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Voice is the New Keyboard - Voice Interfaces in 2018 and Beyond


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The next generation of devices is here, and they’re all voice enabled. With the rise of technologies like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana, businesses need to think about how to structure their offerings to be compatible with these interfaces. This talk will explore how voice search is influencing SEO and customer acquisition as well as how to adapt to give customers a viable voice-interface option to interact with your services.

We’ll interact with Alexa and Google Assistant live to see how they can take your WordPress site to the next level and provide a unique interface to your content.

Published in: Technology
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Voice is the New Keyboard - Voice Interfaces in 2018 and Beyond

  1. 1. Voice is the newkeyboard:Voice interfaces in 2018and beyond Keanan Koppenhaver CTO, Alpha Particle AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  2. 2. @kkoppenhaver
  3. 3. Current: “35.6 millionAmericanswillusea voice-activatedassistantdeviceat leastonceamonth.” - emarketer AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  4. 4. Future: “50% of allsearcheswillbevoice searches by2020” - Comscore AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  5. 5. Why? AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  6. 6. You getoneanswer AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  7. 7. So howdowe start? AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  8. 8. AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver Astoryin 3 Parts PostContent -> Audio Bring the post content to connected devices Taking itfurther with custom functionality
  9. 9. Part1 | Post Content->Audio AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  10. 10. AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver AWS Polly forwordpress ByAWS Labs,WP Engine
  11. 11. Whatisamazon polly? AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver Automated audio player for published postcontent Feed to turn posts into podcasts
  12. 12. Whatisamazon polly? AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver Deep Learning “WE live in Chicago” vs “We’re Live in chicago” Dozens ofvoices and languages Free for up to 5M characters per month onAWS Free plan
  13. 13. DEMO AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  14. 14. Part2 | PostContent -> Devices AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  15. 15. Connected devices can have skills AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver HelpsAmazonAlexaand Google home perform more diverse tasks Backed byeither a template (using existing infra) or customapi endpoints (usingyour infra)
  16. 16. Skill-> Intent-> function -> Response AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  17. 17. Whatcan backupa function? AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver Skilltemplate AWS Lambda Firebase Customapi endpoints
  18. 18. Skilltemplate: Flash briefing AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver “HEyalexa, what’s in the news?" “JustaddWater…er, feed” Audio feed or text feed, updated Hourly/Daily/ Weekly This makes itvery easy to getaskillupand running…ifyou do news
  19. 19. DEMO AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  20. 20. What ifyou don’tdo news? AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  21. 21. You canwrite custom skills Yourself* AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver *With someJavaor Python Knowledge anda bunch of time spentreading documentation
  22. 22. AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  23. 23. VoiceWP* AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver *Use this instead
  24. 24. (Quick) DEMO AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  25. 25. AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  26. 26. Part 3 | None of theabove AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  27. 27. Custom google home skill AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver CustomWPand WC RESTapi endpoints Google -> Firebase Functions -> RESTAPI -> Firebase -> Google Home Some code to parse here…butyouasked for it
  28. 28. Whatdoes google do? AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver Create skilland set up intents (What’s on sale, Whatare the hours?) Pass everything (once parsed) to firebase functions
  29. 29. Whatdoes Firebase do? AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver Decideswhatwe’re trying to do Passes intent,along with anyparameters to endpoints (WC/WP)
  30. 30. {{ CODE }} AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  31. 31. WhatdoesWordPress do? AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  32. 32. <!— ENDPOINTS —> AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  33. 33. Whatdoes Firebase do? AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver Waits for data Builds thevoice response For google home
  34. 34. Help google speak AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver Can return text or can return speech synthesis markup language (Ssml) SSMLcan helpwith awkward cadence or bad interpretation (numbers, tone, etc) Response is spoken out to the user
  35. 35. <speak> <say-as interpret-as="cardinal">12345</say-as> </speak> AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  36. 36. <speak> Step 1, takeadeep breath. <break time="200ms"/> Step 2, exhale. Step 3, take adeep breathagain. <breakstrength="weak"/> Step 4, exhale. </speak> AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  37. 37. <speak> Iwantto tellyouasecret. <amazon:effectname="whispered">Iam notareal human.</amazon:effect>. Canyou believe it? </speak> AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  38. 38. <say-as interpret-as="expletive"> AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  39. 39. (Final) Demo HeyGoogle, OpenAcmeWidgetCatalog HeyGoogle askacmewidgetcatalogwhat are the store hours Heygoogle askacmewidgetcatalogwhat’s on sale AlphaParticle @kkoppenhaver
  40. 40. Questions? @kkoppenhaver