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Victorian era gardens


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Published in: Self Improvement, Education
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Victorian era gardens

  1. 1. By: Kassidy Legge
  2. 2.  They had the flowers beds shaped All of the flowers were placed geometrically Squares was one of the main shapes used Triangles were also very popular
  3. 3.  Stone pathways Little decorative pebbles Beautiful benches Rocks Canopies Pavilions
  4. 4.  They used very bright colors The most common was pink They used a lot of purple They had many greens also
  5. 5.  They had orchids Tulips Roses Shrubs Daisies
  6. 6.  Verycommon Symbolized royalty Symbolized being wealthy Used in homes Used in gardens Favorite flower of queen Elizabeth
  7. 7.  Over grown  Carefully placed Randomly placed  Flower beds Not matching  Potted plants no potted plants  Statues
  8. 8.  Gardens always had at least one statue Most of the time they were of Greek gods Many were of a women Because of the time period they were never fully dressed
  9. 9.  These gardens were expensive They showed your social class Many workers were hired for the keep up of the gardens The more decrotive the more rich and important you were