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Chapter 6 study guide marine microbes


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Chapter 6 study guide marine microbes

  1. 1. Study Guide for ________________________organism (s): _________________________________ DIATOMS DINOFLAGELLATES FORAMINIFERANS Euglena VolvoxRepresentative structure(form andfunction)ReproductiveSystemDigestiveSystemLevel oforganizationEcological Role
  2. 2. Diagram the organism and its most important representative structures. Be sure to label representativestructures and state their functionDIATOMS DINOFLAGELLATES FORAMINIFERANS EUGLENA VOLVOXDefinitions:Pseudopod: Reticulopods:Benthic: Test:Mixotrophic: Harmful Algal Blooms:Fission: FlagellaFrustule: Diatomaceous Earth:Bilateral Symmetry: Radial Symmetry:Short answer questions: 1. Compare and contrast- Diatoms, Dinoflagellates, and Forams 2. Describe the methods of food capture by Foraminiferans?