Case Studies for Exploring Majors Brown Bag


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These are some case study activities that I created to use with students in the Brown Bag session, "AM I IN THE RIGHT MAJOR?: Exploring Academic Programs at USF" that I facilitate.

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Case Studies for Exploring Majors Brown Bag

  1. 1. AM I IN THE RIGHT MAJOR?: Exploring Academic Options at USF Case Studies1. Student A wants to prepare for a career in Marketing but is not enjoying her business core classes and prerequisites. She would like to get beyond classes like Microeconomics and Math 106 as quickly as possible and move on to classes like Advertising Strategies that she thinks she would like better. Just last semester, she earned a D in Microeconomics and an F in Math 106 –– and she is struggling in Math 106 again this semester. What should she do? What options could she consider?2. Student B is currently an Undeclared Business major. He chose to major in business because his parents told him that he needs to earn a degree in business in order to take over his family’’s Manufacturing Company when he graduates. He has never actually worked in the company or any other company and has no idea which specific major he should choose within the business school. What should he do? What options should he consider?3. Student C has decided that she wants to switch from the business school into Arts & Sciences but is unclear what major she would like to change. She initially chose business because her parents thought it would be a good choice, but she does not find her classes very stimulating. At this point, she has no idea what she is interested in as an alternative and is not clear what steps she should take in order to switch colleges. What should she do? What options should she consider?4. Student D is enjoying his Finance major and would like to complement it with a minor in either Arts & Sciences or Business. He has been told by his friends that an Accounting minor could be a good complement to Finance, but he doesn’’t really have any interest in being an accountant. He is also concerned because he used up several of his General Elective units finishing up his Rhetoric & Composition sequence. Student D is unsure if he will be able to complete a minor on time without having to take extra classes in Summer or Intersession. What should he do? What options should he consider?5. Student E would like to double major in International Studies and Business Administration but is finding it difficult to do so within four years. She is trying to progress through the business core, finish her foreign language requirement, and start on her International Studies major and feels overwhelmed! She has heard from multiple advisors that double majoring between the two schools may be a bad idea, but she does not want to let go of her dream. What should she do? What options should she consider? Questions to Consider 1. Why did you choose your current major? 2. What did you want to do when you were 5 years old? 12 years old? Applying to College? Now? 3. What are your hobbies outside of the classroom? List everything you enjoy. Include sports, computers, games, collecting, travel, cooking, etc. 4. Which courses have you enjoyed most in high school, college, etc? Why? 5. What magazines do you read? What types of news articles or links catch your attention? 6. Which activities or tasks come naturally for you which are difficult for others? What have you always had a ““knack”” for? 7. Which careers do your parents, teachers, or partners think you should pursue? Why? 8. Describe your worst possible job. What does this suggest you should avoid in your future job or major?