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Exploring Majors and Careers - Key Questions to Ask Yourself


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This is a guide that I developed in 2007 for a presentation on Self Motivation that I gave - it gives useful suggestions for questions to ask yourself to help narrow in a major or career choice.

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Exploring Majors and Careers - Key Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. 1. Exploring Majors and Careers: Key Questions to Ask Yourself A list of questions compiled by the McLaren College of Business Undergraduate Program OfficeYour Goals and Dreams• What is your dream? If you could do anything without regard to money or what it takes to make it happen, what would you do?• What did you want to be when you were 5 years old? 12 years old? Applying to college?• What do you visualize yourself doing in the next 5-10 years after you leave USF?• What would you like to achieve as a USF student? What led you to come here?• How reasonable would it be for you to change majors right now? Do you believe you can successfully graduate in the major you are in?Your Interests• What are your hobbies outside of the classroom? List everything that you enjoy. Include sports, music, computers, games, collecting, travel, cooking, etc.• Which courses have you enjoyed the most in high school and/or college? Why? (teacher, subject, etc.).• Which courses have you enjoyed the least in high school and/or college? Why? (teachers, subject, etc.) 1
  2. 2. • Which subjects would you like to learn more about?• How did you play when you were a child? (i.e. did you play in the sandbox to be with friends, use your imagination, build things?) How do those activities relate to your interests today?• Do you enjoy: Fixing things Analyzing or Solving Problems Creative Activities Helping Others Attending to Details Persuading or Managing OthersYour Strengths• How would you describe yourself? How do others describe you?• What career do your parents, partner, or close friends think you should pursue? Why?• Think back to one or more instances in which you were complimented on your work. What skills or talents were you using?• Which activities or tasks come naturally for you which are difficult for others? What have you always had a “knack” for?• What special abilities or experiences do you have that might be helpful to a major or career? (public speaking, music, etc.)• List at least one or two peak accomplishments. These are achievements that you had plenty of drive to complete and which gave you a strong sense of accomplishment. If you can’t think of any from college, think back to high-school or beyond. Does looking at these accomplishments suggest a career must or even a career? 2
  3. 3. Your Values / Desired Work Environment(s)• If you only had one year left to live, what would you do with it?• Describe your worst possible job. What does this suggest you should avoid in your future major or career?• Now describe the inverse of that – your job from heaven? What does this suggest you should look for in your future major or career?• Which geographical area would you like to work in? Are you flexible on location or open to travel?• Do you prefer working: alone in groups indoors outdoors• Would you rather have work activities which: Change Frequently Are Routine / Predictable• Would you rather work with: People Data Things• Would you rather: Makes Lots of Money Make a Difference in Society / Others’ Lives• Have you or someone you love faced an adversity that suggests a possible career which excites you? For example, having had a mother pass away from brain cancer, Rhonda decides to put her love of science to good use and become a brain surgeon. 3