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Immune response2


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Immune response2

  1. 1. Immunology Immune Response
  2. 2. 1st Exposure = Primary Response2nd Exposure = Secondary Response
  3. 3. Primary Response Latent Period = Time to find antigens and react 1 to 2 weeks depending on B cell response time Y B Cell Antigen
  4. 4. Primary Response Exponential Phase = IgM antibodies Y Y Y Y Y Y Antigen B Cell
  5. 5. Primary Response Declining Phase = IgG antibodies Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Antigen B Cell
  6. 6. Some cells set aside for future = Memory Cells
  7. 7. Secondary Response 1/2 time to respond Much stronger response Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Antigen Memory
  8. 8. Vaccines cause a primary responseReal disease - results in secondary response Not as sick or not sick at all
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  10. 10. REVIEW