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Shooting Schedule

  1. 1. Shooting Schedule Group: Klaudija (Director, Continuity), Amy (Sound, Assistant-Director), Paul (Camera) Date/Scene/Time/Location Shot Details Props & Costume Character(s) in scene th Wednesday October 14 ,09 7:30-9:30AM Shots 3, 4, 6 & 7 3. Long shot of girls hurrying to •Red notebook in Lilly’s hand. Lilly, Lilly’s friends class. •All girls in school uniforms. Hallways outside of room 61 in 4&6. Mid-Shot of girls by the •School bags that girls are the English block. door, Lilly waves goodbye & holding. enters the room. 7. Close up door handle being opened. 9.45AM MEET MS. GRIGGS IN THE MEDIA STUDIO AND MAKE WAY TO MAYESBROOK PARK (Grab tracks, stick, flower, bottle) 10AM- 1PM Shots 24, 25 (Swing set) 24. Mid-shot of Lilly on the •No props needed. Lilly, Lilly’s friends swing, then track backwards and •Tracks needed for the back track reveal friends next to her. Keep swing shot. the camera on them while they swing and play(keep long shot) 25. Long shot of the girls swinging from the side. Shots 27, 28 (Grassy area by 27. Bird eye view of the girls bushes or trees- Need something laying in the grass and looking up to stand on for Paul to get the at the sky-one girl point to the birds eye view-ledge) sky. 28. Shoot a POV shot from the girls laying location to see the sky.
  2. 2. Date/Scene/Time/Location Shot Details Props & Costume Character(s) in scene Shots 31, 32, 33, 34 31. Mid-Long shot of Lilly sitting Lilly (Grassy area with a nice view on the grass with her knees to her because we need a POV shot here. chest and her eyes covered with Bench in site...) her hands. 32. A POV shot from Lilly’s direction.-Stable 33. Close up of Lilly’s face- She uncovers her eyes and looks around. Left to right. 34. POV from Lilly- a pan left to right to indicate her looks. –No one in sight! Shots 37 & 38 37. Bird’s eye view of Lilly laying Flower (Grassy location where Paul can the grass on her back looking at a stand above Lilly) flower that she is holding out straight in front of her. 38. POV shot from Lilly- film with Lilly’s arm in the shot holding up the flower- sky in the background. Shots 41, 41B, 42 41. Long shot of Lilly sitting near Alcohol bottle (A private area by the pond where the pond. Lilly can sit.) 41B. Medium shot of Lilly sitting near the pond. 42. Slow track of the pond with the bottle floating in it. GO BACK TO SCHOOL GROUNDS Date/Scene/Time/Location Shot Details Props & Costume Character(s) in scene Shot 29 29. Track of Lilly walking along Stick Lilly
  3. 3. (Field behind the Humanities the fence dragging the stick block- fence near the rubbish trough the bars. bins.) FINISHED FOR THE DAY- GO BACK TO STUDIO AND REVIEW RUSHES Thursday, October 15, 2009 8AM-12PM Shot 2 2. Close up of clock- bell ringing Clock Paul (Any classroom with a clock- will be placed on top when Lamp from photography media block.) editing. Shot 48 48. Mid Long Shot of a silhouette (Media studio) raising an arm. Lilly VOICEOVER Voiceover of all dialogue from (media control room) Lilly. 1PM-2PM Shot 1 1. A pan from right to left of the Monster masks No cast (Classroom 61) monster masks hanging from the ceiling on strings. MEET ALL CAST AT THE MEDIA STUDIO AT 1:15- MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS PRESENT AND AFTER THE LIST HAS BEEN CHECKED BRING IT TO THE FRONT OFFICE TO FIX THEIR ATTENDANCE. 2PM-5PM Shot 5, 8 5. Long shot of the classroom Monster Masks Lilly (Classroom 61 in English Block) from the door view-class getting Red notebook Teacher ready- busy. Teacher at desk Extras busy. Shot 8 8. Long shot of classroom from door POV of everyone looking over and teacher says “Lilly”
  4. 4. Shot 9, 12 9. Mid shot of teacher at desk finishing off her previous sentence “have a seat” 12. Teacher stands up and walks to the front of the room. Tilt and pan. Shot 10, 11 10 & 11. Mid Long Shot of Lilly at door going to seat. Tilt down. Shot 13 13.Long shot of classroom scene- ENTIRE RUN THROUGH Shot 18 18. Close up of teacher giving speech and response to kid. Shot 14 14. Mid-Long shot of teacher giving speech. Shot 15 & 19 & 44 15. Track of students in the front row- different reactions to teacher’s speech.- STOP AT LILLY & camera tilts up as Lilly looks up. 44. (after the story finishes) Shot 17 17. Close up of boy raising his hand eagerly. Shot 21 & 22 21. Track from front mid shot view of Lilly to 22. Over the shoulder shot. PLAY OUT THE
  5. 5. WHOLE SCENE! Shot 23, 26, 40, 36 23. Close up shot of piece of paper (Lilly starts to write)- film her writing the whole story. Shot 43 43. Puts pen down Shot 45 45. Close up of Lilly closing her eyes. Shot 47 47. From the close up-zoom it and track out –extras disappear and lights dim down. EXTRA SHOTS Safety shots-Long shots FINISH FILMING- START DIGITIZING RUSHES