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Portfolio Task 9.1 - Powerpoint presentation - alien creature

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  1. 1. What is Art? Join Emily and Rogspea as they look at the different forms of Art all around us.
  2. 2. Oh wow look at that building! Hi Rogspea. We’re at Federation Square in Melbourne. The design of this building began through exploring and developing ideas, reflecting on those ideas and connecting them culturally to the real world. Not everyone likes the unusual design. But like any artwork it’s up to the person looking at it to decide how they feel about it.
  3. 3. My hot chocolate has a pattern on it! Well you know Rogspea, art is all around us, even in your hot chocolate Look at the artwork on the walls Even the chairs and tables are a form of art as they have been designed from somebodies ideas!
  4. 4. The art gallery has so much to see! And the best thing is…you can look at the artwork close up At the Art gallery you can see all different styles of paintings. But you can also see other forms of art such as sculptures as well.
  5. 5. The lines painted on this picture seem to represent flowing river currents. I like how there are so many different things to look at in this picture. This painting is representative of how indigenous Australians have been creating artworks for hundreds of years.
  6. 6. What is this thing the man in this painting is holding? It’s a musical Instrument. Hmmm lets look at some different types of music. Did you know that music is considered part of the Arts as well? In fact the Arts incorporate visual arts like the painting we just saw, music, dance, media and drama.
  7. 7. I LOVE this music!!!! …it’s very loud!! These musicians are considered artists as they create new and different sounds
  8. 8. This is much better!! Ummmm…classical music - not really my style!
  9. 9. What a beautiful building – it looks like sails floating on the water. Yes, this is the Sydney Opera House. Phew it’s hard going swimming across the harbour The Sydney Opera House is a beautiful design, recognised around the world. It was designed by a Danish Architect.
  10. 10. All kinds of Artistic performances are held here. Wow, the inside looks just as great as the outside.
  11. 11. Whoah, What’s happening here? Oh, these guys are doing an amazing performance This is art in the form of dance. The dancers also use their props to create the music they are dancing to.
  12. 12. Wasn’t that fun and remember that Art is all around us to enjoy and explore. Wow Emily, Thanks for Introducing me to the world of Art.
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