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Is Office 365 Right For My Firm?

Once you understand what Office 365 has to offer, the next logical question is whether it is right for your firm. What common questions and challenges have firms experienced? Gain insight into what you can do to evaluate the various parts of Office 365 in light of your current systems, how to prepare for a migration, how to handle change management, how to promote adoption and how to handle security and document management.

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Is Office 365 Right For My Firm?

  2. 2. Our twitter hashtag is: #ILTASPS and our names are @JosephPDavis, @PSklodowski, @RHarbridge & @KKhipple. JOE | PATRICK | RICHARD | KANWAL OUR PANELISTS…
  3. 3. Determine What To Buy Getting AD Integrated Exchange Migration Outlook & Office Migration (Pro Plus) Skype For Business Intranet Learn To Trust The Cloud Optional: Social (Yammer) Extranet OneDrive For Business SharePoint For Document Management Team Site Deployment WHAT SHOULD WE BE DOING WITH OFFICE 365? Every organization’s journey is a little different, but often follow a similar path to getting more out of Office 365. Mandatory Popular Situational Strategic Few
  4. 4. HOW AND WHEN SHOULD IT BE INTEGRATED? Office 365 can be integrated with financial management systems like Elite or document management systems like iManage. Client & Matter Dashboards (Intranet & Extranet) Process Integration Document Management Integration Enterprise Search
  5. 5. WHEN SHOULD SEARCH BE INTEGRATED? When many organizations approach search they are looking for an Enterprise search platform. Can Office 365 help make this a reality? Cloud Connectors Such As…
  6. 6. Stuff That Matters VS 3 to 1 “We had 3 (FTE) Exchange admins and now only need one. The freed-up resources are now working on projects that deliver more value.” - Forrester HOW CAN IT CHANGE STAFFING FOR THE FIRM? In many assessments, surveys and follow ups with customers we see a trend of decreased FTE admins or refocused effort. 40% Implementation cost are significantly less than for a comparable on-prem solution
  7. 7. HOW DO WE TRAIN UP STAFFING AND TALENT? We need to train I.T. & we need to train our users. Understanding when to use what becomes more important as we get more options.
  8. 8. HOW DOES IT CHANGE HOW I.T. OPERATES OR ENGAGES? Office 365 is a service and is constantly being updated with new capabilities that a modern professional services worker needs. ADOPT UNDERSTAND Office 365 Video Delve Planner IT Has More Available Than They Are Ready To Roll Out…
  9. 9. HOW DO WE GET LAW FIRMS AND LEGAL DEPARTMENTS TO ADOPT THIS? Developing a roadmap for adoption where we plan activities before launch, during launch and after launch is important.
  10. 10. 75% or More “Orgs cited ‘better in the cloud’ spam management, security reporting, less disruptions, more up to date antivirus, compliance, recovery, and efficiency keeping up to date.” HOW DO WE HANDLE SECURITY? Much like it always has been. With new capabilities powered by the cloud such as machine learning security risk detection, multi factor authentication, rule based groups, and much more… see the Office 365 Trust Center.
  11. 11. HOW DO WE HANDLE PRIVACY AND COMPLIANCE? MSFT has over 22 certifications and attestations for their cloud. Encryption at rest, in transit and upon authentication w/ BYOK? For more insight see the Office 365 Trust Center. 300+ P “Over 300 people focused on data privacy, including: Software Engineers, Scientists, IT Pros, Marketing and Lawyers.” - Microsoft
  12. 12. DO WE HAVE A CHOICE? Is Office 365 Right For My Firm? Do we really have a choice?