Skills summative assesment reflections


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Skills summative assesment reflections

  1. 1. Kirandeep Kaurs Skills AssessmentReflection Journal Level 4The summative assessmentreflection for this module are in theorder of:1) The legal research component2) Multiple choice test on English legal system3) The analysing legal texts component4) The communication element the moot & create a good CV and covering letter5) submit your completed E-Portolio via Moodle
  2. 2. 1) Legal research componentsubmitted• I have reflected upon my experience I have encountered whilst I completed Part A of the Library Exercise• It took me more time than intended to complete Part A as I first initially expected. I realised by going through each question I would need to usemy research skills and evaluation when reading and searching0 information I felt necessary to include in section A. The reason why it took moretime than intended was this is a new area of research I have dealt with. This task has helped me to find some useful resources in the library as Iam new to legal research. I am now more aware of the facilities required to be successful in future legal research. I feel I am more confident inaccessing materials in the library and will use case materials and journals to assist me in aiming higher in my future legal research tasks. Readingvarious types of journals have shown me an in depth view of different points of criticism of the law which are not discussed in case or sourcebooks. However I am also aware journals are not an alternative for case or source books as they tend to not show the whole point of law butnecessarily the argument the writer favours to demonstrate to the reader. Completing part A has helped me so far work on my weakness of legalresearch and understanding different sources and materials use and benefits. I will continue this progress in the next section.• I have reflected upon my experience I have encountered whilst I completed Part B of the Library Exercise• The way Current Law and The Digest differ in their arrangement but were equally good in their use for researching cases. What I found easiest touse was Current Law as it was easier to identify cases by using the years (if known) whereas looking through individual topics was timeconsuming. However if you do not have the year of a particular case then The Digest would be the alternative to use and easier to find the case inworse circumstances. Therefore both the sources have a balance positive and negative review for researching particular cases. I felt it would bedependant on the circumstance of what facts need to be researched in order to make the decision of what source would be easier to use. My useof using these sources has improved and I can now research confidently using Current Law book and the Digest.• I have reflected upon my experience I have encountered whilst I completed Part C of the Library Exercise• Part C had taken a longer period of time than I originally expected, however I found the exercises in Part C developed my use of electronicresources and have gradually progressed in becoming familiar with their use. For instance, using west law helped me to use other legal lawdatabases such as Lexis to complete question 29 as I became more confident in approaching questions which required me to access sourceselectronically. The level of difficulty varied with Part A and Part B as accessing electronic resources (which majority of Part C consisted to use inthe answers to the questions) were easily accessible rather than Part A and B the sources used to answer the questions were printed requiring meto skim through irrelevant information required with the library task. This is demonstrated in Part C question 29 as I easily accessed cases andstatutes through west law and lexis regarding the topics covered in the answer. I used the textbooks to only expand on my point advicesupporting it with evidence of academic writing and opinion. I feel in the future I will use library material such as textbooks and critical opinionsto start my background knowledge, but my in depth research of cases and statues can be accessed through electronic sources as they are moreeasily accessible online than through printed legal sources.
  3. 3. Feedback and mark on my legalresearch component.• My overall mark was 19/20 I am pleased withthe result. The feedback ensured me that Ishould be consistent through my works whichwould have boosted my mark to 20/20.
  4. 4. 2) Multiple choice exam in Februarycompleted• I have been attempting the practicesquestions on moodle on a regular basis. So farmy weak areas of the test are in regards to EULaw therefore I am attempting to concentrateand take more part that law in the practisequestions on moodle.
  5. 5. Feedback and mark on Multiple ChoiceTest• I received a mark of 94 out of 100. I am verypleased with this mark as I have achieved wellover the basic pass rate for this assessment. Ichecked the 6 questions I did not completecorrectly and understand why and have notedthis for future reference.
  6. 6. 3) Analysis Legal Text submitted.• I have been preparing for the summative assessment byprinting out the relevant material and I have also taken partin continuous reading and reviewing my answer forsubmission of the assessment answer.• I have completed the Summative assessment. I will now belooking forward to the feedback and understand what Icould have improved to achieve a better grade. Overall theassessment had taken more time than was originallyexpected due to understanding the case and identifyingwhere the statutory interpretation elements had appliedto. Overall my progress had improved as soon as Iunderstood the case after continuous reading of the caseand judgements.
  7. 7. Feedback and mark on Analysing LegalText• I have uploaded under the All EvidenceMaterial for Skills Attached
  8. 8. 4) Completed the summative moot• As in my previous posts under the journal activities outsideuniversity related to my law course, I have taken part in variousmoots to improve my advocate mooting skills and court equity aspart of my skills summative assessment. I am also researching andviewing youtube clips of moots so I am fully prepared for the moot.• I have completed the summative moot. I feel the skills aspects ofthe moot have been completed well. If I was to do the moot again Iwould make sure that I try to keep my self more calm as my nervesdid show during the moot at times. However controlling my nerveswill come with practice. Overall my preparation for the moot hashelped me to complete the summative moot as i taken part indifferent forms of mock moots and the internal moot competition. Iwill be now looking forward to my feedback and ensure I take onany weak factors that need to be addressed to allow me to preformbetter in future moots.
  9. 9. Feedback and mark on SummativeMoot completed.• I have uploaded under the All EvidenceMaterial for Skills Attached.
  10. 10. In process of submitting my completedE-Portolio via Moodle• I have been updating my self reflections on allassessments I have undertaken in the level 4 modules(skills, contract, Criminal and Tort).• I have also made reflections on activities outside thelearning and teaching programme.• I have also taken part in improving my CV and Coverletter and reflected on my experience on my E-Portfolio.• Finally I have even submitted my PDP forms for bothmeetings with my personal tutor and reflected on theexperience before, during and after the meetings.