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Grow Sales with Customer Relationship Management


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Craig Klein, CEO of SalesNexus, Presents "Grow Sales with Customer Relationship Management" to in New Orleans, July 15, 2012

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Grow Sales with Customer Relationship Management

  1. 1. To Grow Sales,Manage Customer Relationships Craig Klein, CEO
  2. 2.•Founded in 2002•CRM for SMBs•Cloud based
  3. 3. Customer Relationship Management
  4. 4. Risks•Sales person leaves to join the competition•Customer complains and you can’t prove your side of thestory•Loosing business because you’re too slow
  5. 5. Changing Tires on a Moving Truck!•Stop what you’re doing•Set up new system•Train the staff•Learn to manage
  6. 6. Sales is Stressful!•Prospecting•Proposals•Networking•Closing
  7. 7. Sales has changed•Can you be “Googled”? Inc. Magazine•Does your site create leads? 58% of purchases start with Internet search!•Leads are pre-educated
  8. 8. Human?Technology will never replacepersonal relationships.“When I need an expediter, I want to getsomeone on the phone and get actionfast!”
  9. 9. De-Stress•Reach more customers•Reduce stress•Deepen relationships•…without busting the budget!
  10. 10. Expediter Sales Problems•“I got a proposal from your sales guy last month, I need to book thisshipment today, can I get the same deal?”•“I’ve got an email from your rep here that says “delivery by 10am”!•Information Scattered Everywhere•Your Customer Doesn’t Have Time to Wait on Information
  11. 11. Opportunity•Make sales intelligence available inone place•Make Lead & Customer Nurturing anAutomatic Part of the Sales Process
  12. 12. The X Factor•Prospects go through the funnel•A few turn into Clients•What about the rest?
  13. 13. The X Factor•They’re thrown away!•Close 20%•Throw away 80%!•Follow up “slips through•the cracks.”
  14. 14. Loosing Shipments Today and Tomorrow•Frequent shipper contacts an expediter about an unexpected need.•May not order due to the cost•Will that cost seem high after theylive the consequences?•Will that situation occur again?•Will they remember you?
  15. 15. Sales CRM and Email Marketing•Nurture leads and customers using Email automatically•Increase ROI on Lead Generation “Cold” leads become hot again•Increase Sales Close Rate Communicate a Consistent Message to Prospects•Increase Revenue per Customer Ensure all Customers Know All You Can Do For Them
  16. 16. Increase Sales by 10%•100 leads each month, 20 orders•80 don’t close•In 6 months, 480 “dead” leads•4 additional orders each month!
  17. 17. Do You Mean Spam?•Lead nurturing emails are not spam, they’re informative andhelpful.•Use emails to educate – what you do on the phone and inperson now.•Speak to your neighbor or brother in law•Give to Get•Start Simply – just start!
  18. 18. How to Get Started1. Start collecting customer information in a central system – phones, emails, etc.2. Start tracking the sales process – identify 3 or 4 “must do” steps3. Measure and refine your process4. Choose technology to fit your people and your process5. Start writing simple lead nurturing emails
  19. 19. Don’t Forget!1. Don’t fall in love with the shiny things!2. What will you automate - specifically? a) Response to new inquiries b) Staying in touch with current customers c) Customer feedback after an order3. What is the return you expect?4. How will you measure it?
  20. 20. Choosing a Solution• Cloud based vs. Internal software• Lean staff or ample IT staff?• Implementation and Help Desk Services• Will you rely on the software vendor, a 3rd party consultant or your internal IT staff?• Identify solutions that fit your support needs and budget first• What set up and training is included?• Bells and whistles don’t lead to success
  21. 21. While the truck is moving…• Plan time to plan• Play with the IT in the lab• Tailor it to your business• Test it in the real world• Train the staff when its REALLY ready!
  22. 22. A Little Help• CRM Solution Check List• From e-Newsletters to Email Marketing that Drives Sales – Webinar – August 9th
  23. 23. Thank You!Your Questions and Comments