support of Server™ | H2 | Postgres and other SQL the review process. databases with JDBC interface. • TM-based pre translation: sophisticated • Size: unlimited number of entries. fuzzy search; import and export of TMX • Database search: fuzzy search, word databases. based search, regular expression • Concordance search. search. • Terminology: integrated simple termi- • Concurrent usage of TMX databases nology database based on TBX stan- within Intranet and Internet supports dard; mono– and bilingual terminology group work of translators and TM shar- extraction (this is only part of the server ing. version). System requirements TM entries can be verified and modified simple and fast. • Phrase translation: pre translation • Java™ based application. based on longest phrase matches; detection of variables in phrases and • Software requirements: Java >= 1.5. segments. • Operating systems: Windows™ | Linux • Document converter: internal format: |Solaris™ | Mac™. XLIFF; conversion to XLIFF Format and back for the following document for- Prices and licensing model mats: RTF, HTML, XML (configurable), • Singe user license: € 400,- (+VAT); SGML, plain text, OpenOffice, WinWord includes XLIFF and TMX editor. Multi docx (doc only for Windows), xls and user licenses on request. ppt (with installed Open Office); multi- Araya TMX Editor helps you to check and edit ple conversion using project feature. • Server license: € 6.500 (+VAT) for 10 TMX files in a comfortable way. users; € 8.000 for unlimited license • Segmentation: configurable, language including all company employees and dependent segmentation; segmenta- external translators working for the tion sentence or paragraph based. company. Includes XLIFF and TMX edi- tor, term extraction. Maintenance € • Translation statistics: character-, seg- 1.280 (+VAT). ment– and word repetition analysis. • Tomcat Webserver 2.500 (+VAT) • Database editor: powerful editor sup- ports direct editing of TMX database • Hosting: On request. entries. Many support function support • Software adaptations: on ; € 850,- per Integration in the DMS Sirius of Acolada using help to maintain and keep databases day (+VAT) depending on effort. Araya XML-RPC Server. Simple and platform free of errors. independent. • Consulting / training: € 800 per day Solaris, Java and all Java-based labels are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the US, other states or in both. UNIX is a registered trademark of Open Group in the US and other states. Windows, WinWord are a registered trademarks of Microsoft. Mac is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. MySQL ist is a registered trademark of MySQL AB. Other company, product or service labels can be trademarks of others too.