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360 degree view of customer relationships for business growth


Published on - 5th in our Sales Growth Webinar Series. How to win customers, maximize revenue per customer and keep customers longer by building a 360 degree view of your customer using CRM, customer relationship management, with online CRM

Published in: Business
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360 degree view of customer relationships for business growth

  1. 1. Welcome!Be sure to join the audio portion of the meeting. See Audio in the GotoWebinar control panel. Ask questions by typing questions in the Questions area of the GotoWebinar control panel. 360 degree View of the Customer Relationship for Business Growth
  2. 2. Your Hosts:Craig Klein, CEO,  18 years as a sales executive. Hiring, training sales people. Developing lead generation and business development campaigns.Forest Cassidy, CEO,  Millions of B2B contacts with emails, FREE
  3. 3. 2013 Sales Growth Webinar Series
  4. 4. 2013 Sales Growth Webinar Series
  5. 5. LeadFerretsearch• Title• Revenue• Employees• SIC Code• Location500 contactswith emails ea.month
  6. 6. LeadFerretsearch• Title• Revenue• Employees• SIC Code• Location500 contactswith emails ea.month
  7. 7. Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Leads
  8. 8. Today we’ll discuss…1. Core Elements of Customer Relationships2. Key Goals in Business Growth3. 360 degree Customer View?4. Low Cost Ways to Achieve 360 View
  9. 9. Customer Relationships1. Difficult and Costly to Establish2. Must Maximize Revenue per Customer3. Must Retain Customers
  10. 10. Universal Objectives• Win more customers• Sell them more• Keep them longer
  11. 11. Human Relationships
  12. 12. 360 degree Customer View
  13. 13. 4% Increase in Sales1% Reduction in Lost Sales Current Sales 25% Lost Sales 75%
  14. 14. Win more customers• Reach more prospects• Identify likely buyers• Beat the competition….
  15. 15. How to beat the competition?• Price & Quality• Service & Responsiveness
  16. 16. Win New Customers = Service & Responsiveness
  17. 17. Access to Sales Commitments• Proposals• Quotes• Designs• Specifications• Prepared documents, emails• Notes on conversationsPoll # 2 – can you access sales people’s emailswithout their help?
  18. 18. Access to emails
  19. 19. Access to Proposals“I received a proposalfrom Steve yesterday.I’d like to place the orderbut, had a question aboutthe proposal…”Where is Steve?How long will she waitbefore she calls thecompetition?
  20. 20. Maximize Revenue per CustomerKnow the customer’s needs By industry, role, income, etc.Tailored offerings for specific sets of needsCross Sell, Upsell
  21. 21. Cross Sell, Upsell• List of customers by product purchased• Filter list by documented needs• Reach out affordably with specific offersPoll #3 – Is it easier to retrieve list of customers bypurchase or develop the specific offer?
  22. 22. Poll # 1What is most important in buildingloyalty?
  23. 23. Keep Customers LongerService & SupportAdd ValueBuild Trust
  24. 24. What damages trust?Say one thing and do another!Marketing and sales say one thingCustomer experience doesn’t match
  25. 25. Build Loyalty and Trust• Live up to your commitments• Who made what commitment? Fast and accurate information
  26. 26. Win New Customers = Service & Responsiveness Can’t act without informationMaximize Revenue per Customer = Cross Sell, Upsell Can’t target without informationKeep Customers Longer = Build Trust Can’t be consistent without knowing commitments
  27. 27. 360 degree View
  28. 28. Low Cost Ideas!• Auto copy all emails to a searchable mailbox• Store proposals/quotes in a Cloud drive
  29. 29. Low Cost Ideas!• Put commitments in writing and review with new customers.• Builds trust!
  30. 30. CRM = $$$$ ?• More customers, more revenue per customer, longer relationships.
  31. 31. Do I need accounts for my entire team?!Some users can share logons• Accounting• Production• Administrative
  32. 32. Do I need to develop custom solutions andintegrations?1. Start simple and build2. Leverage existing technologies3. Weekly or Monthly updates from Accounting are normally more than enough.
  33. 33. Win more customersMaximize revenue per customerKeep customers longerPoll # 4 – how long do you think it will take your teamto implement a 360 degree view of the customer?
  34. 34. In-depth SalesScripter Training Feb 20th• Pain• Qualifying• Voice mail scripts• Follow up emails• Much more!• SalesScripter
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