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Tort reflections

  1. 1. Kirandeep KaursTort Law Assessment ReflectionJournal Level 4This journal is designed for me to record all my self reflections which link to theskills module in the contract assessment I have completed.The summative assessment for this module is:1) Case anaysis (2000 words) (50%) - Autumn Term2) Examination (2hours) (50%) - Summer Term
  2. 2. Completed and sent my Formativeassessment• I have now completed my formative assessment and sent itin 7 days before the deadline. I feel very confident andhappy with this first piece of assessment as I have spent thelast 3 weeks researching and planning this piece of workand feel I have done everything to make it my best piece ofassessment I could possibly achieve at this stage on level 4.I am hoping to have achieved the high end of the markband however as this is my first degree level academicassessment there is the possibility I would not haveachieved this grade. Overall this has prepared me for thesummative piece and the feedback will help me understandmy area of improvements. I will now begin on mysummative research.
  3. 3. Formative assessment feedback• I received a 2:ii mark and understand in orderto achieve a higher mark I will need to expandon my reading material and sources. I willintend to use the skills I have developedthrough my legal research component todevelop better constructed arguments.
  4. 4. I handed in my summative tort caseanalysis• I used the feedback in my formative tortassessment to receive the feedback in how Icould improve the overall content of myassessment for the tort module. I used a widevariety of sources which I discovered formskills.
  5. 5. I received my feedback on summativetort assessment• I received a 2:1 grade and I am very pleasedwith my improvement and progress. I willcontinue to show and reflect myimprovements in my future assessments as Iam aiming to achieve a 1st. The feedback Ihave achieved has made me confident andwilling to aim for a higher grade.
  6. 6. seminar 7 (and arranged meetingregarding my summative assessmentfeedback)• I discussed and received feedback on myassessment further more advice was given onhow I could have obtained a first grade, forinstance I should have stayed focused on thejudgements given in the tort analysis. Theadvice I received regarding referencing wasabout the use of Latin phrases such as ibid tomake my essay more academic at a higherlevel.
  7. 7. Exam preparation• I have been using sources such as Westlawand Lexis to discover journal articles which Icould highlight in my summer summativeexaminations to make answers stand out andrelevant to the critical issues discussed in theexam.