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TinCan & Learning Record Stores in Moodle


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Presentation delivered by Ian Hesketh, Edinburgh Napier University at the Scottish Moodle User Group meeting at CDN on 25th October, 2016.

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TinCan & Learning Record Stores in Moodle

  1. 1. TinCan & LRS Ian Hesketh Learning Technologist Edinburgh Napier University
  2. 2. • Some Articulate, Captivate & Xerte users • Additional Storyline licences – Floating: self-directed use – Named: specific project use • Articulate – My use: self-assessment and study support – SCORM 1.2 in Moodle – Mobile delivery: download to app library from website SCORM Production
  3. 3. • So aware for higher stakes assessment TinCan would be needed • New course development added impetus to greater exploration • Sports & Business online degree – 1 (of many) Goals : students access using tablet/iPad and tutor track progress • VLE Development team installed the TinCan API – ‘private content authorisation for mobile apps’ • SCORM Cloud LRS – To allow tracking Exploration of publishing options
  4. 4. Publish, Display & Track
  5. 5. Publish, Display & Track
  6. 6. • No! • Publish via Add resource activity – Unable to monitor via progress bar Same for TinCAN?
  7. 7. Solution: create dispatch – login to SCORM Cloud – Upload TinCan package – Create Dispatch Shell – Download – go back to Moodle – Add SCORM – use dispatch shell zip – Adjust display settings – Monitor via Progress Bar
  8. 8. • Now works on desktop • And on iPad We can then access via desktop or app
  9. 9. Authenticated progress: moodle
  10. 10. Authenticated progress: SCORM Cloud
  11. 11. • Installation issues: conflict with Moodle theme & course ID’s – Backup up plan to use SCORM 1.2 and adjust settings to optimise for iPad screen size • Academic input – What is it you want? • Learning record Stores – Concern over pricing model – Investigate open source solutions e.g. Learning Locker • Videos – Check display when 1.2 used on Mobile safari – Is it Moodle or Articulate that needs to improve? Lessons
  12. 12. • Can we be sure that Moodle will cope with changing technologies? • Can we provide academic staff the tools to produce materials independently? • Is there already enough tracking options? – I’m pretty sure there is – but I have been wrong before  questions