GR8 SharePoint Conference - Automating Business Processes with Workflows and Forms


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GR8 SharePoint Conference - Automating Business Processes with Workflows and Forms

  1. 1. Automating Business Processes with Workflow & FormsApril 5, 2012David GwynVP, Research & Development and 1
  2. 2. Agenda• Workflows • Workflow Overview • Predefined Workflows • Workflow Authoring Tools• Forms • Form Authoring Tools• Electronic Signatures• Workflow Examples• Summary 2
  3. 3. Workflow OverviewWorkflows consist of two elements:• Forms that a workflow uses to interact with its users• Logic that defines the workflow’s behaviorWorkflows in SharePoint 2010:• Reduce dependency on human interaction• Provide repeatable processes beyond static paper- based standard operating procedures• Allow scaling of activities across multiple personnel• Integrate process automation in other line of business applications 3
  4. 4. Predefined WorkflowsWorkflow DescriptionCollect Feedback Routes a document or item to one or more users for reviewApproval Routes a document or item to one or more users for approvalDisposition Approval Manages document expiration and retention as part of a records management processCollect Signatures Routes documents created in Microsoft Office by requesting users to add their digital signatures to documentsThree-state List-based workflow supporting the processing of an item through two transitionsTranslation Management Manages manual document translation by assigning translation tasks to translators 4
  5. 5. Workflow Authoring ToolsSharePoint• Native SharePoint 2010 workflow enhanced to include integration with Visio for graphical workflow creation and status reporting• Basic review and approval capabilities are included but advanced functionality requires programming skillsK2• Extensive Business Process Management suite that includes a component for SharePoint• SharePoint workflow solutions can be extended to support enterprise process management needsNintex• SharePoint-only solution for complex workflow management• Integrates with InfoPath to support review and approval of forms 5
  6. 6. SharePoint Designer• Free download to enable building of no-code workflows in SharePoint sites• Focused on less technical information workers to develop logic 6
  7. 7. Visio Integration• Visio Premium 2010 can be used to create a workflow and then export it to SharePoint Designer• Allows Business Analysts to create workflow models that are refined by technical resources 7
  8. 8. Visual Studio• Workflow Designer runs inside Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition and provides a graphical environment for organizing activities into workflows• Developer-centric platform 8
  9. 9. Workflow – K2 K2 blackpoint is a subset of broader product capability 9
  10. 10. Workflow - Nintex Nintex graphical workflow editor is designed for trained end-users to develop complex review and approval workflows. 10
  11. 11. Workflow – Nintex (Continued) Nintex provides many integration tools, such as Active Directory, Exchange, CRM, and external systems connectivity. Nintex provides the LazyApproval® System, which allows a user to respond to requests in real language, even when mobile and without SharePoint portal access 11
  12. 12. Forms Authoring ToolsInfoPath 2010 integrates withSharePoint 2010 and InfoPathForm Services 2010 to deliverrobust business solutions Nintex Forms 2010 is a web- based forms designer that allows forms to be consumed on most mobile devices. 12
  13. 13. Digital SignaturesElectronic A computer data compilation of any symbol or seriesSignature of symbols executed, adopted, or authorized by an(eSignature) individual to be the legally binding equivalent of the individuals handwritten signature. (CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21)Digitized Signature A digitized representation of a hand written signature, as is typical in the consumer industry when signing a credit card purchase with a digitizing tablet.Digital Signature An electronic signature based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology that guarantees the signer’s identity, intent, and the data integrity of the signed object.
  14. 14. eSignature Custom Form Example
  15. 15. Digital Signature Signing Process Document fingerprint 1AFFF12CF Hash calculation Fingerprint is encrypted with signer’s private keyDocument to be signed 1AFFF12CF Public Key Certificate Signed fingerprint Digitally-signed document
  16. 16. Digital Signature Verification Process Current document Digital signature 1AFFF12CF 1AFFF12CF Calculated fingerprint Original fingerprintInvalid signature Valid signature
  17. 17. eSignatures with CoSign Document signer’s identity, reason for signature, and document validity are viewable when verifying signatures
  18. 18. eSignature Selection CriteriaDigital Signature process requires several elements:• Certificate Authority (CA) – issues digital certificates which contain the Public Key and identity of the certificate owner• Management of digital certificates – distribute digital certificates to users, adding, changing, and revoking as needed• External Access – provide external access to public keys for signature validation• Sign documents – provide method for signing documents and forms with provisioned digital certificates 18
  19. 19. CoSign Functionality 19
  20. 20. Workflow ExamplesRecommended platform for deploymentUse Case Native SharePoint Third Party  Document Approval Leave of Absence Approval andTracking Help Desk Tickets  Recruiting Content Publishing New Employee Onboarding 20
  21. 21. Summary• Establish approach to forms and workflow as part of the initial governance policies and decisions• If SharePoint is seen as a platform for workflow- based solutions, strongly consider a third-party tool• Keep your initial workflows and forms as simple as possible and use a phased approach • Avoid the concern that if the solution isn’t perfect no one will use it 21
  22. 22. Thank you 22