Session 4 calender


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Session 4 calender

  1. 1. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayApril 8A 9B 10A* EARLY RELEASE 11B 12AArthropod Notes Echinoderm Notes Echinoderm Notes Notes: Echinoderms Notes: Echinoderms Lab: preserved Specimens Lab: preserved Specimens Arthropods and Echinoderms Arthropods and Echinoderms15B 16A 17B 18A 19BStarfish Dissection Starfish Dissection Finish Labs Analysis and Finish Labs Analysis and Review conclusion conclusion Echinoderm Article Echinoderm Article22A 23B 24A 25B 26AReview Echinoderm and Arthropod Echinoderm and Arthropod Into to Fish: Fish Adaptations SEAWORLD TRIP Test Test Notes Buid a Fish29B 30A MAY 1B *Early Release 2A 3BBuild a Fish Fish Adaptations Notes Quiz Chondricthyes and Quiz Chondricthyes and EOC Fish Fish INF Mammals6A 7B 8A 9B 10AEOC EOC EOC EOC ReviewMammals Marine Mammals Review Review13B 14A 15B 16A 17BREVIEW REVIEW FINAL Exam FINAL EXAM MAKEUP FINAL20AMAKEUP FINALSenior’s LastDay !!!!!!