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How to Cold-Tweet Influencers Like Barney Stinson


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Are you cold-tweeting and not getting an answer?
You are probably doing something wrong.

Here are 4 simple ways to cold-tweet and never get ignored.

Do you use any other techniques? Please share it with us!

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How to Cold-Tweet Influencers Like Barney Stinson

  1. 1. Cold-Tweet like Barney Stinson
  2. 2. What is Cold Tweeting? Tweeting someone for the first time when you haven’t yet met them
  3. 3. Generate leads Talk to Influencers Land the next job interview What’s In it for you?
  4. 4. This guy got interviews at Nest and General Assembly With Cold Tweets
  5. 5. Cold Tweets are amazing. But nobody answers me.
  6. 6. Try These 4 Cold Tweeting Tactics And actually get an answer
  7. 7. The Wingman
  8. 8. Get an Intro
  9. 9. And it Works:
  10. 10. The Scuba Diver
  11. 11. Get all your friends advocate you in front of the chosen one. While wearing a scuba diver suit.
  12. 12. The Desperate Ted Mosby
  13. 13. Get immediate sympathy Like when telling someone that you were left at the altar
  14. 14. How to do it wrong: Wonder how to do it right? Check it out here.
  15. 15. The Fireman
  16. 16. Just name your brand. Transparency works like a charm.
  17. 17. Do Smarter Marketing Looking for Influencers to Master your Cold Tweeting Techniques? Discover Klear.