Artof Speaking Club Satisfaction Survey Responses Oct 08


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Artof Speaking Toastmasters Club Satisfaction Survey Responses Oct 08

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Artof Speaking Club Satisfaction Survey Responses Oct 08

  1. 1. Club Satisfaction Survey Results – Oct 2008 Club #: 6847 | District: 83 | Division: D | Area: 43
  2. 2. Summary Objective of this survey was to better understand members’ overall satisfaction and expectations An on-line anonymous survey conducted from 8/21/08  thru 9/30/08 All existing members and guests were requested to  participate in the survey A total of 23 responses received 4 less than Mar 2008 survey 
  3. 3. Club is educating me in public speaking skills Excellent 55% Better 35% Good 10% Fair 0% Poor 12% 0% 100% participants responded (above Good) increase from March that the club is educating them in public 2008 speaking skills
  4. 4. Members are helping me meet my speaking goals Excellent 42% Better 42% Good 16% Poor 0% Fair 0% 100% participants responded (above 7% increase Good) that the members are helping from Mar 2008 them to meet their speaking goals
  5. 5. Club environment is friendly Excellent 80% Better 20% Good 0% Poor 0% 100% participants responded (above 4% Increase From Mar Good) that the club environment is 2008 friendly
  6. 6. My speech evaluations are helpful Better 15% Excellent 50% Good 35% Poor 0% Fair 0% 100% participants responded 8% Increase From Mar (above Good) that their 2008 Speech evaluations are helpful
  7. 7. Club is well organized Excellent 63% Better 26% Good 11% Poor 0% 100% participants responded 4% Increase (above Good) that the club is well From Mar 2008 organized
  8. 8. What was your main reason for joining? Develop leadership Get over fear of skills, 26% public speaking, 21% Learn how to give a speech, 23% Build on the speaking skills I already had, 30%
  9. 9. What part of the Toastmasters experience do you find most rewarding? Contests Leadership 2% 16% Giving speeches 40% Table Topics 42%
  10. 10. What do you like best about being in Toastmasters?  Backed by a worldwide organization.  Improve speaking skills Networking  meeting is very interactive & fun.  Opportunity to learn to communicate better.  Constructive feedback from other members on speeches  To listen to others  Constructive Criticism; Leadership Development; Speech Organization, Creativity and Delivery Development  it gives me the ambience to nurture my skills, make some great friends and generally have a good time...  Great place to pick speaking skills and confidence  Opportunity to give speeches in a friendly environment.  Learning in a comfortable environment how to speak in public. >> Contd. on next page >>
  11. 11. What do you like best about being in Toastmasters  The environment. Everyone seems to have the same goals I do: they want to be a better speaker/leader  Enhancing listening skills & body language.  People are friendly and helping.  I have the opportunity of knowing people and develop skills I never knew I had.  I sat in as a guest. In general, I think the best idea is that the program is flexible. They let you build your presentation skills at the pace you like and give you the freedom of picking your topics, so that you can personalize your speeches while simultaneously improving your skills. I also appreciate the accountant that logs how many times you use filler words, a task that is difficult for a speaker to notice about himself/herself.  To be able to express myself clearly and effectively  Get to learn many things.  Hearing to different speeches and their presenting style and learning from them
  12. 12. What do you like best about our club?  Dedication of the few.  Excellent Club  team work to conduct the meeting  Friendliness of club.  Friendly and professional environment  Friendly  Fantastic environment, very friendly and amicable members, cheerful and fun atmosphere!  Friendly, unassuming folks - with a sincere desire to improve...  Very inviting >> Contd. on next page >>
  13. 13. What do you like best about our club?  Well Organized - Receptive to members' needs - Proactive and Focused  The friendliness of the people as well as the education from participating.  Very well organized. My first meeting was very positive and kept to a schedule. People held jobs and the purpose for the meeting was very clear: to get better.  Friendliness and education  I like the congenial environment.  I enjoy every meeting, I feel in a safe environment  I think the atmosphere is very energetic, friendly, and welcoming. I think the leaders are also very friendly.  The atmosphere is friendly and very supportive  Members are friendly and encouraging.  Sincerity
  14. 14. What is the one thing we could do to serve you better?  Keep up with communication.  Nothing.. Just keep doing what you are doing now....  I noticed that there is always few members that I don't recognize. I suggest that the Toastmaster should ask everybody to give a quick introduction. This will also help many to build a good introduction skill.  Provide links to external materials - videos, books, etc  Keeping to the time schedule Have quot;word of the dayquot; during every meeting  Conducting meetings on time and sticking to schedule is probably the only area that needs a little focus - it needs to be nurtured by all members.  Start on time. It gives a great pleasure to be in control  Evaluations have to improve >> Contd. on next page >>
  15. 15. What is the one thing we could do to serve you better?  Bring out that newsletter  We can start meetings more timely.  I can't wait to get some reading material!  More education on specific communication skills. Ex; speech preparation tips, eye contact, pausing, etc  You are doing your best.  keep up the good work!  Manage the timing of the meeting.  I want to be committed to the Toastmasters and I do not want to miss any activity. I will truly appreciate if meetings will be conducted in fixed days: every 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the months so that we can schedule our other personal appointments on other Saturdays except those days. Thanks.  As of now would like to join as member
  16. 16. Please let us know your comments to improve our club  Keep up with encouraging others to participate. How about assigning a buddy (not necessarily a mentor) to guests so that they have a single person they can contact and ask questions of. I have observed lots of guests that don't return - do we know why? Keep up the great work!  If you can find time during weekdays instead of weekend...It would b great. This would improve my attendance.  I've only been to 1 meeting, you may already do this. I would like to see a breakdown of a great speech done by a champion. For example reviewing on video what a TM champ did very well in communicating to audience. Weekly lesson on tape of what a champ does & what we can take from his skills in developing ourselves.  It would be great if the meetings can be held a little earlier on Sat than 10 AM. Better schedule and venue management is another area for improvement.  we need to have a bit of PR done on our club...  Need active participation from all members  Achieve more active member participation  Have some meetings that reach out to the community. Special projects maybe, to allow speaking in different public settings.  Please explain the sandwich(PIP) method for a guest to use when they evaluate the speaker. Spend a few minutes on a specific speaking skill each meeting with an example.  Just keep it up !  I sat in only 1 meeting, so at this point, i don't have many suggestions. I think the club is very good where it is. I don't think so much time should be spent on voting for the club logo. I really enjoyed observing and commenting on the different types of speeches.  Let us continually positively and constructively support one another!