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E rate plan


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Published in: Education, Technology
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E rate plan

  1. 1. Kathryn Koon HS’s("Lexington high school," ) “E-Rate” Plan Next
  2. 2. Kathryn Koon  School Mission  Technology Dimension Overview  Each Technology Dimension  ConclusionBack Next
  3. 3. Kathryn Koon “… to develop lifelong learners who meet the demand of a global society” from the Lexington High School WebpageBack Next ("Lexington high school," )
  4. 4. Kathryn Koon Learners & Their Environment Professional Capacity Instructional Capacity Community Connections Support CapacityBack Next
  5. 5. Kathryn Koon  Research proven strategies  Technology literacy by the end of the 8th grade  Enhance overall level of academic achievementBack Next
  6. 6. Kathryn Koon Provide curriculum development Provide professional development Increase teacher competency Enhance student achievementBack Next
  7. 7. Kathryn Koon Use current and emerging technology Learner-centered environment Enhance academic achievementBack Next
  8. 8. Kathryn Koon Include assistive technology Maximize community involvement Foster community partnerships Enhance student achievementBack Next
  9. 9. Kathryn Koon Expand technology resources Support technology resources Assist student and teachers Enhance student achievementBack Next
  10. 10. Kathryn Koon“Students are being prepared to be thinking, productive,responsible and self-directed, lifelong learners in an ever- changing world.”Back Next ("Lexington high school," )
  11. 11. Kathryn KoonU.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology. (2010). Transforming american education: learning powered by technology.Lexington high school webpage. (n.d.). Retrieved from p?id=LHS%5FPublic%5FContent&ts=130590647 7Back