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Demystifying Social Features in SharePoint 2013


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The latest version of SharePoint 2013, is new and shiny. Bringing a new list of features that organizations, like yours, are getting excited to leverage. Attend this session to understand the features that are available
and more importantly the limitations that you will face during implementation.
I'll help demystify the features between having just user profiles enabled versus MySites enabled.
Besides don't you want to know the limitations in implementation of badging bring to the community sites?
How can your organization leverage what's available out of box and take it to the next step?
This session will help demystify these questions and hopefully provide you the information you need to have a successful implementation.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Hi, this is a great introduction to the social features of SharePoint 2013. I have a question about 2 of your slides - Follow Documents (23) and Follow Sites (24). We have built our intranet in SP2013 and are utilizing all the features of My Site and the Newsfeed. When you follow people, you get updates in your Newsfeed. However, nothing happens when you follow documents and sites. I'm expecting to receive Newsfeed notifications when the document is updated or something is changed with the site. Am I misunderstanding what Follow means? Is it intended to just be a directory of documents and sites you want to remember and go back to, or is our site somehow configured incorrectly that they're not integrated with the Newsfeed? I'm wondering if you might know.
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Demystifying Social Features in SharePoint 2013

  1. 1. Demystifying Social Features in SharePoint 2013 Kanwal Khipple 0
  2. 2. Welcome to SharePoint Saturday Houston Thank you for being a part of the 4th Annual SharePoint Saturday for the greater Houston area!• Please turn off all electronic devices or set them to vibrate.• If you must take a phone call, please do so in the hall so as not to disturb others.• Thanks to our Title Sponsor: 1
  3. 3. Thanks to all our Sponsors! 2
  4. 4.  Microsoft Gold Partner Leader in the SharePoint industry for User Experience Talented staff including SharePoint MCM & MVPs 3
  5. 5. Kanwal Khipple• Proud Father, Husband, evangelist, SharePoint Strategist• VP of Consulting, BrightStarr• Passionate and always learning• SharePoint MVP 2009-2013 – Co-Founder & Organizer for SharePoint Saturday Toronto – Co Founder of Toronto SharePoint Business User Group 4
  6. 6. Please Leave Feedback During Q&A• If you leave session feedback and provide contact information in the survey, you will be qualified for a book, ebook or DVD giveaway.• Scan the QR Code to the right or go to 5
  7. 7. Show of hands• What version of SharePoint are you running?• Planning on upgrading?• What are the driving factors that force the upgrade? 6
  8. 8. SharePoint sucks, why?• The product is not meeting technical expectations• We are not seeing the business value• Users prefer other tools• The product is not meeting functional expectations• Users don’t like the SharePoint experience 7
  9. 9. Current State• Over 50% of enterprises implemented activity streams that included micro blogging• Stand-alone enterprise micro blogging had less than 5% penetration• Over 70% of IT-dominated social media initiatives will fail. 8
  10. 10. Future Predictions• 2014 - social networking services will replace e- mail as the primary vehicle for interpersonal communications for 20% of business users.• 2015 - only 25% of enterprises will routinely utilize social network analysis to improve performance and productivity. 9
  11. 11. What’s the ROI on Social?• Harder to measure metrics than better collaboration and idea generation 30% 27% Meeting Email 34% SME 10
  12. 12. Social with MySitesFeature Walkthrough 11
  13. 13. Goals for SharePoint• Conversations make connections• People are always available• Context enriches interactions• You always know what’s happening 16
  14. 14. User Profile Service• Edit Profiles – Ask me about… (expertise list)• Tags & Notes• Organizational Charts• Audience Targeting• Following a tag• Tagging an item• Birthday celebration• Job title change• Workplace anniversary• Updates to Ask Me About• Posting on a note board 17
  15. 15. Newsfeed• Displays social information• Aggregated view of the last 20 items, in reverse chronological order• Shows what you are following• Shows who you are following• Shows your trending tags• Everyone shows the last 20 posts or replies across all users, not just the people you follow 18
  16. 16. Privacy impacts the social experience 19
  17. 17. Personal Site – personal view 20
  18. 18. About Me – private view 21
  19. 19. About Person 22
  20. 20. Someone else’s profile? 23
  21. 21. Follow People 24
  22. 22. Follow People & Notification 25
  23. 23. Follow Documents 26
  24. 24. Follow Sites 27
  25. 25. Follow Tags 28
  26. 26. Trending Tags? 29
  27. 27. Task Aggregation 30
  28. 28. SkyDrive Pro• Store and Organize• Share files and folders• Synchronize files & folders* The SkyDrive link at the top of your Office 365 or SharePoint 2013 pages is an abbreviation of SkyDrivePro. This refers to your SkyDrive Pro library. 31
  29. 29. Search with Social? The “X” factor 33
  30. 30. Ranking ModelQualityFreshnessTerm FrequencyTerm DistanceThe User 34
  31. 31. The “X” Factor 35
  32. 32. CommunitiesFeature Walkthrough 36
  33. 33. Community Portal• A directory of Community Sites for users to search for and discover communities of interest. 38
  34. 34. Community Sites• This forum experience enables community members to contribute information and to ask for help from other members 39
  35. 35. Community Sites• Communities use categories to organize discussions• Visitors – can view the discussions – become members of the community to contribute• Moderators – manage the community by setting rules – reviewing and addressing inappropriate posts – marking interesting content as featured discussions, and so on. – assign gifted badges to specific members to visually indicate that the member is recognized as a specific kind of contributor in the community, such as an expert or a moderator.• Reputation Management - each community contains information about member and content reputation – which members earn when they actively post in discussions – when their content is liked, replied to, or marked as a best answer. 40
  36. 36. Social without MySites Possible? 46
  37. 37. How Do You Do That?• Clean install of SharePoint 2013• Only provision user profile service• Do not provision MySite Hosts 47
  38. 38. 48
  39. 39. What you don’t get?• No MySites• No News Feed integration• No SkyDrive integration• No Mentions• No Hashtags• No Community Portals and Community Sites integration with your News Feed 49
  40. 40. My Settings page• Users have the ability to change their profile properties (at a site collection level) 50
  41. 41. Click to edit Master title styleHot off the Press!YAMMER AND OFFICE 365INTEGRATION 51
  42. 42. Basic Integration• Link to• Yammer app 52
  43. 43. Deeper Integration• Single Sign-On (SSO)• Seamless Navigation 53
  44. 44. "What should I use for social - Yammer or the SharePoint newsfeed?" Go Yammer! – Jared Sparato 54
  45. 45. How to Drive Value from SocialAnswer: Part art and part science 55
  46. 46. 56
  47. 47. Tasks 57
  48. 48. Tasks 58
  49. 49. Subject Matter Experts? 59
  50. 50. Badging 60
  51. 51. Click to edit Master title styleLIMITATIONS 61
  52. 52. Limitations• You can’t @ mention sites – only users – you have to either post a microblog from a site, or choose from sites that you are following from the Share With menu option at the top of your My Site Newsfeed.• You can’t easily insert videos or documents – into your microblog posts like with photos; you have to add them as links (meaning they exist elsewhere already).• You can only interact with an activity that originated as a microblog – either on a My Site Newsfeed or a Team Site Newsfeed)• you can’t like or reply to an activity that is a notification – (i.e., a document that you are following is edited, or a colleague that you are following starts following a site or liked a post). 62
  53. 53. Limitations• You can’t see what changes are made to documents that you are following – only that they were modified – and you can’t preview the document in your Newsfeed.• You can’t send private messages using Newsfeeds or microblogging – Team Site Newsfeeds are restricted to those that have at least read access – you’ll have to continue to use email for private messages.• You can’t create custom activity streams – you can’t tailor activity streams based on specific tags, users, or anything else. Everything that you follow shows up in one activity stream in reverse chronological ordering with no filtering available.• Document thumbnails and previews are only available for Office documents (when linked in a microblog post).• Notification of changes to documents on a Team Site (or any other list or library item on the site) do not show up on the site’s Newsfeed – notifications of changes to documents that you are following will show up in your My Site Newsfeed – following a Team Site will not also automatically follow all of its documents for you 63
  54. 54. Social Maturity Model• Determine where your organisation is on the Social maturity model• Present a vision that you can take back to your team of what your organisation has to gain by embracing Social• Describe how content optimisation, multi-channel management and sales automation fits into the Social framework• Provide practical, step-by-step advice for implementing Social strategies with your website• Describe the differences between quality and quantity analytics measurement, and its impact on the customer experience 64
  55. 55. Lessons Learned• Is your organization even ready for social?• Start small and leverage features carefully• Focus on what value each feature brings – Not what features you can turn on• Adoption – Foster Viral Adoption – Engage with early adopters – Achieve that through value 65
  56. 56. Thank You 66
  57. 57. Kanwal Khipple• VP of Consulting, BrightStarr•• 1-888-777-6850 x130• 832-803-8596• @kkhipple – personal twitter account• @SharePointBuzz – 10k followers receive latest SharePoint related tweets• LinkedIn – Let’s do business together! Connect with me professionally• Facebook – connect with me personally 67
  58. 58. Book Author Pro SharePoint 2013 Brandingand Responsive WebDevelopmenta complete guide toplanning, designing, and developingmodern, responsive websites andapplications using SharePoint 2013 andopen standards like HTML5, CSS3 andJavaScript Buy it today!• 450 Pages• User Level: Intermediate to Advanced 68
  59. 59. Please Leave Feedback During Q&A• If you leave session feedback and provide contact information in the survey, you will be qualified for a book, ebook or DVD giveaway.• Scan the QR Code to the right or go to 69
  60. 60. Information• Speaker presentation slides will be available at within a week• The Houston SharePoint User Group will be having it’s next meeting Wednesday April 17th. Please join us at 70
  61. 61. Thank You 71
  62. 62. Thanks to all our Sponsors! 72