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Lesson learns from Japan cloud trend


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"Lesson learns from Japan cloud trend" explains the followings
- CloudStack Mascot History
- Japan SP / Academic cloud use cases
- Japan CloudStack Community

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Lesson learns from Japan cloud trend

  1. 1. Lesson Learns from Japan cloud trend Kimihiko Kitase @kkitase
  2. 2. 北瀬 公彦 KIMIHIKO KITASE OSS / Cloud solution manager at Citrix Systems Japan Board member at Japan CloudStack User Group Contributor, Apache CloudStack community twitter: mail: web: @kkitase Had lots of speech at the cloud, virtualization and network event as cloud evangelist. Wrote lots of magazines, book, articles related cloud, virtualization and network. “Japanese” sometimes “English” ….
  3. 3. Contributed by Sonny Chen and Kimihiko Kitase
  4. 4. April 25, 2012 Call for CloudStack mascot proposals Pixel Cloudy All Star Cloudy Surfer Cloudy Rocket Cloudy
  5. 5. I drew… but…. I know I have no design talent…
  6. 6. June 3rd, 2012 I re-designed and posted proposal I know I have no design talent… But I imaged from “dragon ball”, “Journey to the West” and “KungFu Panda” - Orchestrate any clouds and lead members to cloud computing world Easy to corroboration with Panda (Xen mascot) and other products like Hadoop
  7. 7. June 5th, 2012 Finally I know I have no design talent… So asked Senior Product Designer, Sonny Chen to design COOL monkey.
  8. 8. July 3rd, 2012
  9. 9. July 14th, 2012
  10. 10. Service Provider Academic Enterprise Gaming Company IT Subsidiary Company
  11. 11. From the 2013 May number of *Nikkei Computer About 40% of major AWS compatible clouds uses CloudStack ““Our cloud infra is based on CloudStack” is sales talk.” by one service provider’s evangelist *Nikkei Computer: One of most famous computer magazine in Japan
  12. 12. • • • • • USR - Building AWS-Compatible Public Cloud Service Slideshare: Thursday 21st 3:00 – 3:30 pm Shinichiro Kashiwagi Abstract • As AWS is getting more popular in the public cloud market there are more customers who expect AWScompatible interfaces and product specifications from other cloud service providers. In this session Shinichiro shares the experience of building Cloudn, an NTT Communications' AWS-compatible public cloud service using CloudStack, which has AWS EC2 API layer but there are a lot more to prepare for offering AWS-compatible service portfolio to customers. Based on the multi-region and multi-zone CloudStack infrastructure we are offering Dynamic DNS hosting, Load Balancer, Autoscaling, Relational Database, Object Storage, Monitoring and Provisioning services, with all AWS-compatible API interface. • Bio • Shinichiro Kashiwagi is a Software Architect of NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud Service. He has acted as technical lead on various virtualization and cloud service development projects in NTT
  13. 13. Multi-cloud management Software Public Cloud SCSK Datacenter netXCloud (public cloud) Based on CloudStack on-premise Cloud System Enabler (private cloud) Based on CloudStack Dedicated Network on-premise (private cloud)
  14. 14. End User UI Admin UI Internet Firewall Firewall L3 Switch L3 Switch LB LB Firewall Firewall Zone 1 … n Pod 1 … n Self Service Portal Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager Cloud Management System Server Pool Server Template Stingray (L7 LB) VM VM VM VMware XenServer VM Vyatta (FW, VPN) VMware VMware cluster Zabbix cluster CMP: CloudStack Monitoring: ZABBIX LB: Stingray L2 1G L2 1G XenServer L2SW 10G L2SW 10G L2SW 1Gl Cent OS L2SW 1Gl RHEL Storage Pool VA Storage (Distributed object Storage) Cloud Storage Primary Secondary
  15. 15. Carrier company(Hokkaido zone) Cloud Controller Customer’s Administrator Management Network CMS (CloudPlatform4.2) Sapporo Charge Calculate System Internet vCenter App App App App OS OS OS OS Storage Network Web Portal App Public Network F/W DC Company(Okayama zone) Management Network Okayama vCenter App App App App OS OS OS OS Sendai Data Center Alliance Network Internet Carrier cpmpany (Sendai zone) Primary Secondary Storage Storage Management Network Storage Network F/W Shizuoka Public Network vCenter Osaka Internet App App App App OS OS OS OS DC Company(Osaka zone) Management Network F/W Management Network Internet vCenter vCenter App App App App OS OS OS OS Primary Secondary Storage Storage App App App App OS OS OS OS Storage Network Storage Network Public Network F/W Internet Internet Primary Secondary Storage Storage Public Network Primary Secondary Storage Storage Storage Network DC/Carrier company(Shizuoka zone) F/W Primary Secondary Storage Storage Public Network
  16. 16. Data Center Customer’s Administraotr Customer’s hosting servers in the data center Customer’s Virtual Private Cloud on JMT-Cloud Cloud Controller CMS(CloudPlatform4.2) Internet Charge Web Portal App calcurate System JMT Cloud (Shizuoka zone) Data Center Alliance Network Management Network LAN App App OS OS OS App App App App App OS OS OS OS OS App Direct connect (Dedicated line) Public Network IPSec-VPN Internet S-2-S VPN Headquarters Branch Office S-2-S VPN Branch Office Secondary Storage Storage Network VPC Virtual Router Private Gateway Primary Storage
  17. 17. Toyama • Easy-to-use UI – Application Developer (not Infra Engineer) wants to control infrastructure 300km+ 300km+ • Controlling new CS feature – Some new features are unstable – Original control panel can hide or handle it • Adding original features – Monitoring (Zabbix integration) – Billing (“resource pack” model) Tokyo 300km+ Osaka Low latency Layer-2 inter DC Network
  18. 18. Internet Internet Send Performance Data (Zabbix sender) Get Monitor Server Location Customer Environment Virtual (Advanced Network) Router Virtual Create Servers & Servers VRs Create Request CloudStack API call vCenter CloudStack Monitoring UserData Configuration (Monitor Server Location) Performance Data Request ControlPanel (INTEC Original) Show Performance Data ESXi Get Performance Data (Zabbix API) Register Server (Zabbix API) Secondary Storage Primary Storage
  19. 19. Main sites Japan East and West DR site Different location Backup storage Standby Main storage Backup (Option) Value Shared Backup • SLA99.99% • Backup to DR site CloudPlatform 3.0.5 (default) • Intranet can be used w/o VMware / KVM additional cost Active • Dedicated or/and Shared hypervisor can be Premium 2 types dedicated selected Backup storage HA Intranet FTTH Ethernet Included Network cost 10G Internet Remote Access Customized Self Service Portal
  20. 20. • Company information • Fully funded by Yahoo Japan • First Cloud Provider in Japan based on CloudStack (2011/09) • First Cloud Provider in World Wide based on CloudStack on VMware • Environment • CloudStack: 2.2.15 (Public cloud) 3.0.x (Private cloud) • Advanced mode • 2 zones • 300 km between zones (Tokyo and Fukushima) • 2 secondary storages (real-time replication) • 10G network • VR improvement • Kernel Tuning for improving VR performance (e.g. big subnet) • Version up from Debian Backport • Contributions • Redundant Virtual Router • VMware snapshot improvement • Multi IP per NIC (function logic)
  21. 21. Multi-cloud management Software / Service Internet GSLB GSLB Tokyo-Zone Fukushima-Zone Dedicated Services SLA 99.999% 100K IOPS VMware HA All 10G NIC SLA 99.999% 100K IOPS VMware HA All 10 NIC Physical Servers Dedicated LB / FW / IPS On-Premise 100miles Intranet “IDC Frontier PrivateConnect” Object Storage (Basho Riak)
  22. 22. Internet Admin UI End User UI IDC Frontier Public Cloud L2SW L2SW Cloud Management System CloudStack Management Server VR VR VR VR VR VR VM VM VM VM VM VM vCenter Server Secondary Secondary CloudStack management server farm Primary VMware cluster Dedicated CloudStack for Customers
  23. 23. Detail (English): End User UI Admin UI Hadoop package for data analysis CPU: 4 /node Core: 40 / node
  24. 24. • Run simulation • Find drug medicine by using Structure Based Drug Design (SBDD) • Analyze squid data gathered from fish boat and provide fishing point • Provide evolutionary computing framework by using CloudFoundry on CloudStack
  25. 25. End User UI Admin UI
  26. 26. *Shibboleth:
  27. 27. Detail (English): HPC Cloud OS • Integration of PCI passthrough into the Apache CloudStack •
  28. 28. Detail (Japanese): Iris • Inter-cloud resource management system for enabling elastic data centers • Using nested KVM • Network: • OpenFlow (OVS) • GRE (DC-to-DC) • Floodlight base controller In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification of the rainbow
  29. 29. 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 791 users as of Nov 21
  30. 30. Osaka 2.7M population Takoyaki (“octopus dumpling”) Fukuoka 1.5M population Tonkotsu (“pork bone”) Ramen (noodle) Nagoya 2.3M population Chicken wing Sapporo 2M population Miso Ramen (noodle) Tokyo 13M population everything
  31. 31. Japan CloudStack User Meetup Over 2,000 audiences since 2010/12/06 1st 2010/12/06 (Tokyo) 2nd 2011/3/27 (Tokyo) 3rd 2011/5/27 (Tokyo) 4th 2011/7/25 (Tokyo) Temp 2011/7/29 (Osaka) 5th 2011/11/30 (Tokyo) 6th 2012/2/23 (Tokyo) 7th 2012/4/18 (Tokyo) 8th 2012/8/2 (Osaka) 9th 2012/9/11 (Tokyo) 10th 2012/11/15 (Tokyo) Temp 2012/12/7 (Fukuoka) 11th 2013/3/6 (Osaka) Book Reading 2013/4/16 (Tokyo) Book Reading 2013/5/14 (Tokyo) 12th 2013/3/22 (Tokyo) 13th 2013/8/2 (Osaka) 14th 2013/9/12 (Tokyo) 15th 2013/9/13 (Sapporo) 16th 2013/TBD (Nagoya) 17th 2013/TBD(Tokyo)
  32. 32. Open Source Conference Joined 10 times since 2012/9/8 2012/9/8 (Tokyo) 2012/12/16 (Tokyo) 2013/2/23 (Tokyo) 2013/5/25 (Osaka) 2013/6/22 (Nagoya) 2013/8/3 (Kyoto) 2013/9/14 (Hokkaido) 2013/10/19 (Tokyo) 2013/11/16 (Fukuoka) 2013/12/13 (Tokyo)
  33. 33. JCSUG organized / joined 17 something events in only 2013!
  34. 34. Published on 2013/1/30 Writer: Japan CloudStack User Group Twitter: @cloudstackja Published on 2013/10 Writer: Midori Oge, NTT Communications Twitter: @star76popin Vice Chairman of JCSUG
  35. 35. Date: 2012/12/1 – 2012/12/31 Total attendances: 28 Overview: Everyday until Christmas day (12/25), someone from Japan CloudStack User Group writes blogs and publish 25 blogs. 12/1 How to install Apache CloudStack 4.0 12/2 How to use cloudmonkey 12/3 CloudStack and Fog 12/4 build a private cloud 12/5 CCC12 report #1 12/6 devcloud 12/7 how to use web console in NAT env. 12/8 CloudStack 4.0 VPC 12/9 CloudStack and NetScaler 12/10 CCC12 report #2 12/11 CloudStack API 12/12 Virtual Router 12/13 CloudStack User Group 12/14 What is CloudStack 12/15 CloudStack and vSphere 12/16 CloudStack Global Settings 12/17 Log analysis 12/18 CloudStack and CloudFoundary 12/19 history 12/20 CloudStack for general person 12/21 CloudStack and MidoNet 12/22 Build cloud in the lab 12/23 devcloud #2 12/24 Use CloudStack hardly 12/25 Develop CloudStack 12/26 CloudStack Security Group 12/27 Python one liner 12/28 devcloud #3 12/29 devcloud in japanese environment 1/1 CloudStack and OpenStack swift
  36. 36. Date: 2013/12/1 – 2013/12/31 Overview: Everyday until Christmas day (12/25), someone from Japan CloudStack User Group writes blogs and publish 25 blogs. 12/1 @kkitase CCC13EU report 12/17 @shiroica TBD 12/2 @u1 Use fluent-plugin-cloudstack 12/18 12/3 12/19 12/4 12/20 12/5 12/21 @s_adachi 12/6 12/22 @penguin2716 Build home cloud 12/7 12/23 @smzksts TBD 12/8 @yukutomi 12/24 12/9 12/25 @star76popin TBD 12/10 @s_kaiga Deploy wordpress in 30 min 12/26 12/11 12/27 12/12 @MayumiK0 TBD 12/28 @abeautifulwave TBD 12/13 12/29 @zero_root TBD 12/14 12/30 @kimotuki TBD 12/15 @giraffeforestg TBD 12/31 12/16 @hsato Use Riak CS for Secondary Storage
  37. 37. Date: 2014/3/6 Attendances: 500 Sponsors: Gold sponsor: 14 Silver sponsor: 6
  38. 38. Do you know LPI? LPI (Linux Professional Institute) was formally incorporated as a nonprofit organization in New Brunswick, Canada on October 25, 1999. LPI provides Linux certification exam. LPI Japan OSS-Cloud CloudStack
  39. 39. @cloudstackja
  40. 40. If you have any question, please tweet to @kkitase