Social Governance: Social Media & Public Authorities


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  • 1955 The first visible light wireless remote control is made by Zenith and called the Flash-Matic Remote Control. This system used photoelectric cells in the four corners of the screen to control on/off,mute and channel selection. The Flash-matic had problems working well on sunny days, because sunlight often changed the channels at random. One year later, ultrasound technology was used to replace the light system to eliminate this flaw in the operation.
  • Social Governance: Social Media & Public Authorities

    1. Sociable Governance Mathias Klang @klang67
    2. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
    3. 91 % Access to the Internet at home83 % Access to broadband at home7% Never used a computerSource: Sweden Statistics 2011 (*Individuals aged 16-74)
    4. Sociotechnical change (rip Eugene Polley)
    5. When Edemocracy became egovernment
    6. Will social media bring back e-democracy?
    7. Blogger 1999Google 1999 End of communications monopoly
    8. 2006
    9. "Out of this anarchy…what was governingthe infinite monkeysnow inputting away onthe Internet was thelaw of digitalDarwinism, the survivalof the loudest and mostopinionated.”Andrew Keen: Cult of the amateur(2007)
    10. Normalizing the abnormal
    11. Venn of wants GovernmentCivil Servants Citizens
    12. Pressing social media Non-PC to dislike social media?
    13. Obvious: media policy used to be about controlling those who have the right to communicate
    14. dialog, delaktighet ochsamverkan ska varaledord för den statligaförvaltningen"(Regeringensförvaltningspolitiskaprop 2010)
    15. The cloud
    16. Is listening important?
    17. Social media cost benefit analysis. Is it worth the effort?
    18. User participation & sharing cultureDealing with information overloadCitizens helping each otherWhy Citizen2.0?
    19. Regulation by documentation
    20. 2010-04-28
    21. August 2010
    22. 2010-12-30
    23. Private, personal & public
    24. Freedom of information
    25. Förvarad, inkommen, upprättad
    26. Registrering, bevarande och gallring
    27. Duty of service
    28. Bulletin board systems
    29. Freedom of speech
    30. Data protection
    31. archiving
    32. För att dokumentera själva medietbör man t.ex. varje halvår eller viden större förändring, bevara enögonblicksbild av det socialamediet som används... t.ex. enskärmdump. SKL, Sociala medier och handlingsoffentligheten (24-04-2010)Internet meme?
    33. Identity of office Who has access to material sent in Material sent in becomes public Why the social media is used What it cannot be used for Following guidelines Cookies :)Obligatory Information
    34. Empirical study
    35. Policy drivers
    36. PoliciesFrom < 1 page to 20 pages
    37. 19 criminal law18 administrative law
    38. 17 purpose of social media
    39. 11 clear analogue bias
    40. General conflicts
    41. What is social media?
    42. Employee’s use of social media as workEmployee’s use of social media during workEmployee’s use of social media after work Public or private space
    43. The unaddressed cloudPromoting private corporationsPersonal data transfersLoss of control
    44. Property,privacy & voice
    45. p
    46. I have issues
    47. 1. Infrastructure (FRA)
    48. 2. State regulatory responsibility
    49. 3. Facebook’s data use
    50. 4. USA state access to data
    51. 5. Security
    52. THANKS!
    53. Mathias Klang or @klang67 & licensing info in the notes section of slides. Images at (or specifically stated). This ppt licensed: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA Download presentation
    54. Socio-technical change RIP Eugene Polley