The short story_cinderella_short version


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The short story_cinderella_short version

  1. 1. What makes a good story?
  2. 2. • • • • • • Every good story has these elements: Setting Characters Conflict Point of View Theme 5 stages of Plot – – – – – Exposition Rising action Climax Falling action Resolution
  3. 3. Let’s learn the plot elements of a good story through the classic “Cinderella” story.
  4. 4. Setting • Setting is the time and place of the story’s action.  Setting often includes cultural ideas, customs, values, and beliefs.
  5. 5. The setting in “Cinderella” • The story takes place a long time ago in a land ruled by a king and a queen.
  6. 6. Characters • Characters are the actors in a story’s plot. They can be people, animals, or whatever the writer chooses. • The protagonist is the main character trying to resolve the main conflict. • The antagonist is the person against the main character.
  7. 7. Characters in “Cinderella” • Main characters are Cinderella and her stepmother. • Minor Characters include: the stepsisters, the fairy godmother and the prince. • Protagonist: Cinderella • Antagonist: the step mother
  8. 8. Theme • The theme of “Cinderella” is implied. The reader can infer one or more themes from it.  One theme is that you should make the best of any situation and things will work out in the end.  Another might be, good triumphs over evil.  What other universal themes can you think of?
  9. 9. Plot • Plot is the sequence of events in a story. Each event causes or leads to the next.
  10. 10. Main Conflict in “Cinderella” • Problem: (Somebody)Cinderella (wanted)wants to go to the ball, but her stepmother prevents her from going by giving her more chores than she can complete so her fairy godmother helps her. • Conflict: The conflict is external—Cinderella versus her step mother. Man vs man conflict . Using the Somebody Wanted But So Strategy will help you summarize the problem of the story. Somebody – main character Wanted – what do they want But – what prevents them from getting what they want So – what happens to next to begin solving the problem.
  11. 11. The Five Stages of Plot • Exposition introduces the story’s characters, setting, and conflict. All 3 elements must be present. (Somebody Wanted But So) • Rising action: steps the characters take to move towards solving the conflict or struggle in the story, often includes foreshadowing and suspense. Rising action leads to the climax in the story.  Foreshadowing is the hint or clue of what might happen next in the story.  Suspense is the uncertainty or excitement in the story, often makes the reader curious about the outcome.
  12. 12. The Five Stages of Plot • Climax is the turning point of the story which marks the end of the conflict. The main problem is solved and outcome of plot is near. • Falling action is the stage of the plot when other issues are resolved the story begins to close. This stage comes after the main conflict is resolved and the tension begins to ease. • Resolution presents the final outcome of the story and wraps up the story.
  13. 13. Cinderella: Plot Diagram Setting: In a kingdom, a long time ago. 1.Cinderella wanted to go the ball but her step mother wouldn’t allow her to go so her fairy god mother comes to help her 2. Cinderella does not have a dress to wear to the ball. 4. A fairy godmother appears and provides Cinderella with clothes, a coach, and footman. 3. The stepsisters go to the ball. 6. Cinderella dances with the prince, but leaves hurriedly at midnight; losing a slipper 5. Cinderella goes to the ball. 8.The stepsisters try to force their feet into the slipper. It fits Cinderella. 7,The prince says he will marry the woman whom the slipper fits. •9.Cinderella and the prince marry. •10.The step sisters and stepmother live at the palace with Cinderella. 11. They lived happily ever after.