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Online crm and email marketing for sales teams


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SalesNexus Online CRM and Email Marketing Solution - More Leads, More Sales and Less Work!

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Online crm and email marketing for sales teams

  1. 1. SalesNexus CRM and Email Marketing<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br /><ul><li>Craig Klein
  3. 3. SalesNexus Founder and CEO
  4. 4. 20+ years as Sales Leader in Energy and Technology</li></li></ul><li>Who is SalesNexus?<br />
  5. 5. <ul><li>Do you want a Rolodex in the Cloud?</li></li></ul><li>..or a real Customer Relationship Management system?<br /><ul><li>Sharing contacts in the cloud makes you faster
  6. 6. Creating a CRM system that includes
  7. 7. Sales Intelligence – specific customer information you care about
  8. 8. Communications Automation – print, email, sales calls
  9. 9. Sales Process Automation
  10. 10. Analytics that matter to your business
  11. 11. Now you’re BETTER!</li></li></ul><li>Quick Start Program<br /><ul><li>16 point program to get you managing customer relationships
  12. 12. Needs Gathering Call SN designs and builds your system
  13. 13. 1st Draft review call SN adjusts per your feedback
  14. 14. Email design call SN creates an email master template
  15. 15. Analytics needs call SN creates reports specific to your needs
  16. 16. Final draft call SN adjusts per your feedback
  17. 17. Training webinar for your team in your final system design
  18. 18. On-going, unlimited world call support for your entire team
  19. 19. On-going, unlimited always evolving sales, marketing and CRM training via the Sales Mastery Institute</li></li></ul><li>Quick Start Programs<br /><ul><li>Mini Quick Start - 6 point program to get you sharing valuable customer information online in days</li></ul>Included for all customers…<br /><ul><li>4 points to get you trained to set things up yourself – no additional charge
  20. 20. On-going, unlimited, world class support – phone, email, chat
  21. 21. Sales Mastery Institute</li></li></ul><li>Sales Mastery Institute<br />May 19 – Maximizing Sales Funnel Conversions through Effective Calling and Emailing Combined, with Wendy Weiss and Beth Rush<br />Ebooks, articles, step-by-step-guides and webinars on every subject under the selling sun!<br />Marketing webinars and training<br />
  22. 22. Live Demo<br />