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Technology Infrastructure Solutions Overview Apr 2011


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Technology Infrastructure Solutions Overview Apr 2011

  1. 1. Technology Infrastructure Solutions<br />TIS Solutions Overview – visualizing optimization<br />April 2011<br />
  2. 2. The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Agenda – <br /><ul><li>The Need and Key Challenges
  3. 3. Our Approach
  4. 4. Our Solutions
  5. 5. Our Difference and Value
  6. 6. Our Client Successes and Call to Action</li></li></ul><li>The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />History Lesson: The evolving mission of IT<br />Infrastructure Solutions<br />Business complexity, broader technology adoption and increasing expectations have forced a shift in the role and how IT delivers services.<br />In the past, CIOs were focused on efficiency – supporting the business with optimal operational performance to decrease costs.<br />Now CIOs are expected to advance the business goals – developing flexible capabilities to increase effectiveness.<br />Leveraging the gap between the two and adopting new innovative technologies, optimization allows IT and business to differentiate services for competitive advantage.<br />Optimization<br />Differentiate <br />the business<br />Effectiveness<br />Advance the business<br />Support <br />the business<br />Efficiency<br />
  7. 7. The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br /> Market Trends: Sourcing Changes Over Time<br />1960s - 1980s <br />Organizations used a sole<br />outsourcing provider focused<br />on reducing costs<br />2005 - today <br />Sourcing enabled by a *sourcing service integrator”<br />1990s - 2005 <br />Evolving demands leads to <br />Multi-sourcing and best-of-breed<br />technology providers.<br />optimization<br />Wave 3: <br />Ubiquitous <br />computing<br />Goals<br />effectiveness<br />Wave 2: Network Web / Internet<br />Wave 1: PC / Distributed <br />Computing<br />Complexity<br />efficiency<br />*Forrester Research<br />
  8. 8. The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Productivity Imperative<br />Companies spend, on average, <br />5 to 10 percent of their total revenues on IT and estimates suggest that upward of 70 percent of server capacity goes unused—even more at midsize and small companies, since they can’t achieve scale. <br />Advances in “cloud computing” have vast potential to raise utilization rates and simultaneously help companies to increase their computing capacity, while slashing IT costs by 20 percent or more.<br />“McKinsey Quarterly, June 2010, McKinsey & Company” <br />Visualize optimization<br />
  9. 9. The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Our Mission<br />What our Client’s need:<br /><ul><li>efficiency: mix of flexible staffing models to control and lower costs
  10. 10. effectiveness: services and skills aligned to meet business goals and adapt to change
  11. 11. optimization:solutions to fill the gaps with expertise and innovative</li></ul>Keane’s Infrastructure Solutions is uniquely positioned help our client fulfill these needs<br />Our Observations<br />
  12. 12. What do we do differently-<br />The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Keane’s leading-edge framework for delivering IT Excellence to client challenges<br /><ul><li>Collaborative and holistic approach to client challenges
  13. 13. Standard methodology reduces risk, offers scalability and promotes project ROI
  14. 14. Access to leading intellectual property – architectures, global staffing models, prototypes – delivered more effectively through solution accelerators
  15. 15. Drives a culture of repeatable innovation for our clients</li></li></ul><li>IT Excellence Delivery Framework<br />The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Our Research indicates that a lack of integration between strategy and operations is a major factor in the failure of organizations to achieve their strategic goals:<br /><ul><li>“90% of strategies effectively designed fail in execution” Ref. Kaplan & Norton
  16. 16. “Companies on average realize only 60% of the financial performance their strategies promise... more than one-third of executives surveyed placed the figure at less than 50%.” Source: Harvard Business Review</li></ul>IT Excellence Delivery Framework<br />Effective and EfficientIT execution requires organization-wide Optimization and implementation of many processes, specialized techniques and frameworks. As a result, we have integrated the full lifecycle: from strategy through operations:<br />
  17. 17. Our Solutions: Domains of Expertise and Focus for 2009 <br />The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Mapping solutions to our Client’s needs<br />Our solutions guide the way towards improving IT service delivery maturity <br />
  18. 18. The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />IT Operational Excellence Maturity Model<br />Do you know what’s causing your service disruption?<br />How can you go from reactive to proactive?<br />What we do:<br />With “Ready for Business” RFB technology, Keane can proactively monitor operations and productivity. By solving 70% of the incidents, a continuous cycle of learning provides customer satisfaction and measured cost reduction. <br />
  19. 19. The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Realization of Our Approach<br />Clients will see how the baseline maturity assessment defines the future roadmap to increase service quality, improve new SLAs, and enhance return on investment<br />Gap Analysis & Prioritization<br />IT Maturity<br />High-Level Roadmap Development<br />The assessment provides<br /><ul><li>IT maturity
  20. 20. Improvement areas</li></ul>Assess and position the organization’s IT performance<br />The resulting program outlines the necessary initiatives and a business case to guide the way towards improving the IT service delivery maturity <br />Business Case<br />Optimization<br />Effectiveness<br />Efficiency<br />Competency<br />Baseline Current<br />Develop Future<br />Optimize & Transform<br />
  21. 21. The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Keane’s Technology Infrastructure Solution Overview – visualizing optimization<br />
  22. 22. IT Consulting - Operations Excellence<br />The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />IT Operations Excellence - Incorporating a combination of CMMI, ITIL, Lean, and Six Sigma into daily operations will increase both performance and quality. The IT Operations Excellence approach is built upon core service components to ensure sustainable improvement: <br />IT Operations Excellence<br />IT Operations Excellence<br />Multi-shore Operating Model Design & Implementation<br />Multi-shore Operating Model Design and Implementation combines operational visioning and “roadmaps” to achieve specific objectives; specified timeframe and step-by-step processes provide the framework for successful execution/delivery. Day-to-day implementation support is focused on realizing benefits, gaining efficiencies, and “getting things done”.<br />
  23. 23. IT Consulting - Data Center Solutions<br />The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />
  24. 24. Service Operations Center<br />The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Service Operations Center -- Integrated IT Service Management to reduce complexity and cost with a single point of accountability for consistent service levels and predictive outcomes. Service Operation Center consolidates responsibility for vendor management and service delivery across your entire technology stack, from multivendor hardware to networks and applications. <br />Service Desk<br />Remote Infrastructure Management – Expert Functional and Technical Support <br />
  25. 25. The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Service Operations Center – Overview & Framework<br />User<br />Business<br />Service Strategy and Design<br /><ul><li>Demand Management
  26. 26. Strategy Generation
  27. 27. Service Portfolio Management
  28. 28. IT Financial Management
  29. 29. Service Catalog Management
  30. 30. Service Level Management
  31. 31. Capacity Management
  32. 32. Availability Management
  33. 33. IT Service Continuity Management
  34. 34. Information Security Management
  35. 35. Supplier Management </li></ul>Service requests<br />Keane’s Service Operations Center simplifies the complexity of IT service management while reducing the cost with a single point of accountability and a centralized workflow approach. <br />Service Transition<br />Service Operations<br />Service Operations Center consolidation replaces disparate point solutions with a single service desk that unifies all service management onto a single, integrated platform.<br /><ul><li>Transition Planning & Support
  36. 36. Change Management
  37. 37. Service Asset and Configuration Management
  38. 38. Release and Deployment Management
  39. 39. Service Validation and Testing
  40. 40. Evaluation
  41. 41. Knowledge Management
  42. 42. Event and Impact Management
  43. 43. Incident Management
  44. 44. Request Fulfillment
  45. 45. Problem Management
  46. 46. Access Management
  47. 47. Operation Management</li></ul>Service Operations Center<br />Continual Service Improvement<br />L1 / L2 / L3<br /><ul><li>Service Reporting
  48. 48. Service Measurement
  49. 49. Service Improvement
  50. 50. Predictive Analytics
  51. 51. Capacity Management
  52. 52. Configuration Automation</li></ul>IT Infrastructure<br />
  53. 53. 16<br />The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Cloud Solutions Overview & Framework<br />The new Keane - NTT DATA comprehensive range of cloud solutions, which encompasses all functions from infrastructure to applications. <br />Unique Hybrid Cloud-Computing Service – in addition to public and private, offers hybrid cloud computing tailored to the needs of the customer.<br />
  54. 54. The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Tools<br />BMC<br />Ionix<br />VMware vCenter<br /><ul><li>Service Desk single point of contact
  55. 55. Problem & Incident Mgmt
  56. 56. Configuration & Change Mgmt
  57. 57. Performance & Capacity Mgmt
  58. 58. Release & Patch Mgmt</li></ul>Tools<br />HP Quality Center<br />HP LoadRunner<br />VMware vCenter<br />VMware Lab Manager<br />Keane TIS Service Operations Centers<br />Keane ADM Software Development & Support<br />EAS / EPM / HSD Life Sciences SaaS Hosting , Applications & Tools Support <br />Keane Quality Assurance & Testing<br />1<br />Keane<br />Public Cloud<br /><ul><li>Sandbox
  59. 59. Product Demos
  60. 60. Proofs of Concept</li></ul>NTT Communications Data Centers <br />Customer Private Cloud<br /><ul><li>Dev/Test/Pre-Prod</li></ul>Code & Image Xfer<br />Legacy Systems<br />Managed Hosting<br />NTT Com Infrastructure and Network Management<br />4<br />3<br />2<br />Code & Image Xfer<br />Keane Private Cloud<br /><ul><li>SaaS
  61. 61. Application Hosting
  62. 62. QAT/ADM Services</li></ul>Customer Data Center<br />Fully Integrated Cloud, Infrastructure and Applications Services<br />Keane Migration Services<br />17<br />
  63. 63. Keane-Managed Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure<br />APP<br />APP<br />APP<br />APP<br />APP<br />APP<br />APP<br />APP<br />OS<br />OS<br />OS<br />OS<br />OS<br />OS<br />OS<br />OS<br />The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br /><ul><li>Dedicated pool of compute resources
  64. 64. Provisioned and managed by Keane
  65. 65. Secured and reliable as customer’s Private Cloud, full SLA
  66. 66. Compatible with Managed Hosting Services
  67. 67. Suits Test/Development and DR requirements
  68. 68. Can also be used as production</li></ul>Keane’s Service Operations Centers unify global service management onto a single, integrated platform<br />One portal<br />Keane TIS Service Operations Centers & Practitioners<br />2<br /><ul><li>100% shared / contended
  69. 69. Flexible billing (per hour of use)
  70. 70. No contract period
  71. 71. Partnership with NTT Communications & OpSource
  72. 72. Suits low end, short term test & development requirements</li></ul>Keane Infrastructure & Applications Management<br />Virtual Machines<br />Virtual Machines<br />Virtual Machines<br />Application<br />3<br />1<br />Operating System<br />4<br />NTT Coms – OpSource<br />Public Cloud<br />Keane Compute Infrastructure<br />Dedicated Servers<br />Dedicated Server<br /><ul><li>Dedicated Physical Servers and Hypervisor
  73. 73. Keane-provided control and management
  74. 74. Scale within physical architecture
  75. 75. Compatible with other managed services</li></ul>Managed Hosting<br />Client Private Cloud <br />Keane Public Cloud<br />Keane Private Cloud<br /><ul><li>Dedicated physical hardware
  76. 76. Scalable on a modular basis
  77. 77. Suits applications that cannot be virtualized or lift-and-shift data center migrations</li></ul>Unified public and private cloud computing tailored to the needs of the customer<br />Unique Hybrid Cloud Computing Service:<br />18<br />
  78. 78. The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Storage<br />The VCE Coalition VBLOCK<br />Keane offers private cloud computing services utilizing the integrated technology offerings of VMware, Cisco, and EMC: <br />The Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) coalitionVBLOCK – an integrated solution for Cloud based on best-of-breed core products <br />Solution Packages<br />Information<br /><ul><li>VMware vSphere server virtualization
  79. 79. Cisco Unified Computing System blade servers providing the compute power
  80. 80. Cisco Nexus switches providing the connectivity
  81. 81. EMC arrays providing the data storage
  82. 82. EMC arrays and software for data protection
  83. 83. EMC Ionix Unified Infrastructure Manager providing the solution management tools</li></ul>Applications<br />Operating Systems<br />Virtualization<br />Compute<br />Network<br />Vblock Infrastructure Packages<br />19<br />
  84. 84. Global Peer-to-Peer Public Cloud Computing<br />The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Keane, in partnership with NTT Communications and OpSource, offers a unique cloud peering model that allows virtual machine technology to be regionalized while images and data can be moved between regions depending on need and performance<br />Europe Cloud<br />US Cloud<br />Asia Cloud<br />Public Internet<br />Keane Administrators<br />OpSource Billing mediates billing and cross charges between regions and providers and Keane unifies costs by customer/project<br />India Cloud<br />Cloud Users<br />20<br />
  85. 85. Technology Procurement Services<br />The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Technology Procurement Services - Integrated IT Procurement Service that draws on our relationships with industry leading technology manufacturers and suppliers to reduce complexity and cost with a single point of accountability for consistent service and outcomes. It consolidates responsibility for multi-vendor procurement and service delivery across the entire technology solution. <br />Technology Procurement Services<br />Technology Procurement Services<br />Optimize Technology Procurement for a Total Solution<br />Our Keane-trinsic Knowledge and vendor agnostic approach allows us to serve as a trusted advisor, delivering the right technical solutions to meet specific business requirements. We can help ensure competitive prices, high-quality service from manufacturers, and effective coordination for technology deployment – all of which can enable cost saving, maximize project efficiency and goals. <br />
  86. 86. The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Service Desk <br />(Helpdesk, Desktop, Web, Security) <br />FTEs - 751<br />Server Administration<br />(Win, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HPUX)<br />FTEs - 179<br />Database Administration<br />(Oracle, SQL & DB2)<br />FTEs - 83<br />Storage Administration<br />(SAN, NAS, MF storage)<br />FTEs - 25<br />Configuration Management<br />(CC, CQ)<br />FTEs - 34<br />Messaging Administration<br />(Exchange, Notes, Groupwise)<br />FTEs - 66<br />Mainframe Administration<br />(IBM, Unisys)<br />FTEs - 31<br />Deep Expertise –Approximately 1,300 Infrastructure Solution employees = +11% Keane <br />Enterprise Systems <br />Management (ESM/BSM)<br />FTEs - 34<br />Network Administration (Data, Voice & Video)<br />Our teams are supported with On-Line Knowledge Management and Centers of Excellence<br />FTEs - 115<br />
  87. 87. The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Gurgaon<br />Halifax<br />Hyderabad<br />Bangalore<br />Keane Global Locations<br />Keane’s ShoreWise Adaptive DeliverySMbalances optimal skills, time zones, and economic advantages of agile offshore/nearshore global delivery - that’s exactly right for you<br />UNITED STATES<br /><ul><li> Arizona
  88. 88. California
  89. 89. Connecticut
  90. 90. Florida
  91. 91. Georgia
  92. 92. Illinois
  93. 93. Indiana
  94. 94. Iowa
  95. 95. Kentucky
  96. 96. Maryland
  97. 97. Massachusetts
  98. 98. Michigan
  99. 99. Minnesota
  100. 100. New Jersey
  101. 101. New York
  102. 102. North Carolina
  103. 103. Ohio
  104. 104. Pennsylvania
  105. 105. Texas
  106. 106. Utah
  107. 107. Virginia
  108. 108. Washington
  109. 109. Wisconsin</li></ul>CANADA<br /><ul><li> Halifax
  110. 110. Toronto</li></ul>UNITED KINGDOM<br /><ul><li> Birmingham
  111. 111. Bristol
  112. 112. Edinburgh
  113. 113. London
  114. 114. Reading</li></ul>CHINA<br /><ul><li> Shanghai</li></ul>SWITZERLAND<br /><ul><li> Fribourg</li></ul>FRANCE<br /><ul><li> Paris</li></ul>SINGAPORE<br />UAE<br /><ul><li> Dubai </li></ul>INDIA<br /><ul><li> Bangalore
  115. 115. Chennai
  116. 116. Gurgaon
  117. 117. Hyderabad
  118. 118. Noida</li></ul>AUSTRALIA<br /><ul><li> Melbourne
  119. 119. Sydney</li></ul>NEW ZEALAND<br /><ul><li> Auckland </li></ul>Nearshore Dev Center<br />Offshore Dev Center<br />Local Leadership Presence<br />Toronto<br />Chennai<br />
  120. 120. Keane’s NTT Data Center Locations<br />The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br /><ul><li>EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)</li></ul>Europe (Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Paris, Slough, Saint Denis, Geneva) <br /><ul><li>Americas</li></ul>United States (Connecticut, New York, San Jose, Ashburn, Sterling, Santa Clara) <br />Brazil (Sao Paulo) <br />Geneva) <br /><ul><li>Asia Pacific</li></ul>Australia (Sydney) <br />China(Beijing, Shanghai, <br />Guangzhou, <br />Hong Kong, Wuxi) <br />India (Mumbai) <br />Indonesia (Jakarta) <br />Japan (Tokyo) <br />Korea (Seoul) <br />Malaysia (Cyberjaya) <br />Philippines (Manila) <br />Singapore <br />Taiwan (Taipei) <br />Thailand (Bangkok) <br />Vietnam (Hanoi)<br />Copyright © 2010 NTT DATA CORPORATION<br />
  121. 121. Representative Clients<br />The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Keane’s global client relationships span key government and commercial sectors.<br />25<br />
  122. 122. The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Our Value Proposition – <br />what we bring to our clients<br />Continuous Support – We Minimize the Impact of Change<br />Keane’s flexible, adaptable onshore/nearshore delivery model with our proven transition approach provides access to a 24x7 help desk to support its user base.<br />Greater Transparency – We Deliver Proactive Services<br />Keane creates an infrastructure to support transparency and frequent communications, which keeps solutions running at peak performance and provides our Clients with visibility and actionable insight needed for real time decision-making. <br />Compelling Total Quality Management – We Maximize Customer Satisfaction<br />Keane helps our Clients achieve and maintain year-over-year continuous process and quality management improvements, resulting in significant customer satisfaction across all business segments. <br />Real Cost Savings – We Reduce IT Support Costs<br />Our Clients typically save 25 – 40% using Remote Infrastructure Management Services.<br />
  123. 123. The Need<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solutions<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Our Proven Approach and Knowledge<br />Keane-trinsic KnowledgeSM<br />Optimized solutions can only come from an insider’s view. Your business: We know it, because we live it… with you.It enables us to execute faster, tightly align to your IT and business requirements, lower your costs — and ultimately help you get the optimal return on your IT investments.<br />IT Excellence Delivery FrameworkSM<br />Keane optimizes your IT investments by delivering exceptional operation, maintenance, and evolution of mission-critical systems and business processes. <br />ShoreWise Adaptive DeliverySM<br />The right skills, the right cost, the right solution for you. Keane’s ShoreWise Adaptive DeliverySM optimizes local accountability, visibility, and a flexible mix of global resources to bring you the right skills at the right cost. So you get the solution that’s always right for you. <br />
  124. 124. Keane<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solution<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Next Steps<br />
  125. 125. Keane<br />Our Approach<br />Our Solution<br />Our Difference <br />Call to Action<br />Questions?<br />
  126. 126. Case Studies<br />Visualizing Optimization<br />30<br />
  127. 127. 31<br />Case study – GMAC (financial)From complexity - A simplified portfolio of work is key (Dual Data Center build)<br />Business challenge:<br /><ul><li>Operated a single outsourced data centerwith IBM)
  128. 128. Infrastructure at end of life to host all of its auto finance, leasing, and insurance applications
  129. 129. Lacked adequate DR capability
  130. 130. Needed defined, standard and reusable data center architecturefor multiple hosting vendors</li></ul>Keane Solution:<br />Highlighted benefits:<br /><ul><li>Led the RAPID SOLUTION development of a high-availability, dual active-passive data center (12 MONTHS)
  131. 131. New architecture with server consolidation
  132. 132. Four hour RTO (Return To Operation) disaster recovery requirement
  133. 133. Facilitated consensus building between client representatives, product vendors, and the hosting vendor through the project life cycle
  134. 134. Facilitated and managed the migration to the new architecture
  135. 135. Financial Review Gates provided resolution of past due Hosting Vendor invoicing problem conflicts
  136. 136. Design Review Gates illustrated a finding of New Monthly Savings - $2M used to finance solution
  137. 137. Improved System Availability to 99.97% from SLA of 99.5%
  138. 138. Improved Disaster Recovery
  139. 139. Improved Project/Service Implementation
  140. 140. Defined templates and standards for all new infrastructure requests</li></ul>Multi-vendor Gridlock – 18months <br /><ul><li>HP
  141. 141. Sun
  142. 142. EMC
  143. 143. Hitachi
  144. 144. Cisco
  145. 145. IBM – Data Center (Hosting)
  146. 146. EDS– Data Center (Hosting)
  147. 147. Oracle
  148. 148. Microsoft</li></li></ul><li>32<br />Case study – PG&E (utility)From complexity - A simplified portfolio of work is key (funding project workflows)<br />Business challenge:<br />Keane Solution:<br />Highlighted benefits:<br /><ul><li>Led the RAPID SOLUTION development of a ITWR funding workflow with review gates
  149. 149. Provided Systems Integrator leadership for IT Governance by facilitating the appropriate identified organizations, support working relationship through interfaces and dependencies.
  150. 150. Developed IT Governance Leading Practice Processes (for the Portfolio, Resource, Program and Project, and ChangeRelease management organizations) and combine the processes into one integrated workflow.
  151. 151. Design Review Gates provided resolution of over budget allocation and duplicated projects saving $80M in first year the workflow was introduced
  152. 152. Design Review Gates increased additional claw back savings of $179M as the Portfolio Management Council (PMC) transitioned to Keane’s new IT Work Request and Budget Allocation workflow with Investment Scoring Tool
  153. 153. PG&E’s IT Governance – IT Work Requests (ITWR) process was over allocating current IT Work Request and Budget Allocation into operation silos with duplicated and non- standard projects.
  154. 154. Accenture was $150M over budget in SAP ERP rollout.
  155. 155. Accenture rollout of new Portfolio Management Process was a year over due.
  156. 156. Gridlock in supporting PG&E during the PPMC implementation from HP, IBM, Accenture, and other industry subcontractors.</li></li></ul><li>33<br />Case study – Johnson & JohnsonFrom complexity - A simplified portfolio of work is key (providing managed services)<br />Information Technology at JNJ provides services in more than 250 operating companies in 60 countries employing approximately 114,000 people.<br />Highlighted benefits:<br />Keane Solution:<br />Business challenge:<br /><ul><li>Introduced Financial Review Gates to provided resolution of over budget spending on EOS / EOL project – realigning 2010 –15 budget requirements (CARS)
  157. 157. Design Review Gates illustrated a finding of New Budget Savings - $67M used to finance solution
  158. 158. Align vendors to support business requirements by providing mobility capabilities
  159. 159. Align project teams to support Alternative solutions with emerging & cloud based technologies through Service Catalog
  160. 160. Revised Strategy – Step 1:IMPROVE: Remediation – “Fix What’s Broken” 2008-2012
  161. 161. Identified Critical Sites - Streamline complex architectures and improve service availability
  162. 162. TRANSFORM: Invest in HUBs - “Manage the Enterprise at the Core First and Build Foundation” 2010-2012
  163. 163. Centralize maintenance and management- Reduce Hardware
  164. 164. INNOVATE: Next Generation – “Enabling Technologies for Future Efficiencies” 2010-2015
  165. 165. Alternative solutions with emerging & cloud based technologies through Service Catalog
  166. 166. Align and support business requirements by providing mobility capabilities
  167. 167. Implement Next Generation technologies funded by business needs
  168. 168. $1.8B – Current J&J Yearly IT Budget ~3% of J&J Yearly Revenue (2009 $62B)
  169. 169. Assumptions: 20% or $360M of IT spend is on Innovation
  170. 170. 80% or $1.44B of IT spend on Operational Excellence– keep the lights on.
  171. 171. Keys issues:
  172. 172. critical EOS/EOL HW/SW
  173. 173. non-standard solutions difficult and expensive to support
  174. 174. centralize maintenance / management at global sites
  175. 175. Current refresh is 24 months behind schedule and $186M over budget with next stage priced at +$600M</li></li></ul><li>34<br />Case study – State of KentuckyFrom complexity - A simplified portfolio of work is key: managing education tech<br />Avoided $6.3M in cost over 4 years and provide upgrade to the latest technologies with minimal impact to users<br />Keane Solution:<br />Highlighted benefits:<br />Business challenge:<br /><ul><li>Free hosted portal, communication and collaboration suite for Education.
  176. 176. E-mail and calendar (10GB storage per user)
  177. 177. Windows Live SkyDrive storage (25GB per user)
  178. 178. Collaboration technologies such as video chat, document sharing, and instant messaging.
  179. 179. Accessibility from any internet-connected PC or mobile phone.
  180. 180. Two years of planning with partners such as Microsoft
  181. 181. Integrated with the Commonwealth’s Department of Education Active Directory structure (largest AD implementation in the world) to maintain seamless support and standardized security
  182. 182. Led by Keane, the Office of Education Technology provides standardized infrastructure support for over 700,000 students, faculty and staff at the DoE and 174 school districts statewide, including:
  183. 183. Network and Infrastructure support based on technology standards directed by state law.
  184. 184. Network and internet access via a state-wide MPLS network.
  185. 185. Collaboration tools using Microsoft SharePoint and file servers running on Windows Server2003.
  186. 186. E-mail via 180 servers on premises in the school districts and DoE data center that ran Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
  187. 187. Largest cloud deployment to date in the US and one of the largest in the world.
  188. 188. Migrated over 500,000 active users from a distributed Exchange solution to the cloud-based Live@edu in one weekend
  189. 189. Migrate and create the remaining 200,000+ new users before the new school year begins
  190. 190. Maintain compliance with technology standards established by state lawmakers
  191. 191. Help transform the learning environment by extending education opportunities beyond the traditional classroom walls and help students master the technology they will use in their future careers.</li></li></ul><li>35<br />Case study – Transport Ticketing AuthorityFrom complexity - A simplified portfolio of work is key: remote monitor and mgt.<br />24x7x365 infrastructure support of the Australian State Public Transport Smartcard System<br />Keane Solution:<br />Highlighted benefits:<br />Business challenge:<br /><ul><li>24x7 Remote Monitoring and managed services support for client data centre, hosted at Melbourne, Australia.
  192. 192. Design and implemented the disaster recovery site with an automatic failover between primary and secondary datacenters
  193. 193. Use of industry standard tools like HP OpenView, NetFlow , Kiwi Syslog and Cisco MARS for monitoring.
  194. 194. Cost effective mode of voice communication by using network links to make calls
  195. 195. Implemented ITIL processes
  196. 196. Shift based 24x7 live monitoring
  197. 197. Detailed and customized metrics reporting with weekly and monthly trend analysis for ticket and calls volume
  198. 198. Availability of 24 x 7 production support which includes
  199. 199. Providing managed services support for System Administration ( Windows/ Solaris), Network management , Database management, Backup and Storage Management
  200. 200. Proactive monitoring for 2000 network devices comprises of 79 bus, 8 tram and 217 railway stations located in the Victoria state ( AUS).
  201. 201. Disaster recovery site planning, build and testing.
  202. 202. Ensure high availability of the complete infrastructure, under stringed SLAs
  203. 203. Coordinate with multiple vendors to support the data centre & Infra. Ops.
  204. 204. Optimization of costs
  205. 205. 24x7 monitoring & management of critical infrastructure
  206. 206. Improved availability of IT infrastructure
  207. 207. Outsourcing/off-shoring resulted to be a cost-effective - reduction in TCO
  208. 208. Enhanced coverage of service support
  209. 209. Reduction in the number of incidents of repetitive nature</li></li></ul><li>Case study – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants<br />From complexity - A simplified portfolio of work is key: flexible transition<br />Programme management and migration services for UK-based ACCA applications & infrastructure<br />Keane Solution:<br />Highlighted benefits:<br />Business challenge:<br /><ul><li>Provided the strategy required for migrating the applications from ACCA’s corporate site to a dual data centre environment to provide high availability and disaster recovery
  210. 210. Overall programmemanagement incorporating target state detailed systems design and applications testing and migration services
  211. 211. Facilitated consensus building and reduced gridlock with:
  212. 212. Infrastructure provider for data centre infrastructure build and hosting services;
  213. 213. WAN service providers;
  214. 214. Software and hardware vendors associated with solutions delivery;
  215. 215. ACCA IT staff for legacy systems knowledge and governance review
  216. 216. ACCA’s critical business applications are hosted on technology in corporate data centre, an uncertified facility with limited fault tolerance
  217. 217. ACCA server infrastructure is EOL, prone to outages, particular at peak times of testing and customer usage
  218. 218. The current Infrastructure Outsourcer was initially engaged to execute a technology migration to new infrastructure at their Tier III data centre facilities but failed to deliver a migration plan with sufficient specificity and cost controls to meet with ACCA acceptance
  219. 219. Delays in achieving an acceptable migration strategy have exasperated issues with already fragile infrastructure and limited plans for functional application improvements
  220. 220. ACCA has executed the proposed migration plan and programmeresulting in the migration of ACCA’s applications to new technology architected for high availability and disaster recovery capabilities
  221. 221. New test and development environment supports the migrated production systems using virtualization technology for expediting test environment creation, code promotion and cloning of test configurations
  222. 222. Management of the third party providers to deliver the desired technology environment
  223. 223. Test migration processes are initiated and on track for a full cutover</li></li></ul><li>37<br />Case study – AU Optronics CorporationFrom complexity - A simplified portfolio of work is key: remote monitor and mgt.<br />AUO has simplified the service delivery, driven significant productivity gains, and achieved lower costs during a 10-year support relationship.<br />Keane Solution:<br />Highlighted benefits:<br />Business challenge:<br /><ul><li>Implement various tools (Unicenter, MRTG,..) to achieve the required target
  224. 224. L2 and L3 support includes the following domains:
  225. 225. Remote and onsite command and monitoring
  226. 226. Windows/Unix/storage/Network/Voice/DB Support
  227. 227. Network/Security/Voice support
  228. 228. IT service management
  229. 229. Understand the business process separate the data structure layers with replication and custom programs
  230. 230. Monitor the availability, performance, and health of entire network infrastructure for fab and office equipment
  231. 231. Support 24 x7 for Mission critical server for Manufacturing environment (L1,L2 & L3)
  232. 232. Provide availability of 24x7 Level 1 (L2 & L3) support for Wintel
  233. 233. Control high support costs and Consolidate service providers under single source
  234. 234. Optimize the performance of Database servers (EOS version)
  235. 235. Seamless support across L2, and L3
  236. 236. Chose Keane as preferred Vendor for all infrastructure projects and maintenance
  237. 237. Single point of contact for all infrastructure support needs</li></li></ul><li>Cloud Case Studies<br />Cloud Test and Development Environment<br />Keane is working with O2, the UK's leading provider of mobile phones and broadband services, to identify and develop the ideal testing and development environment for their intended enterprise adoption. The program is currently in the prototyping phase with proof of concept models under development. <br />
  238. 238. Cloud Case Studies<br />Keane HSD – Subscription-based Cloud Applications<br />Keane’s Healthcare Services Division (HSD) has developed a series of healthcare management applications for hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes to support administrative and clinical records management functions. Keane HSD has joined with Keane Technology Infrastructure Solutions (TIS) to move those applications into a cloud infrastructure managed by TIS and made available to customers via multiple subscription-based pricing models. <br />
  239. 239. Mainframe Test Environment OutsourcingA Fortune 500 Insurance Company<br />Business Challenge<br /><ul><li>Keane had been successfully providing 1st and 3rd shift Mainframe Test Environments support to this long-term client on a Time & Material basis.
  240. 240. A Keane competitor had also been providing 2nd shift support. The client sought to consolidate this service under one vendor and implement using a Managed Services approach.
  241. 241. The primary scope of service includes:
  242. 242. Building, maintaining and supporting Mainframe Test Environments
  243. 243. Scheduling and provisioning test environments
  244. 244. Maintaining the environments with production level code
  245. 245. Applying new versions of components and data changes across all environments as those components and data changes are implemented in the production environments.
  246. 246. Implementing changes on selected test environments as requested by customers, and resolving environment problems reported by customers
  247. 247. Coordinating infrastructure changes to minimize disruptions to test efforts
  248. 248. Incident/Problem Management for the four major platforms (one per business line)</li></ul>Solution<br /><ul><li>Keane was selected to deliver this service on a 24x7x365 basis with a globally distributed team working multiple overlapping shifts.
  249. 249. The client provides and maintains the actual infrastructure to host the Test Environments, and also is responsible for promotion of tested software to Production.
  250. 250. A three month Transition was used to complete knowledge transfer, establish the operating model, and lay the foundation for continuous improvement.
  251. 251. A jointly developed Service Level Agreement was developed to establish clear and measureable performance expectations and promote a outcome-based relationship.
  252. 252. Other selected activities performed by Keane include:
  253. 253. Daily/Weekly activities (e.g., create batch cycles, load test calendars, shut down test environments)
  254. 254. Create Monthly Usage Report
  255. 255. Update Build flows (for changes to existing databases or new databases)</li></ul>Tools/Technologies Used:<br /><ul><li>Mainframes (DB2, VSAM, CICS, IMS, UNIX)
  256. 256. HP Service Manager</li></ul>Result<br /><ul><li>Keane was able to rapidly expand its team to provide the required additional services and shift coverage.
  257. 257. Keane is responsible for 1st Level support for the defined scope using an SLA-based, Managed Services model. Keane produces monthly SLA reports which capture details of tickets and activities performed by the team along with other information regarding Keane’s SLA compliance and operational improvement activities.
  258. 258. Along with Keane there are other business partners and SMEs of this service environment whose involvement in day-to-day activities is a key for successful execution and meeting SLAs. A RACI matrix format is used to clearly define the responsibilities, tasks, deliverables, and linkages between these groups.
  259. 259. Due to our in-depth understanding of the required technologies and client processes, Keane resources have already implement process improvements to gain efficiency.</li></li></ul><li>End-to-End Application Management Support including HelpdeskA Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company<br />Business Challenge<br /><ul><li>Implementation of a governance model for effective program management
  260. 260. Improve security features to control access to classified data
  261. 261. Availability of 24x7 Level 1 (L1) support.
  262. 262. Control of high support costs</li></ul>Challenges that the project presented:<br />Issues in transitioning the support function to the Keane team <br />Scaling up the team with personnel equipped with the necessary domain and technical expertise<br />Key Tasks<br /><ul><li>Transition engagements from an onsite-centric model to an onsite-offshore model
  263. 263. Develop/implement and support engagements involving large applications in varied technologies
  264. 264. Provide L1 , L2, and L3 support</li></ul>Solution<br /><ul><li>Keane used a deliverables based support process that was flexible enough to accommodate different levels of system complexities
  265. 265. Keane used Certido Service XcellenceTM, an in-house tool, to provide multichannel (web, e-mail, voice) 24x7 L1 support
  266. 266. Keane set up a custom program management structure for effective engagement governance. The governance model included:
  267. 267. An onsite coordinator to work with the client’s IT/business managers to ensure a healthy pipeline of work items
  268. 268. Mechanisms to engage the client periodically to share feedback and resolve open issues
  269. 269. Customer satisfaction surveys
  270. 270. Keane handled ramp-up requirements by proactively training resources on the necessary skills and increasing the team’s flexibility to scale up/down as per project needs
  271. 271. Keane used appropriate mix of onsite and offshore resources for support to control the high cost of application support
  272. 272. Keane took the following steps to meet data security and access control requirements:
  273. 273. Maintained 2 development instances: Export Controlled and Non-Export Controlled
  274. 274. Scrubbed data in the non-export controlled environment
  275. 275. Carried out activities such as coding and testing in the non-export controlled environment </li></ul>Result<br /><ul><li>Effective program management through our governance model and reporting mechanism
  276. 276. Seamless support across L1, L2 and L3 through Certido Service XcellenceTM
  277. 277. Keane established a strong and enduring relationship with the client, expanding its role as an IT solutions provider to the client’s other business units including aerospace, transportation systems, specialty materials, automation and control solutions, and corporate
  278. 278. Keane is the client’s preferred supplier for application development (over 40 engagements involving varied technologies) and management services for 25 engagements supporting 344 applications globally since 2002
  279. 279. Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  280. 280. Ability carry out development work globally by overcoming legal restrictions
  281. 281. SLA-based, higher quality service at a lower cost
  282. 282. Started with a 7 FTE team and eventually grown to 41 - FTEs currently</li></li></ul><li>Global Network Management Operations/MonitoringGlobal Technology Solutions Provider Case Study<br />
  283. 283. Remote Command and Monitoring CenterLeading Financial Services Company<br />Business Challenge<br /><ul><li>The need for this engagement is for productivity gains, alleviation of workload of fulltime client employees.
  284. 284. L1, L2, and L3 support and development services required
  285. 285. L1 support services required 24x7
  286. 286. L2 and L3 support services required as defined by the client
  287. 287. Multi-skilled resources
  288. 288. Areas supported:
  289. 289. Portfolio Accounting
  290. 290. Portfolio Management
  291. 291. Mainframe Support and Development
  292. 292. DBAU (Sybase)
  293. 293. Scale (Entitlements, extraneous applications)
  294. 294. Custody
  295. 295. Fund Services
  296. 296. Reporting</li></ul>Solution<br /><ul><li>Work types performed converted into Standard Support Unit (SSU—taking approx 5 minutes of effort) to put work events into a common format for monthly analysis of volume and capacity
  297. 297. L1 support offered 24x7 in 3 shifts: 7am–4pm, 3pm–12am, and 11pm–8am; 1-hour shift overlap facilitates handoff between shifts
  298. 298. Handoffs occur formally between shift management to ensure issue management
  299. 299. Flat monthly bill for managed service to have an idea on the budget for complete year; headcount based billing for co-source
  300. 300. Onshore and nearshore teams available due to proximity of Keane offices in US and Canada
  301. 301. Resource pool trained in all client areas provide L1 support in a Managed Service environment, allowing flexibility in staffing and movement of resources across shifts without requiring retraining or client approval
  302. 302. L2 support shifts match L1 support in most cases, with variations as required by client; coverage hours defined by client
  303. 303. L2 staffing is also defined by the client, can be offered as headcount-based or managed service
  304. 304. L1 & L2 support includes the following domains:
  305. 305. Remote Command & Monitoring Center
  306. 306. Windows/Linux/Storage support
  307. 307. IT Service Management
  308. 308. Work Process improvement
  309. 309. WebSphere & Application Development</li></ul>Result<br /><ul><li>Value Add and Process Improvement initiatives (completed by First and Second Level resources) have saved 40000 hours worth of work (equivalent savings is $1.75 million) since Jan 2007. This has allowed the client to move in work without increasing their monthly bill
  310. 310. Transitioned some of the work from Nearshore to offshore and it enabled team to take-up additional workload with same cost
  311. 311. Additional work moved from Onsite to experience Nearshore resources
  312. 312. Costs reduced by ~20% by implementing onshore/nearshore support model</li></li></ul><li>Remote Command and Monitoring CenterLeading Financial Services Company<br />Summary<br />Around 40,000 hours saved (if savings annualized) equating to $1.75 Million (~ 20 FTE’s)<br />Capacity<br />All capacity saved has allowed our partner teams to transition in new work without the need to adjust cost of service. <br />
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