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Treasurer Responsibilities


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Toastmaster Club Officer role InfoPoster. Feel free to download and distribute in your clubs.

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Treasurer Responsibilities

  1. 1. Toastmasters Club – Leadership Opportunities Toastmasters - Treasurer Role & Responsibilities Treasurer The Treasurer is responsible for the development and execution of financial policies, procedures, audits and controls. The Treasurer receives and disburses funds in payment Collects payable Issues checks to TI HQ of all obligations, and develops and recommends a dues and fees Prepares an for semiannual budget to the Club Executive Committeeannual budget membership He or she also notifies members of dues payable and for the Club dues/New Member Fees collects the dues Provides the bank with a new Along with the Vice President Membership and Club signature card Secretary, the Treasurer ensures semiannual membership reports, dues and membership roster are mailed to World Headquarters and received there by October 10 and April 10Notifies each Clubmember in writing of dues payable Presents a verbal Keeps complete and and accurate records of written financial all financial transactions report monthly