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  1. 1. Why Michael Jordan is thebest NBA player in history Created by: Kyle Kriescher
  2. 2. A couple quick facts.He was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, NewYork. He went to the University of North Carolina in1981. He was the NCAA College Player of the Year in1983 and 84. He was also a member of the Olympicteams that brought the USA the gold in 1984 and 1992.
  3. 3. Jordan’s NBA CareerMichael Jordan was in the NBA for 15 years and healso spent a few years as a baseball player. He retiredthree times, the first in 1995, than in 1999, and finallyin 2003.
  4. 4. Scoring TitlesMichael Jordan has had many accomplishments in hiscareer and one of them is the scoring title which hehas won 10 times out of the 15 years he has played.His first in 1987.
  5. 5. NBA All-StarHe has been a NBA All-Star 14 years out of the 15 hehas been in the NBA. He has also won 3 All-Star MVPSand 2 slam dunk contests.
  6. 6. NBA ChampionshipsHe has won six NBA championships in his 15 yearsthat he has played and been the finals MVP all sixyears he has played.
  7. 7. Rookie YearIn his rookie year Michael scored 28.2 points a game,won the rookie of the year award, went to the All-Stargame, and won an Olympic gold medal for the USA.
  8. 8. Jordan’s Best SeasonHis third season was his best season for him. He had37 points per game, won the NBA scoring title, won hisfirst slam dunk contest and got to be in his third All-star game.
  9. 9. Chicago Bulls RecordsSome of the team records he has broke are totalpoints in one season, points per game record, steals,assists, free throws made and attempted and a lotmore.
  10. 10. NBA RecordsThere are many titles that he has broke over his years.He holds the record for most NBA scoring titles,consecutive NBA scoring titles, most finals MVP and alot more.
  11. 11. NBA All-Star RecordsHe has broke many All-Star records such as totalsteals, field goals made and attempted in a game andcareer. He has many others to go along with theseones.
  12. 12. Post Season Average Games played-179 Field goal %-.487 Free throw %-.828 Assists-5.7
  13. 13. Jordan’s Career Average Points per game-38.3 Assist per game-5.3 Field goal %-.497 Free throw %-.831 Total games played-1072
  14. 14. Untouched RecordsMichael still holds a lot of records that include themost regular season games with over 30 points at 563.He also still holds points a game at 30 and playoffpoints a game at 33 and 9 consecutive games with 40points or more.
  15. 15. His Coach’s ViewPhil Jackson said “Michael Jordan will never beeclipsed, and no one will ever touch what he has donein his career.” He also stated the Michael was the mostrecognizable athlete in the world for a decade.
  16. 16. His ViewsMichael mindset was he could accept failure but hecouldn’t accept not trying. He has lost almost 300games, missed more than 9000 shots and missed thegame winning shot 26 times but still went strong.
  17. 17. What is Kobe’s ThoughtsKobe says that Michael is the best, but he still thinkshe can beat him in one-on-one. He has a lot of respectfor Michael. He said he’s not trying to surpass Michaelbut if it happens it will be a good feeling.
  18. 18. More than a Hall of Famer Not only did he have a great basketball career he alsohas a clothing line, shoe company, he owns majority ofthe Charlotte Bobcats, and also does cologne.
  19. 19. What’s With the TonguePeople say Michael stuck out his tongue becausewhen he was younger and his father would work andbe concentrating on something he would stick histongue out so as Michael grew up he watched hisfather and so he did it.
  20. 20. Where is Michael Now?Michael is working on 2k sports, has 5 restaurants, acar dealership, deals with Hanes, Gatorade, and upperdeck. He made 60 million dollars last year from allthese deals.