Freshman success


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Freshman Success

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Freshman success

  1. 1. Getting the most out of high school
  2. 2. Focus on classes Get used to the workload and new school Make new friends Take classes that are outside of your comfort zone Explore art, computers, music and find what interests you most Join different clubs and try a sport
  3. 3. Take classes that challenge you Don’t overwork yourself Focus on learning Make the most of your resources Ask for help
  4. 4. Classes, sports, clubs, volunteering, friends, fam ily, work All of these are important for the high school experience If you take on too much you may fall behind Leave time for work and fun Both are equally important Make sure you are on time and prepared for classes and activities
  5. 5. Keep a schedule or calendar Don’t procrastinate (too much) Do things in order of importance Leave time for studying Make sure you sleep and eat enough NEVER FORGET TO DO AN ASSIGNMENT
  6. 6. Be chill with your teachers Even the substitutes Being hardworking and respectful impresses teachers They will know you are serious and can help you out later College recommendations, job applications, summer opportunities can be filled out by teachers Coaches also respect hard work on the field and in the classroom Give respect to earn respect
  7. 7. Guidance counselors are here to help you College planning Personal issues Scheduling classes Getting help in classes Organization They are your friends
  8. 8. Struggling in a class? Get help Don’t be afraid to ask, everyone gets stuck Who to ask: Teachers – most teachers will work to schedule one-on-one tutoring Classmates – if you don’t get it ask a friend Upperclassmen – they’ve been through it and can help Guidance counselors Family
  9. 9. CATA offers a wide variety of clubs and sports Joining them is easy If you do join, make sure you are committed Don’t stop showing up to meetings, it’s a waste of time Sign ups are early in the year, so pay attention to the announcements Don’t be afraid to try new things, you will always be welcome They are important, but don’t get overwhelmed
  10. 10. Volunteering is not only good for personal experience, but it also helps for college applications Lots of clubs offer opportunities to help the community and get service hours Also, look out for opportunities on your own
  11. 11. Refer to the student handbook for questions regarding rules Dress code is strictly enforced, but the code itself is rather lenient Make sure you are clear on individual teachers policies Its not hard to follow the rules