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From e newsletters to email marketing that drives sales


Published on - SalesNexus CRM and Email Marketing solution founder Craig Klein on using marketing personas to develop automated email marketing campaigns to turn leads into sales

Published in: Business, Technology
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From e newsletters to email marketing that drives sales

  1. 1. From eNewsletters toEmail Marketing that Drives Sales Welcome! We‟ll get started in just a few minutes.
  2. 2. Introduction•Craig Klein•SalesNexus Founder and CEO•20+ years as Sales Leader in Energyand Technology
  3. 3. Your Interests?•50% looking to warm up sales leads and connect w/Sales people.• 75% emailing once per month or less often• 64% have a CRM• 47% have an email marketing solution
  4. 4. The SalesNexus Solution•Sales CRM – built by sales people for sales people•Unlimited Email Marketing – easy enough for a sales personand powerful enough for pro marketers•Unlimited Proactive Support•Free B2B Sales Contacts via!
  5. 5. Grow Sales with Emails7 Easy Ways Sales Teams Win with Email Marketing Free ebook available at
  6. 6. Why do you read email?1. To stay up to date and informed2. To learn about new opportunities3. To stay in touch with friends, colleaguesYou‟re not a spammer if you‟re informing your customers about things they care about!
  7. 7. Give to GetWhat NOT to do…1. Don‟t pitch your product or service2. Don‟t tell them why your company is better3. Don‟t offer discounts
  8. 8. Subject Line is Job 1• Before the email is ever seen, it‟s deleted if the Subject is not interesting• Test, measure and adjustExample – campaign opens and clicks
  9. 9. The X Factor•Prospects go through the funnel•A few turn into Clients•What about the rest?
  10. 10. The X Factor•They‟re thrown away!•Close 20%•Throw away 80%!•Follow up “slips through•the cracks.”
  11. 11. Increase Sales by 10%•100 leads each month, 20 orders•80 don‟t close•In 6 months, 480 “dead” leads•4 additional orders each month!
  12. 12. Know Your Audience1. Fit the demographics of your prospects2. Want or need a product like yours3. Interested in YOUR product4. Customer of yours
  13. 13. Marketing Personas• Why is the purchase a MUST NOW?• How do I justify the purchase?• What made me start looking?
  14. 14. Develop Your Persona• Demographics – gender, assets, income, location, age, education• Pain • Technical – functional needs • Business – staffing, revenue, expense, profit • Personal – family, future, career, dreams, fears
  15. 15. Marketing Personas• Why is the purchase a MUST NOW? • Business or Personal Pain• How do I justify the purchase? • Technical or Business Pain• What made me start looking? • Technical or Business Pain
  16. 16. Pain ExamplesTechnical Pain“My notebook crashed!”Personal Pain“I can‟t finish the report due tomorrow and I may not get a raise.”Technical Pain“My 1995 Toyota needs $2,500 in repairs!”Personal Pain“I‟ve been late to work three times this month.”
  17. 17. Pain ExamplesBusiness Pain“Sales staff turnover is too high, costs are up and salesare off.”Personal Pain“I‟m spending too much time recruiting and training andnot enough making deals, my income is off and my wifeand I were planning some renovations”
  18. 18. Pain ExamplesBusiness Pain“We‟re introducing our service to a new market.”Personal Pain“My bonus is tied to our penetration of this market andI‟ve got a kid starting college in the fall.”
  19. 19. Email Components• Subject Lines – Technical Pain “There‟s an App for Everything – Do you have one?”• Calls to Action – Business Pain “Join our webinar – „6 Steps to Affordably Building Apps‟”• Copy – Personal Pain – the story “…stoggie old bank attracts Gen X with iPhone app…”
  20. 20. Email Components• Keep it brief.• Focus on Subject Line and Call to Action, not graphics.• Give them just enough to make them want more.• Examples!
  21. 21. Campaigns, Not Blasts• Broad campaign – series of emails targeting varying Personas • Calls to Action non-commital • Free report, watch video, interesting article, case study• Opens/Clicks go on more specific campaigns drilling down to business pains and stronger calls to action
  22. 22. Campaigns, Not Blasts• Vary Subjects and Calls to Action to Group Prospects into Segments and Drill Down Email Email Email Email 1 2 3 4… Open /Click Magnify Pain Goal
  23. 23. Campaigns, Not Blasts• Vary Subjects and Calls to Action to Group Prospects into Segments and Drill Down Email Email Email Email 1 2 3 4… Open Open Open Open /Click /Click /Click /Click Magnify Magnify Magnify Magnify Pain Pain Pain Pain Goal Goal Goal Goal
  24. 24. Example• Sales Management Coaching Program• Objective – 30 CEOs attend a breakfast to learn about program
  25. 25. Example - Broad Campaign• 1 – “Sales Managers Typically Leave after 4 Years” - “Read article – „5 Reasons Sales Managers Move On”• 2 – “Top Producers Don‟t Make Good Sales Managers” – “Read article – „3 Ways Top Producers Self Destruct as Sales Managers”• …
  26. 26. Example – Open/Click Campaign• 1 – “Do you have the right sales manager?” - Video – “Chet Holmes – Key Traits of Great Sales Managers”• 2 – “Great Sales Teams Start with Great Leadership” – “Invite – Personal Invitation to Breakfast Meeting”
  27. 27. Editorial Calendar• Choose the important pains • Most compelling • Most common• Schedule time to write, interview, etc.• Keep it simple• Test, Measure and Adjust
  28. 28. Create Content Your Customers Love• What are you an expert at? What do only experienced buyers know?• Record yourself on the phone, imagine talking to your brother in law• Schedule time and focus on writing, etc.• Tell Stories – customers, horror stories, save them money!• Make it Fun – for yourself and your “audience”!
  29. 29. Calls to Action that Qualify Leads• Transportation Co. – “Click here to read 4 Ways to Reduce Transportation Costs”• Insurance Co. – “Download our report – Most Common Shipping and Receiving Injuries/Accidents”
  30. 30. What‟s Next?Email and Content Marketing Jump Start• 3 to 6 Emails• 1 Article or Report• $ 2,995
  31. 31. What‟s Next?Email and Content Marketing Jump Start• 3 to 6 Emails• 1 Article or Report• $ 2,995Reduced to $ 2,500 for attendees through8/17/2012
  32. 32. What‟s Next?• See how to automate it with SalesNexus• Join our Email Marketing Training Session – Wednesdays at 3pm Eastern