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Discovering Self Motivation


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This is a presentation that I developed a few years back for students to assist them with exploring majors and careers.

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Discovering Self Motivation

  1. 1. Discovering Self Motivation Self-Motivation A Presentation of the McLaren C College of Business f STAR Program (Students Taking Academic Responsibility)
  2. 2. Introductions• Name• Class Standing• Wh t did you want to be when you were What tt b h – 5 years old? – 12 years old? – Applying to college?
  3. 3. Work in Business Someday Make Lots of Money Love the SubjectAvoid Being “Undeclared”A id B i “U d l d” Everyone Is Doing It Why did you choose to major in business as USF? Please Your Parents Be Like Mom or Dad Enjoy the ClassesLearn NL Necessary Skill Skills Get J b G t A Job
  4. 4. What Do Employers Want*? Want ? Communication Skills Honesty / Integrity y g y Teamwork Skills Interpersonal Skills Motivation / Initiative Strong Work Ethic Analytical Skill A l ti l Skills Flexibility Ad t bilit Fl ibilit / Adaptability Computer Skills p Self-Confidence Point: You Can Get Any Job With Any Major!* According to a National Association of Colleges and Employers survey of corporate recruiters
  5. 5. What Does This Have to Do With Self-Motivation? S lf M i i ? Personally Passion to Meaningful M i f l Persist Th P i t Through hGoals, Dreams Obstacles and & Lif Plan Life Pl Succeed in Life! S d i Lif !"Choose a job you love, and you will neverhave to work a day in y y your life" - Confucius
  6. 6. Exploring Majors and Careers: Key Steps K S 1. Self-Assessment & Discovery 2. Investigate & Gather Information g 3. Narrow Your Options 4. 4 Choose Major Career and/or Life Plan Major, Career, 5. Take Action! Remember -- Major / Career Choice j is a Journey, not a Destination![Based on the work of Terry O’Banion and portions adapted from Major Options, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey]
  7. 7. Exploring Majors and Careers: Useful U f l Resources• College Success II Course ( g (INTD 053 – One Unit) )• Career Services Center – What Can I Do with a Major In? – Career Advisor Network• USF Programs and Majors• University Library• On line Assessments and Information On-line – WetFeet – O*NET Online O li
  8. 8. Exploring Majors and Careers: Key Questions K Q iGoals & Dreams What did you want to be when you were y y 5 yrs? 12 yrs? Applying to college?Interests What are your hobbies outside of the classroom?Skills What activities or tasks come easily for you which are difficult for others?Values / Describe your worst possible job. WhatDesired Work must you avoid in your major / career?Environment
  9. 9. Discovering Self Motivation Self-Motivation A Presentation of the McLaren College of Business g STAR Program (Students Taking Academic Responsibility)Kimberly Knowles DeRoche, Retention and Matriculation Advisor,McLaren Undergraduate Program,, x 2628, MH 113 g g , @ , ,Eugene Muscat, Professor, School of Business and Management,, x 2514, MH 235