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Thesis Midterm032610

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Thesis Midterm032610

  1. 1. donutholes small things that fill little voids Katherine Lee Midterm Mania March 26, 2009
  2. 2. More Customizability •  Shoes •  Cars •  Electronics
  3. 3. Thesis Concept An effective customization tool must empower the user to make something they personally connect with. Customization that incorporates some element of the user’s feelings or persona fosters a sense of ownership.
  4. 4. Proposition A web-based customization tool that allows users to design plush creatures or soft objects using… –  A selection of base body shapes –  Facial features like eyes, mouths –  Appendages like legs, arms, tails, etc. –  Skins from existing color/print selection & from custom uploads (custom digital printing)
  5. 5. Why I Am Doing This •  There is currently nothing like this –  Closest things = Build-a-Bear Workshop (shudder) and super-expensive monster kit •  People feel an affinity for soft, plush things –  they’re comforting and can assume many identities –  they can have a personal value separate from your public persona
  6. 6. Design Questions •  Why do people customize things? •  Who customizes things? •  What kinds of things do people customize? •  What makes a customization tool fulfilling or satisfying to use? •  What makes people like what they’ve made? •  What gives people a sense of ownership over something they’ve customized?
  7. 7. Make My Own Monster
  8. 8. Dunkin Donuts Make Your Own Donut
  9. 9. Marvel Create Your Own Super Hero
  10. 10. Spore Creature Creator
  11. 11. Why People Customize Stuff •  to make things they care about or are proud of •  to make something that reflects something about themselves •  to feel rich •  to have something unique •  because it’s fun Goal: to design a joyful interactive experience in which everything the user chooses to do feels like the right thing to do
  12. 12. Target Users •  Designer toy enthusiasts •  Kids •  People who give really personalized gifts
  13. 13. Prototype Testing
  14. 14. Considerations •  Make it easy to “try things on” •  Making the creation process less structured •  More options for everything to enable more personalities –  More flair –  Ears and noses –  Themes? •  Color
  15. 15. For Symposium •  Demo of customization tool •  5 examples of objects created with tool •  Project vision
  16. 16. Schedule Week of: March 21 – create forms and MCs for all forms in Flash March 28 – make more forms, concept testing + program selection tool April 4 – program selection tool, visualization tool April 11 – scale/rotation + QA testing April 18 – QA testing, fine-tune site, make more demo products April 26 – QA for site + Symposium
  17. 17. Life After Symposium •  Online customization tool •  Ability to order your creation and have it made and sent to you •  Interactive environment for the community of user creations •  Crowdsource to make the most popular creations available
  18. 18. Thanks!