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  1. 1. HantisThe Future of Physical Education
  2. 2. Meet the “Craters”
  3. 3. Do You “Kno”?• Mix of ping pong, tennis, and four square.• Played a top four tables with 1 tennis ball and four students. – Two teams• Created in Kentucky by four high school friends.• Very fast paced• F0&feature=player_embedded
  4. 4. Psychomotor Domain• NYS Standard 1A – Students will: • Perform manipulative skills • Become competent in sports and activities• NASPE Standard 2 – Students will: • Understand movement concepts • Understand strategy and tactics
  5. 5. Affective Domain• NYS Standard 2A – Students will: • Demonstrate responsible social behavior• NASPE Standard 5 – Students will: • Respect self and others in physical activity
  6. 6. Cognitive Domain• NYS Standard 1A – Students will: • Show competency in a variety of motor and sports activities• NASPE Standard 2 – Students will: • Understand movement concepts, principles, and strategies as they apply to learning and performance
  7. 7. Safety• NYS Standard 2• NASPE Standard 5• Students will learn to work safely with partners.• Students will learn to perform safely in any environment.
  8. 8. Cardiovascular Endurance• Requires: – Running – Movement – Rotation – Many other locomotor movements
  9. 9. Coordination• Requires: – Fine motor skills – Eye limb coordination – Gross motor skills
  10. 10. Feasibility• Requires little equipment – Multiple types of balls and tables may be used• Can be played anywhere• No teacher training required for instruction
  11. 11. Student Feedback• “This unit was by far the best the whole year.”• “Just three units on Hantis and I improved many different sports skills.”• “Hantis is so much fun I play with my friends in my free time.”• “I enjoyed Hantis so much I started my own club after school!”
  12. 12. Foundations for Other Sports• Basketball: – Dribbling – Fingertips• Tennis/Ping Pong – Volleying – Serving – Returning
  13. 13. PE Representative• Workshops – Teachers – Students• Hantis “craters” will come into school and work with students• Good PR for school
  14. 14. Questions?Any future questions, contactme at: