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Effectual online coaching @diversity


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Onine Coaching has a huge potential to let people, entrepreneurs, creators, innovators and ”beyonders” grow. Many organizations have recognized the value of one-on-one coaching and extensive development has been done in this area, so why not just continue to develop capacity with this type of coaching in a digital arena?

If common interactions between people are seen as coaching opportunities then the logistical challenge of online-coaching is minimal and the coaching meets a present and practical need. The benefits of developing one-on-one coaching capacity in organizations are significant and should be continued.

In my presentation I show some approaches of combining different coaching approaches like personcentered counselling, hypno-systemic coaching and effectual cycles of acting.

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Effectual online coaching @diversity

  1. 1. Online Idea Coaching for Startup Teams in Creative and Cultural Industries Experiences from the European Idea Competition @diversity. Klaus Haasis - Coach DBVC / GWG 9. April 2014 Heidelberg Innovation Forum
  2. 2. 3
  3. 3. 5 x Founding CEO 30 years public-private Innovation Management Systemic Coach DBVC | Person-Centered Counsellor GWG Effectuation Expert Online Counsellor + Coaching + Innovation Training + Systemic Development + Business Angel Investments
  4. 4. 5
  5. 5. European Solution for Collaboration Struktur AG located in Stuttgart Flexible Live Video and Audio Scaleable Number of Users Webconference, Webinar, Telephone Conferencing
  6. 6. Different Roles in Supporting Entrepreneurship
  7. 7. Coach Moderator Shareholder / Seed Investor / Funds Expert / Consultant Mentor Different Roles in Supporting Entrepreneurship sometimes moody Motivtora
  8. 8. Moderator: I suggest, Motivator: I like, Mentor: I recommend, Coach: I understand, I invite you to ... Consultant: I know, Investor: I want,
  9. 9. PROFIL: Creative Coach | Colllaboration Architect | Innovation Trainer | Online Counsellor KLAUS HAASIS Dipl. Ing. | Dipl. Journ. Systemic Coach DBVC | Person-Centered Counsellor GWG COMBINE INNOVATION GmbH, Stuttgart | Germany "Combine Innovation with .... " DE.SLIDESHARE.NET/KLAUSHAASIS | DE.LINKEDIN.COM/IN/KLAUSHAASIS | FACEBOOK.COM/KLAUSHAASIS | ISSUU.COM/KLAUSHAASIS KLAUSHAASIS@WEB.DE | SKYPE KLAUS_HAASIS |