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My presentaion on theory of catharsis


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M.A english department

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My presentaion on theory of catharsis

  1. 1. Name :Lewade krupali k. Roll No :14 Class :M.A Sem-1st Subject :Paper:3 Study of Literary . Criticism Topic :Theory of Catharsis Guided by : pro. Dilip Barad Submitted to Pro.Dilip Barad Mahararaja Krishnakumarsimhji Bhavnagar university M.A.English Department.
  2. 2. By Aristotle
  3. 3. The Term ‘Catharsis ‘ Is Used By Aristotle In His .
  4. 4. Definition Of Tragedy Tragedy Is an Imitation of an Action, that is Serious complete and of certain magnitude through Pity and Fear effecting the proper purgation of Emotion.
  5. 5. Catharsis Has Three Meaning Purification Purgation Clarification
  6. 6. In the form of vague and anxiety. Fear may be also arise out recognition of guilt or outer guilt.
  7. 7. Aristotle told that,pity is occasioned by understand misfortune & fear by that of like ourselves. Pity turns in to fear when object is closely related to us.
  8. 8. Medical interpretation Psychological interpretation Purification Theory Clarification theory
  9. 9. Medical interpretation In medical and especially older terms purgation meant the partial removal of excess ‘humor’. Purgation of emotion are redused to a healthy, balanced. The theory of humor is out,it would appropriate to translate Psychological interpretation It is in the light of self value. Tragedy gives out let to the emotions of pity & fear. The result is of emotional feeling.
  10. 10. The purification theory of catharsis Purgation means cleansing. It may be quantitive or qualitive change. Aristotle’s whole doctrine only makes sense of realize that the proper development & balance balance of the emotions depended on the object.  Clarification Theory Implication of catharsis are to be found in poetic itself. Situation might be horrible or real but it offers us pleasure. Catharsis means simply ‘ideal’ state with reference to the tragedy.
  11. 11. Purgation is most common among interpretation Catharsis give us pleasure through pity and fear.