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Power of visualization and its impact on communication


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Guest lecture delivered at the Touro College, New York on "Power of visualization and its impact on communication".

We can greatly improve people’s thinking process if we make it easy for them to use all their senses and both the right and left sides of their brains. Our dual-sided brains are wired to integrate all the elements of communication: words, numbers, images, and shapes into a coherent whole.

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Published in: Design, Education
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  • A while back I developed a 12 element management topic taxonomy covering the totality of aspects that need to be covered in a management system etc. Based on this a universal management system standard is being published later this year via the UK CQI. Each of the 12 elements has been assigned a special icon and has a red boarder to indicate requirements and a blue boarder when it is advice. The requirements and advice are in separate mirror sections using the same hierarchical taxonomy and hyper linking enables you to toggle between the two sections of the standard. The icons are also used in diagrams. This PowerPoint presentation inspires me to do more.
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  • Very important message and very clearly presented. Visualizing the things we do -- the processes we follow as we work -- is also challenging. I have two books on that which have some stories you may find interesting and useful. More about them at
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Power of visualization and its impact on communication

  1. What is visualization? Visualization is a technique for creating images, diagrams, or animations to communicate a message. Interactive visualizations Images Sketches Objects Imaginary visualizations as in stories
  2. Visualize Source: American Heritage dictionary, Concise Oxford dictionary to form a mental image or a vision of … to imagine or remember as if actually seeing…
  3. …. when they think of things humans see pictures on the screen of the mind when thoughts are being processed it is like making movies in your head
  4. So, why is visualizing so important?
  5. See STOP sign Convert visual sensory Data to neuronal impulse And send to brain Organize neuronal impulse: pole, octagonal shape, red color, white letters, located at a traffic intersection Record as a traffic signal Recognize stop sign Remember meaning of STOP sign Retrieve traffic symbols stored in memory
  6. Imagine the same effect of remembering key messages In change management
  7. “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.”
  8. What is success for change?
  9. +ve Impact Managed Change Reducing negative consequences Time Accelerating change Unmanaged Change
  10. The Spectrum of verbal visual communication Written material visually translated (charts, graphs etc.) Written word treated visually (bullets, color etc.) Verbal, but written Purely verbal (spoken) Ref: – Power of visual communication Purely Visual
  11. Stakeholders’ Willingness to Change
  12. The Key to success in Change Management To tell a convincing story!!
  13. And there is no magic pill
  14. Highlight W.I.I.F.M If we expect our people to demonstrate the new values of our business through their own behaviors, then they must understand why.
  15. People should be told Whythe change is taking place Whatthe change will mean for them Whenthe change will be happening how the change will be carried out Whatsupport will be available Whatwill be expected out them
  16. How much they remember? 10% Of what they Read 20% Of what they hear 30% 60% Of what they see Of what they see, hear, and read
  17. Samples from the field
  18. Awareness
  19. Instructions
  20. Information sharing
  21. Training
  22. Data
  23. maps
  24. Simplifying complex stuff
  25. Impact Assessment Scorecard Degrees of Change Required Areas of Impact Mandate Mandatory Technical Scope Global Org Structure Product Position Standard Geographic Scope Business Process Major Upgrade Function Impacted Impact Level LOB 1 User Behavior Technology M LOB 2 M LOB 3 M LOB 4 M Marketing M HR M Finance M IT M
  26. Information Gathering Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas purus sapien, facilisis sit amet mattis vitae Analysis Vivamus dui ipsum, gravida vel bibendum et, eleifend nec massa. Donec Review & Feedback Duis tempor tellus sit amet condimentum tempus. Pellentesque magna est, egestas ut lacus id, interdum porta nisi. Suspendisse viverra odio in libero feugiat, Execute Duis sollicitudin augue eget egestas tristique. Donec eget enim blandit, viverra lacus aliquet, dapibus velit. Sed semper felis quis ante molestie sodales.
  27. The art & the science
  28. Cause & Effect
  29. Process or Flow
  30. Compare
  31. Relationship
  32. Cause & effect
  33. Process or Flow
  34. compare
  35. Relationship
  36. In conclusion
  37. Let’s prevent having another “failure to communicate” Use visuals
  38. Follow me