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Free radicals2


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Free radicals2

  1. 1. Chemistry Atoms linked together by bonds Oxygen will break bonds between atoms Key to digesting sugars by mitochondria
  2. 2. Free Radicals Sometimes bonds break incompletely Missing electrons Atoms get desperate to find electrons Steal from any atom they can find Free RadicalCreates additional free radicals and more damage
  3. 3. Where? Digestion (Metabolism) Pollution Radiation (sunlight) Smoking Weed killers (herbicides) Stress Lack of Exercise Lack of Sleep
  4. 4. AntioxidantsRemove free radicals by providing electrons ORAC = Oxygen Radial Absorbance Capacity Test High in fruits and vegetables (Berries) Wheat Grass
  5. 5. Immune Boosters
  6. 6. Killer T Cell
  7. 7. H2O2
  8. 8. AttachmentsinFact_ Wheatgrass Juice.m4v01 inFact_ Immune System Boosting.m4v