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  • My name is Sarah Pearson. I work in technical services here at the Research Center. HeinOnline is a law specific electronic database with multiple collections (or libraries) Today we’re looking at the Law Journal Library.
  • Hein has the largest collection of online journals. It’s also the most comprehensive online. It contains an entire journal from the first issue to the most recent (except where their contract requires that they delay publishing it. They contain discontinued journals.
  • There’s a number of reasons why HeinOnline is preferable to other data bases for searching articles. Two biggest reasons: It’s most comprehensive and Exact photo image – in pdf (for citing purposes)
  • Law firms are using it. A recent study showed that as many as 72 % of law firms used HeinOnline even when they have LexisNexis or Westlaw simply because it’s more cost effective. It’s simple interface makes it easy to learn, it allows for full text searching . And it has some nice features such as scholar check – which will link you to other journals that have cited your article.
  • Just a reminder, to access HeinOnline from off campus you need to sign in with your FSU ID either on the Research Center’s Home Page or the University libraries home page.
  • If you go straight to HeinOnline Because Hein’s Home page asks for a user name and password, that can be confusing. You don’t need to sign in on Hein, just go through the library using your FSU log-on. And you’ll be good.
  • To find articles in HeinOnline, you can actually search by the journal title from our online catalog . Just enter the name of the journal and click search. Most of the time, this will give you links to several database that contain that journal. Since HeinOnline has the widest coverage, select that link and it will take you straight to the journal. If searching through our catalog doesn’t work, you should still go to HeinOnline since records are constantly being updated . The easiest way from our home page is to click, Find it Quickly.
  • And then click HeinOnline
  • This is the landing page for our subscribed libraries . The left panels lists all the collections we subscribe to. Law Journal Library is subdivided into 6 groups , however, since Hein does cross journal searching , you don’t have to know what subcategory you should be looking in. If you know the name of the journal you’re looking for, you can go ahead and type it in here. But if you’re doing a more general search and want to search by topic or a date range, for instance, go ahead and click Law Journal Library.
  • The landing page is basically divided up into three sections . Your citation navigator , your search box and browse . Also, from this page you can use the tabs to navigate the left panel , and you also have access to Help, Blog, etc.
  • Before I show you the various search features, I want to point out the ‘information icon ’ at the head of each Journal title in this view. Clicking this icon will give you information about that journal including, the coverage that HeinOnline offers, how often it’s published and the publisher’s website. This title has 12 issues per volume and according to Hein’s contract, Hein must delay publication by one Volume. You can also click Additional information and give you a synopsis of the journal and the topics that it generally covers.
  • Back to finding articles . The easiest way to find an article in HeinOnline – or anywhere – is to have a citation. You can simply copy and paste the citation here. Or you can type your citation here and Hein will auto suggest a citation, based on blue book citations.
  • In the Browse feature , you can browse by publication title, state (published in) the country (published in) or by the subject or area of law that the journal covers, for example ‘American Bankruptcy Law Journal’. Alaska has 1 journal and it’s published by Duke Law School.
  • Then you have your Search Box. This is where you would look up a specific article title. You can also search by author’s, the article’s title. This is also where you would do full text searching of all the journals in HeinOnline. When you get your search results, Hein will highlight the specific text in your search query.
  • For more advanced and very specific searching, you can use the Field Search three input fields are available. Each has a drop-down menu and lists the meta-data fields to search across. You can search within a single journal title or several titles . You can search within a specific date range and the section here at the bottom lets you search across different types of articles . For example if you wanted articles just on cases, decisions or legislation
  • Here’s a search result for oil spill . I don’t know if you can see but I have over 10,000 results. Correction . At this point you probably want to refine your search. Actually, this is the result for oil spill without the quotation marks. With the quotation marks I only got 5,000. Refine Your Search.
  • In this image, I’ve zoomed into the sidebar so that you can see how your searches will be broken down into categories. You will be able to refine your search further by section type; that’s whether it was an article or comments or letters to the editor etc. You may be interested in finding articles only. If you want to limit your search to a certain area of law so you can refine by subjects. Or you may want to use only specific journals or NOT use specific journals. If you click more, you are given more options. Under Section type there’s also: Legislation, reviews and cases.
  • This is what the article will look like in HeinOnline and I want to show you two nice features that available to you.
  • You can turn citations On or Off. Text. Because these are image files. If you want to copy and past sections from a journal, click Text, and you’ll be able to copy and paste – though you lose some formatting.
  • And finally, the tabs let you navigate within the law journal library. Changes the left panel only. Very useful tab is RESOURCES
  • When you click the tabs, you are actually changing only the left panel. A nice feature so you won’t lose what you’re working on if you want to look at a help guide. Wiki YouTube
  • Another feature you might want to know about is MyHein . Like other databases, it will basically keep track of your searches, queries and bookmarks . You simply create your account and login to it whenever you use HeinOnline. You can access it from anywhere within the law journal library from the tabs. HELP
  • Chat Live Email Us Get Connected with 2.0
  • Hein actually has a great help section. You should go to their Wiki first because it links to everything else. Their YouTube tutorials are great just to get you started and also because they go into greater detail about each library.
  • And before I end I just want to point out to you some of the other libraries that in HeinOnline that are good to know about. Especially if you are looking for an older document, you need PDF or a cite. I mentioned some of these at the beginning of the presentation. We subscribe to all of these and you can find them on the Hein on line Welcome page. Recommended by or Reference Librarians Help guides and videos available on these libraries
  • HeinOnline

    1. 1. HeinOnline Law Journal Library
    2. 2. The Law Journal Library Journal and Law Review articles Exact page images PDF’s Issues not available elsewhere online First issue to most current issue allowed (according to contract)
    3. 3.  Digital Access Entirely in PDF Complete collection of journals and reviews since inception.
    4. 4. LAW FIRMS USE IT! Used by 72% of law firms.* More cost effective compared to Lexis or Westlaw. Simple interface makes it easy to learn. Full text searching of collection or select articles. Scholar Check*A Survey of Electronic Research Alternatives to Lexis and Westlaw in Law Firms – *© Laura K. Justiss, 2010
    5. 5. Don’t forgetoff campuslog-on.
    6. 6. If you have trouble accessing Hein online from off- campus, make sure you have logged into FSU.
    7. 7.  Publisher website Frequency HeinOnline Coverage
    8. 8. Auto-fill drop downCopy & paste here
    9. 9. Browse  Browse by State  Browse by Subject
    10. 10. Search
    11. 11. Field SearchSearch by text, title, author Narrow by title or several titles Narrow by date rangeSearch by section
    12. 12. Search Results for “oil spill”
    13. 13. Faceted Searching  Section Type  Subjects  Titles  Country Published  State Published
    14. 14. 20-21 Chicano-Latino L. Rev. 36
    15. 15. Tabs
    16. 16.  Return to the Library Home Page Browse Wiki
    17. 17.  Your personal research account Bookmark articles Organize bookmarks into groups Export bookmarks to RefWorks, EndNote or to a CSV file (Law Journal articles only) Email bookmarks Save search queries
    18. 18. Other Important Libraries  Code of Federal Regulations  Federal Register  Treaties and Agreements  United States Code  U.S. Statutes at Large  U.S. Supreme Court
    19. 19. I wish I’d hadHeinOnline! QUESTIONS?