The Search


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How we approach a client\'s search.

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The Search

  1. 1. K P.O. Box 772334., Orlando, FL, 32837 TWO (321)947-0025 phone (321)445-5529 fax Consulting Our philosophy and methods are based upon the premise that our Clients expect the most cost- effective service they can obtain for search and placement services, in the least amount of time, while minimizing risk and inefficiencies. Search and Placement Philosophy We believe that to best serve the interest of our clients, there are several elements, which make up the foundation of a sound search and placement philosophy.  First, it is essential for us to have a thorough understanding of your staffing requirements, your objectives for each position, and an accurate comprehension of the working environment and corporate culture of the respective organizational entity as well as that of the company.  Second, based on the specific position requirements and expectations, planning and preparation is conducted so that we may then proceed with a well structured and disciplined industry by industry and company by company search in which we identify and evaluate prospective candidates.  Lastly, we will provide comprehensive consultative assistance in the facilitation of screening, interviewing, and in the final client disposition of each qualified candidate. Search and Placement Methodology Our philosophy of using a systematic, logical and organized approach to determine requirements, define the universe of the search, approach target candidates, and facilitate the screening and interviewing process has served us well in achieving desired results. We will identify and assess potential candidates, and, from a pool of all individuals considered, will recommend a select group of highly qualified candidates meeting your specifications. Because most professionals who posses the qualities and personal characteristics you require are not currently exploring other job opportunities, we will usually employ the direct contact approach to present your unique story to those who we feel initially meet the qualifications of the position. All Of Our Searches Are Divided Into Four Phases Defining the Search Requirement Phase I develops a complete understanding of the client’s requirements which are necessary to identify the target candidate, the focus of the search, and to facilitate other phases of the process. The Account Executive will also acquire background information on the client company regarding its history, organization, pertinent strategic initiatives, key programs, problems and issues. Planning and Research Phase II defines the universe of the search and identifies specific industries and companies where the talent exists. Further research is necessary to identify and attract potential candidates from a defined target population using a combination of prior personal contacts in the industry and other proprietary and commercially obtained lists, databases, and membership directories. Our own
  2. 2. candidate database currently contains over 85,000 individuals, nearly all of whom have been personally contacted and/or identified by a representative of our firm. Additionally, we have an extensive resume base of talented individuals which minimally serves as an exceptional sourcing tool. The Account Executive may receive additional support in the research and recruiting phases from one or more Search Consultants. Recruiting and Screening Phase III develops a number of potential candidates primarily by contact with those individuals surfaced by our research. During this phase we would make direct confidential contact with up to as many as several hundred potential candidates and sources to ascertain or develop interest in a professionally presented opportunity. Although primarily recruiting at this point, the consultant is always sourcing and seeking out additional referrals for exceptional talent. Where necessary, the anonymity of the client is protected. Upon selecting a qualified candidate, the consultant or Account Executive will personally conduct a screening interview to determine further viability for the position. Presentation and Client Disposition of Candidate Pool Phase IV is that phase of the process where the Account Executive presents the candidates to the Client for consideration, and provides consultation and assistance in facilitating the remainder of the hiring process.  The Client will receive an oral (and later written) description of the pertinent background, experience, and personal attributes of the candidate.  If the candidate moves forward, the Account Executive or her assistant will coordinate the interview process with the appropriate Client representative(s).  The Account Executive and the Client Hiring Authority will continue to evaluate the viability of each candidate, and when the Hiring Authority determines the candidate to be no longer viable or in contention, the Account Executive will properly so advise the candidate.  The Account Executive will ensure that appropriate reference checks are conducted after a first personal interview if continuing on in the process.  The Account Executive will assist the Hiring Authority in the hiring process which includes candidate preparation for an interview regarding pertinent company and organizational information, Client debriefs, assessment of the continuing candidate viability and hiring possibilities, compensation negotiations, and any other issues which affect the Client’s ability to bring on the candidate if so desired. Administrative and Financial Arrangements Fees for Search and Placement Services Compensation for our services is structured using any combination of contingency, partial retainer, and fee for outsourcing services. It has been crafted to account for risk and return on investment estimates on our behalf, while minimizing your own risk and investment for receiving quality service. Guarantees and Assurances You will receive a full refund of any partial or full retainer where we have not provided you with the required number of candidates. If an employee placed through us is terminated for cause or resigns in the first sixty days of employment, we will replace that employee within ninety days, or you will receive a prorated fee credit. 2
  3. 3. We will treat all information concerning your company, it’s organization and business plans as confidential. 3