Criminal refelctions


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Criminal refelctions

  1. 1. Kirandeep KaursCriminal Law Assessment ReflectionJournal Level 4This journal is designed for me to record all my self reflections which link to theskills module in the contract assessment I have completed.The summative assessment for this module is:1) Oral presentation Moot 10 mins (20%) - Spring term2) Closed book examination 3 hours (80%) - Summer Term
  2. 2. Seminar 5 - formative assessmentexam• This seminar required me to be under examconditions and attempt an question timed for40 minutes.
  3. 3. Feedback from formative assessment• I received audio feedback and received agrade of 2:2 for my answered exam question.Improvements could have been made on myuse of analysis and better use of definitionsused in my answer. For this I will use onlinesources such as Westlaw to find better anvalid definitions when explaining the use ofprinciple reasons to come to the answers setin the exam.
  4. 4. Preparing for moot• As in my previous posts under the journal activities outsideuniversity related to my law course, I have taken part in variousmoots to improve my advocate mooting skills and court equity aspart of my criminal summative assessment. I am also researchingand viewing YouTube clips of moots so I am fully prepared for themoot. I am looking forward to more information and schedule ofwhen the moot will take place and on what subject so I can startresearching and preparing for the summative assessment. Thepractise moots I have been having through mentor moot and theinternal moot have helped me to understand in order to do well inthe criminal moot assessment research and preparation onsubmissions is important whereas in the skills moot assessment Iwill be tested on my court equity which I am also prepared for.
  5. 5. Summative Moot• I have completed my summative moot and feel I haveanswered the criminal aspects of the moot well. Myargument was against the appeal for the defence ofnecessity to murder following the guidelines of the case ReA (Children) as I was the junior respondent. I researchedthrough various textbooks, journal articles and case law toensure I had a strong argument to support me achieving agood grade in this moot to support my skills aspects of themoot which was focused on advocacy. The research tasks inskill prepared me to have strong arguments for the point oflaw discussed in the criminal aspect of the moot. My use ofresearch skills have developed from the legal researchcomponent with my familiarity of accesses online journals.