The problem with teleportation (…is legal methodology)


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  • The problem with teleportation (…is legal methodology)

    1. 1. The problem withteleportation (…islegal methodology) Mathias Klang @klang67
    2. 2. Inter Canary quantum teleportation
    3. 3. “To achieve this, we combine advanced techniques involvinga frequency-uncorrelated polarization-entangled photon pairsource, ultra-low-noise single-photon detectors andentanglement-assisted clock synchronization… Ourexperiment verifies the maturity and applicability of suchtechnologies in real-world scenarios, in particular for futuresatellite-based quantum teleportation.”The easy part.
    4. 4. Siegfried uses a magic helmet toteleport in Wagners Ring… age old concept
    5. 5. We expect teleportation
    6. 6. “Very funny scotty, now beam down myclothes”
    7. 7. Ignore time travel: can’t handle theparadoxes
    8. 8. on The problem withteleportation
    9. 9. Teleportationhas its advantages
    10. 10. duplication
    11. 11. Property –who owns the transported?
    12. 12. Murder, manslaughter, suicide oreuthanasia
    13. 13. Illegal downloading = kidnapping?
    14. 14. privacy &protection ofpersonhoo d
    15. 15. human rights: right not to be teleported?
    16. 16. Imagine immigration & family law
    17. 17. Teleportation will redefine humanity:The soul in transportation
    18. 18. Arthur C. ClarkAny sufficiently advanced technology isindistinguishable from magic.
    19. 19. The Methodological Issue
    20. 20. This is not a shopping cart
    21. 21. This is not a phone
    22. 22. mind control &malicious metaphors
    23. 23. Google 1999 Blogger 1999
    24. 24. Normalizing the abnormal
    25. 25. Enslaved by metaphor
    26. 26. Human rights vs Autonomy
    27. 27. Human rights vs artificial model ofcontract law
    28. 28. Technology demands magical thinking
    29. 29. THANKS!
    30. 30. Mathias Klang or @klang67 & licensing info in the notes section of slides. Images at (or specifically stated). This ppt licensed: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA Download presentation