2013 Honda CR-V in Seattle at Klein Honda


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If you want to buy a compact SUV there is nothing better than 2013 Honda CR-V. Packed with all the features of an offroader, check out this car in Seattle at Klein Honda.

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2013 Honda CR-V in Seattle at Klein Honda

  1. 1. 2013 Honda CR-Vwww.kleinhonda.com/washington-honda-dealer/new-honda/Crv
  2. 2. Photos Exteriorwww.kleinhonda.com/washington-honda-dealer/new-honda/Crv
  3. 3. Photos Interiorwww.kleinhonda.com/washington-honda-dealer/new-honda/Crv
  4. 4. Accessories ExteriorTailgate SpoilerThe perfect enhancement to match the aggressive aerodynamicsof your Honda. Matching the original factory specifications, theTailgate Spoiler gives the perfect custom-finished look.• Color-matched to original factory specifications, for a custom-finished look.17 Inch 10 Spoke Alloy Wheel• Width-matched to fit the car precisely, ensuring proper clearance and handlingcharacteristics.• Cast-in ribs give these wheels an unparalleled structural strength.• Super bright coating over the front of the wheels helps to prevent corrosion andmakes cleaning easier.• Center cap stays snug and tight thanks to a positively engaged groove.• Steel lug inserts for the perfect lug nut seating, to prevent stripping.• Designed to be used with the factory Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).• Painted finish. www.kleinhonda.com/washington-honda-dealer/new-honda/Crv
  5. 5. Accessories InteriorAuto Day/Night MirrorThe Auto Day/Night Mirror helps to reduce the glare of brightheadlights from the cars behind you ? without having to lift a finger.• Automatically adjusts for all light conditions, and perfectlyreplaces the standard mirror.• Perfectly replaces the standard mirror.Cargo OrganizerThe Cargo Organizer offers a more rigid way to store your itemsin the back section of your CR-V.• Sturdy canvas gives added support to your belongings, and iscollapsible when not in use• Dividers partition the Cargo Organizer to keep items separateand secure www.kleinhonda.com/washington-honda-dealer/new-honda/Crv
  6. 6. Accessories ElectronicsBack-Up SensorsWith our Back-Up Sensors, youll soon be zipping in and out ofparking spots you may have previously passed over as too small.Help yourself in or out of a tight spot, while helping to protect yourpaint (and the paint on other peoples cars too).• Four sensors emit audible beeps into the cabin while you back up,signaling objects as you approach them. Those beeps quicken asyour vehicle gets closer to objects.A separate Back-Up Sensor Attachment is required for installation.Remote Engine Start SystemSafety FirstThe Honda Remote Engine Start System has a number of safetyfeatures built-in:• Adjustable 10 and 20-minute idle period before the engineshuts off.• A maximum of 2 consecutive starts with the remote, in order toprevent carbon monoxide build-up. www.kleinhonda.com/washington-honda-dealer/new-honda/Crv
  7. 7. eSales: 855-208-0991 2013 Honda CR-Vwww.kleinhonda.com/washington-honda-dealer/new-honda/Crv