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                                                           Bilingual terminol-
A simple table oriented user interface with col-
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Bilingual Terminology Extraction


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The pdf describes the features of Heartsome Europes terminology extraction. In English.

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Bilingual Terminology Extraction

  1. 1. ARAYA BILINGUALE TERMINOLOGY EXTRACTION Bilingual terminol- ogy extraction CONTACT: The bilingual terminology extractor is an easy to use tool which Heartsome Europe GmbH allows you to produce your TBX from files Friedrichstr. 17 fast and comfortably from relevant bilin- D-90574 Rosstal gual pairs of translation (TMX file). The T: +49 (0) 9127 579001 Terminology extraction as automatic terminology extraction pro- F: +49 (0) 9127/951178 service duces term pair suggestions, which are Within translation projects it is very im- weighted with a quality estimation. A very portant to use and apply consistent termi- high probability of 1,0 means that the FN 9098 Amtsgericht Fürth nology. This terminology must be main- pair of terms corresponds to a transla- UID: DE225881142 tained and corrected, enriched and com- tion. Not only a word terms can be ex- pared in particular with new terminology. tracted, but also multi-word terms. Management Our terminology extraction service offers The extraction tool is also the ideal add- the automatic extraction of bilingual on for the Araya translation toolset. It Dr. Klemens Waldhör terms (terms) from TMX files, which is supports the TMX files produced by the Managing director based on statistical procedures. Araya XLIFF or TMX editor optimally. In addition the TMX variants and formats of The quality of the found translations de- the other manufacturers are supported pends obviously on the number of entries too. in your TMX file, the more entries con- About Heartsome Europe tained, the more and the better results Heartsome Europe GmbH was founded are obtained. Highlights in 2002. Founder and director, Dr. You will receive the extraction result in a Simple to use editor interface. Klemens Waldhör, is familiar with TBX or csv formatted file, which contains translation technology and CAT tools Each suggested pair of terms is since a long time. His experiences stem the extracted bilingual terms of your TMX weighted with a quality measure from his time in the research labs of TA file. If required we can offer different (quality criterion). Triumph Adler and as founder and di- other formats too. rector of EP Electronic Publish Partners The terminology extraction works very Colored marking of the individual pairs GmbH. Under his guidance the transla- fast and in most cases we can provide of terms depending on quality. tion support system EURAMIS was de- you with the extracted terms within a day. Export into different formats possible, veloped for the translation service of If necessary we clean the lists of terms, e.g. TBX, csv. the European Commission. Later this which are already stored you in your ter- development was used by Sun Micro- minology system. Pairs of terms can be marked as valid system as SunTrans. Based on this and only the validated entries can be We offer you a fast and simple method to experiences he developed the transla- exported optionally. extract your terminology from your trans- tion support system Araya lations. By using our service you optimize Well-known terminology can be ex- The core competence of Heartsome is and accelerate your terminology work, cluded from the extraction. the customized adoption of Araya ac- free yourselves from routine tasks and TMX support cording to customer needs. In an inten- time consuming manual scanning of your sive consulting phase the customer translations. Different parameters to control the requirements are determined and opti- extraction like frequency of the terms, mized, Araya configured and integrated number of translations which can be into the processes of the customer . extracted, number of words for a term, a upper / lower case. Translation MEMORY (TM): translation technology, which re- TMX stands for translation memory exchange and is a provider uses existing translations of segments (sentences, paragraphs independent, open standard for storing and exchanging of or phrases) of previously translated documents using fuzzy translation memories in XML, provided by CAT tools (computer search to find matching segments. aided translation). TMX supports the exchange of translation memory data between programs and/or translators without XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange file format) is an open losing data in this process. TMX was developed on initiative of XML based standard, which was developed to support the ex- the OSCAR (Open Standard for Container/Content Allowing re- change of localization information, in particular for document use) committee - an interest group of in LISA (Localization In- formats of different manufacturers. XLIFF is based on XML. dustry Standard Association).
  2. 2. A simple table oriented user interface with col- ored entries representing different extraction qualities. The last column shows if the entry has Only very few mouse clicks are needed to .extract terms from the been validated. TMX file to retrieve terms and their translations. System requirements • Java™ based application. • Software– requirements: Java >= 1.5. • Operating systems: Windows™ | Linux |Solaris™ | Mac™. Prices and licences • Single user license: € 800,- + VAT. • Multi user licenses: on request. • Terminology extraction service: on request Order Form I hereby order __ Araya Bilingual Extraction Tool for the price of € 800 + VAT per license (single user licenses). Please send your order Company: to: • Fax: +49 9127 95 11 78 Name: Street: • or City: Heartsome Europe GmbH E-mail: Hr. Dr. Klemens Waldhör Friedrichstr. 17 Signature: D-90574 Roßtal Solaris, Java and all Java-based labels are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the US, other states or in both. UNIX is a registered trademark of Open Group in the US and other states. Windows, WinWord are a registered trademarks of Microsoft. Mac is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. MySQL ist is a registered trademark of MySQL AB. Other company, product or service labels can be trademarks of others too.