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Using Social Media At B-to-B Events: Oh Yes You Can


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Using Social Media At B-to-B Events: Oh Yes You Can

  1. 1. helloKathleen MudgeConsultant, Cisco@kathleenmudge Kenny LauerGeorge P. Johnson @kennyl
  2. 2. Image by Pieter Musterd used with Attribution as directed2 Creative Commons
  3. 3. Image by Pieter Musterd used with Attribution as directed3 Creative Commons
  4. 4. On-site Engagement 4
  5. 5. “Continuing the Conversation” Across Events EVENT 1 EVENT 2 EVENT 3 EVNT4Conversation Volume Event-specific conversation Time
  6. 6. Social @ciscolive
  7. 7. Overall Objectives  Extend reach  Increase the length and level of engagement with our attendees.  Enhance and enrich relationship for the Cisco Live community.  Lengthen and enhance the onsite event experience.  Building communities on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, we engage with attendees and grow the Cisco Live community 365 days a year. 7
  8. 8. Social Media – 5 Key Strategy Points 1. Plan Zero in on brand goals/metrics, targets and messages 2. Listen The best conversations begin with monitoring & listening 3. Engage Communicate, participate, and nurture on these channels 4. Analyze Leverage listening, reporting and tracking tools to gauge success and adjust 5. Leverage Influencers can impact/ expand your community 8
  9. 9. 1. Make a Plan  Determine social media channels for engagement  Develop your strategy for each channel   Define goals and measurement for success   Membership   Engagement level   Revenue targets   Plan update frequency   Select scope and type of content depending on channel strategy and focus  Listen to your audience  Analyze to determine what is working and continue to modify plan based on success criteria 9
  10. 10. Channel Focus — Facebook  Regular updates to the community  Opportunity to share video and photos with community engagement  Polls allowing voting and discussion on topic  Soliciting engagement from direct questions resulting in focused responses 10
  11. 11. Engaging with the Cisco Live host:SVP Office of the Chairman and CEO, Cisco Attendees use their creativity to have fun before they arrive… 11
  12. 12. 2. ListenChannel Focus — Twitter  Provide frequent updates  Engage in the conversation  Nurture the community  Twitter Chats The best conversations begin with monitoring and listening 12
  13. 13. 3. EngageChannel Focus - LinkedIn  Stir the pot with questions to spark conversations  Practice restraint – avoid to much corporate messaging  Show you’re listening Communicate,  Maximize the on- and off-season, keep the momentum going participate,  Cross promote on social channels and nurture  Ditch the promotions – focus on authentic interaction by attendees  Provides opportunity for group member discussions and easy connections to targeted participant’s profiles by fellow group members  Conversations are business and event focused 13
  14. 14. 4. Analyze Leverage listening, reporting and tracking tools to gauge success and adjust 14
  15. 15. 5. Leverage Influencers  Take advantage of influencers to engage attendees or prospects and amplify messages  Influencers within your social communities  Executives NEED: Amplification  Partners 15
  16. 16. Reward Influencers  Everyone wants to be heard and acknowledged  Acknowledge retweets with a “Thank you” tweet  Executives: Let them know the results of their amplification or promotion  Partners: Acknowledge and thank them for their participation with “Likes” on Facebook or LinkedIn, or “Thank you” on Twitter for tweets or retweets  Community Supporters: Provide tokens of appreciation through information “scoops” and acknowledgement 16
  17. 17. Nurtured Community to ROI  Now that you have invested your resources in social media, what do you get for your effort?   Increased brand loyalty   Advocates   Revenue tracked back directly from URLs   Social media is one of five primary revenue channels 17
  18. 18. Social Media Channel Growth YoY1200010000 8000 FB Twitter 6000 LI 4000 2000 0 17-Jul-10 17-Jul-11 6-Jun-12 18
  19. 19. Cisco Live U.S.  Industrys premier education and training event for IT, networking, and communications professionals  17,000 physical registrants and 189,000 virtual participants  2,500-4,000 event related tweets daily  11,997 @CiscoLive Twitter followers, most of which actively tweet during the event (70%)  Attendees rely on Twitter and Facebook as their main communication channel to post questions/issues and get quick responses 19  
  20. 20. On-site Engagement
  21. 21. Times have changed 21
  22. 22. Outsideè In
  23. 23. “Presencing”: It’s important to be seen “Some+mes  you  want  to  go     Where  everybody  knows  your  name,     And  theyre  always  glad  you  came”   hAp://­‐T.jpg   24
  24. 24. Cisco Live: On-site Mission Evolve Cisco Live into one of the most attendee-aware events in the world. 25
  25. 25. Cisco Live Attendee Aware: On Site Goals   Maximize the Attendee Experience   Monitor and act on attendees’ needs (inside 4-walls and outside)   Anticipate experience enhancing opportunities   Make sure everyone is “seen”   Elevate the Brand   Identify and support trends / comments   Amplify positive messages   Create proactive experiences to drive event goal   Increase loyalty and customer value   Protect the reputation of Cisco and Cisco Live   Recognize “smouldering”   Engage deliberately to cauterize potentially harmful conversations   Convert negative to positive 26 26  
  26. 26. Cisco Live: Social Media Engagement  Significant social footprint  Team / Strategy dedicated to social  Brought it to life 27 27  
  27. 27. Part Science / Part Art Social Media Twitter LinkedInTO  SUPPORT   Facebook Flickr Channels YouTube SocialMiner (Cisco) TweetDeckTO  COLLECT     Social Media Radian6 Objective Marketer Tools Laptops TabletsTO  MONITOR   Technologies iPads Monitors Smartphones 28
  28. 28. Part Science / Part Art LEAp Pre-event Post-event
  29. 29. LEAp Pre-event Post-event
  30. 30. LEAp Playbook (and more)  Rules of engagement  Living Document  Builds Consensus  Opens Communication 31 31  
  31. 31. Topics included in Playbook32
  32. 32. Topics included in Playbook33
  33. 33. LEAp Pre-event Post-event
  34. 34. ListenTrack social contentinside and outside theevent with hyperattention on brandprotection, brandelevation, andattendee experience 35  
  35. 35. Listen
  36. 36. Engage[re-active]Respond strategically by presencing through retweeting,@replying, or posting. 37
  37. 37. Act[proactive]Tweeting and posting of unique content as well as proactivelysupporting the experience 38 38  
  38. 38. Triage 39 39  
  39. 39. Evaluate Message: Question or Comment? Question Comment Do we have Indication of a negative experience Indication of a positive experience enough information Did the message come from a valid Twitter profile? Message considered for a retweet to answer and/or response (i.e. we’re glad the No Yes you’re enjoying the event) question? Report as spam and Do we need to escalate or continue to monitor does it threaten the brand Yes No users’ tweets and/or event brand? *Respond 1.  Respond letting Yes Nowith the attendeecorrect know that we’re Quickly escalate toinfo looking into appropriate contact to Do we need more information from them? their question. discuss how to approach 2.  Reach out to the appropriate Yes No escalation contact to get Indication of an individual or multiple Is there an opportunity to turn this into a the information attendee experience positive experience? needed to respond. 3.  Respond with Individual Multiple attendee Yes No the correct information Ask the Reply to the Work with the If appropriate, thank attendee to attendee and appropriate them for their DM us more ask them to event contact feedback and let them information provide us with as needed to know we’ll pass it on.* Triage Levels: so that we can more info so that respond and Continue to monitorInfluencer: Widespread Effect try to help we can try to take action attendees tweets.Singular: Negative Experience them help them
  40. 40. Social Media Comes to Life 41  
  41. 41. Cisco Live Social Media Hub 42
  42. 42. 43 43  
  43. 43. 44 44  
  44. 44. 45 45  
  45. 45. Cisco Live Social Media Hub 46 46  
  46. 46. 47 47  
  47. 47. 48
  48. 48. Kred  Point of Congregation  Created friendly competition  Contest winners were excited to come by to claim their prize and have their photo taken 49  
  49. 49. Attendees love to be recognized 50 50  
  50. 50. Social Aggregation
  51. 51. LEAp Pre-event Post-event
  52. 52. Post Show Report topics  Sentiment / Insights  YOY Analysis  Stats   Twitter   Facebook   Social Miner   Radian 6   Social Aggregation   Kred  53 53  
  53. 53. Post Show Report topicsQualitative and Quantitative  Identification and analysis of the Cisco Live Top Advocates and Contributors  Key topics of discussion  Positive and negative sentiment  Questions/issues addressed  Attendee suggestions for the next year  Recommendations for next year  Snapshots of attendees tweets and Facebook posts grouped by event elements and sentiment 54 54  
  54. 54. Feedback SummariesPOSITIVE SENTIMENTRECEIVED MOST FOR:   CAE Keynote presentations + NEGATIVE SENTIMENT RECEIVED MOST FOR:     WiFi/Wireless bing slow or unavailable PDFs   − Not being able to download when WiFi was slow or down   John Chambers keynote   Issues downloading PDFs via Scheduler   Padmasree Warrior’s keynote   Not having USB drives available with PDFs   Mythbusters keynote preloaded   Demos during the keynote presentations   Cisco Live Mobile App issues  DJ in the Convention Center   No WiFi/wireless available during keynotes   Not getting a free t-shirt after Cisco Live ran out  Access to Cisco Live 365 and being able of them to view live broadcasts   Registration lines (due to WiFi issues)  Event staff   Lunch line on Monday  Meals   Cisco Live 365 error message Monday  Giveaways   Only being allowed to enter WoS through Hall D  Cisco Live Social Media Response Channel   Keynote and session chairs being placed too closely together
  55. 55. Cisco Live Mentions by Hashtag/Keyword Cisco Live Social Participation by RegionCisco & Cisco Live Mentions by Hashtag/Keyword Cisco Live Mentions by Media Type
  56. 56. Top Three Attendee Generated Videos 503 Views 305 Views 353Views 57
  57. 57. Results YOY  Social media activity, advocacy, attendee contribution, and feedback continues to increase year over year. ↑  280% increase in @CiscoLive Twitter followers from 2010 to 2012 ↑  23,760 total Cisco Live mentions (5% increase from 2011) ↑  10,734 @CiscoLive Twitter followers—gained 433 followers during the event, YoY followers up 75% from 2011) ↑  181% increase in social media activity the weekend prior to the event and 266% during the event ↑  196% increase in total outgoing posts from 2011 (Facebook and Twitter) 58 58  
  58. 58. Cisco Live Social Media Stats (6/10-14,2012)  2,512,204 total reach 2010  4,842,639 impressions 2011 Volume of tweets by year 2012  445 Facebook likes 500 424 436  3,595 total photos uploaded to the Media Gallery 400 361 358 290  2,314 clicks on links 300 sent from @CiscoLive 184 176 200 166 172 134 129  314 blog mentions 122 80 100 65  3,595 total updates to the Media 30 Gallery 0  3,325 total updates to the Social Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Aggregation page 59 59  
  59. 59. 60
  60. 60. 61
  61. 61. 62
  62. 62. Image by Pieter Musterd used with Attribution as directed63 Creative Commons
  63. 63. 2012 Social Media Kathleen  Mudge   Kenny  Lauer   @kathleenmudge   @kennyL  
  64. 64. Email / tweet us fortoday’s presentation Image by Pieter Musterd used with Attribution as directed 65 Creative Commons
  65. 65. Tweet for Playbook template + Presentation + Video1.  @kennyl2.  Tweet something about the talk3.  Use Hashtag : #norm #eventtechnyc Image by Pieter Musterd used with Attribution as directed 66 Creative Commons