College 9.10


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College Planning for 8th, 9th and 10th

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College 9.10

  1. 1. Making HighSchool Count Planning for your future
  2. 2. What are your ? Personal Social Academic Extracurricular
  3. 3. Thinking about College How do academic, extracurriculars and other factors fit into the college admissions process? GPA Sorting Game Mock Admissions Committee Decisions What factors did you consider?
  4. 4. State of College Admissions Report 2010 Factors in Admission Decisions  Grades in college prep courses (86.5)  Strength of curriculum (70.7)  Admission test scores (57.8)  Recommendations, essays, class rank, extracurriculars, grades in other courses, demonstrated interest
  5. 5.  Isyour ultimate goal college Academics admission? What else do you want to achieve in high school? “It isn’t about getting in—it’s about getting out with a degree, about being able to read, write, think, lead and follow(and know when to do those things). It’s about making the most of your talents and skills in and out of the classroom.”
  6. 6. Extracurriculars Can have a significant impact, personally, socially and even academically Try new things until you find good fits Do what you love to do! Not what you think colleges want to see.
  7. 7. Extracurriculars con’t Summers count. Use them to grow and learn. Camp, academic programs, skill development Startkeeping a list of service activities both in and out of school. Same for extracurriculars, sports, awards, honors. Jobs and volunteer work are great! Commitment, leadership and success
  8. 8. Growing Great Test Takers Depending on year, may need to think about taking SATIIs along with APs Students can practice by PSAT and PLAN: rational prep rather than overkill SAT/ACT typically spring of junior year and fall of senior year Testing too early can cause more anxiety and lower scores, “score choice” confusion 800+ colleges that are test-optional: Bowdoin, Connecticut College, Denison, Furman, George Mason, NYU, Wake Forest Reading is the best test prep: comprehension, speed and vocabulary
  9. 9.  Freshman and sophomore years are the time to explore: subjects, careers, clubs Ifit will help, visit a couple of colleges to get a feel for what is coming, what you can look forward to. Shadow a professional. Volunteer in an area in which you are interested Explore
  10. 10. How to use the School andCollege Counselor If you are unsure of your academic goals, I can help with some focused exploration of subjects, majors, careers as well as finding your individual path through Woodlawn If you are struggling with personal, social or academic issues, I can help find ways through the difficulties Parents: I can help you to understand the changes and growth that your child is going through. Through December, I am on campus all day Mondays and Wednesdays, other times by appointment. Email is the best way to schedule an appointment.